21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Win A Signed Copy!

Last week I was simply honored and trembling with excitement when I got an invitation to attend Dr. Neal Barnard’s book launch party in New York City.  Held at Kathy Freston’s gorgeous mid-town home, the party featured delicious Gardein “chicken skewers” and organic wine from Frey Vineyards.

After talking with Neal and hearing his inspiring talk, I had him sign a copy of his new book, 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart. The book is partially inspired by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Vegan Kickstart program, in which my recipes have been featured.

Dr. Neal Barnard and Alex Jamieson at 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart book party

Over the last few day’s I have been looking through the book, and am finding myself re-inspired by the information presented. Dr. Barnard provides easy to digest nutritional and medical advice that has been proven to boost metabolism, lower cholesterol, and help people lose weight all without counting calories.

The recipes are easy to prepare, and there are many handy lists of dairy-free and meat-alternative foods that make it easy for newbies to this idea of plant-based eating.

With out current healthcare crises of heart disease and type 2 Diabetes on the rise, this book couldn’t come at a better time.

Do yourself, and your loved ones a favor – get this book! It could save someone’s life.

Want to win a copy?

Go check out PCRM’s Vegan Kickstart page and find 1 new recipe, fact or tip that you found inspiring. Tell me what you found in a comment here on my blog, and you could win a signed copy of Dr. Neal Barnard’s new book, the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart!


  1. Lesley says:

    I can honestly say I found the whole page inspiring. I’ve been a vegan for over a year, and a vegetarian for 20. It is easy to get stuck in a rut. I would love to lose 20 pounds, and I thought I could do it being just vegan. I can’t wait to look through the 21 day plan for some fresh new ideas. I’m going to start with the apple cinnamon oatmeal!

  2. Carly says:

    Wait! I didn’t realize that you were involved in Super Size Me. Are you the nutritionist? I just re-watched that film recently. So glad I’m a vegan now. It’s great to learn about the benefits through you, Dr. Barnard, and all the folks over at 21 Day Vegan Kickstart. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Megan Shannon says:

    Ginnifer Goodwin’s recipe for Gramma’s Bok Choy looks amazing! It gives me an idea for how I can veganize a recipe from my own family – the proverbial cabbage, ramen, sesame seed salad. Adding Gardein chicken tenders and oriental ramen noodles will be a great way to make it vegan.

  4. Andrea Meyer says:

    I’d love to win a copy! thanks, Andrea

  5. Lisa says:

    I learned that food combining is not crucial

  6. alicia says:

    thank you for introducing me to your blog this way! I love having new info to inspire me. I would be thrilled to win a copy of the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart! I am a single mother of a sweet two year old boy. we both went fully veg about 2 months ago, and I need all the help I can get with info for my little one! thank you.

  7. All the recipes sounded great! I’m going to make some of that vegetable stock today while I’m soaking beans so I can make the kale white bean soup tomorrow. Thanks for the great recipes!

  8. eileen says:

    Kale and white bean soup!

  9. Liz says:

    I wanted to get a copy of your book when I saw you speak the other day at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival! But i missed it!

  10. Dorothy says:

    Hello Alex,
    Thank you again for your great info and delicious recipes. You and Dr. Barnard continue to provide excellent resources to help people move towards better health. I am always looking for new books, recipes, etc. for a loved one who is working on losing weight. I would love to be able to offer this new Kickstart book to my loved one.
    Thank you.

  11. Laurel says:

    Hi Alex,
    I loved how you said, “sharing food is one of the most intimate things we do with the people we love and live with.” I absolutely agree. I share my kitchen with 3 other people and we all have different eating habits and food rules. My raw coconut oil and pumpkin seeds are sitting in a cabinet next to my roommate’s bag of jelly beans. My philosophy is to continue to make delicious, healthy home-cooked food and offer to share it with everyone so they can try something new and open up their hearts and minds to how unbelievably delicious healthy food can be.

  12. Shawn says:

    Looks like a book I’d be interested in.
    Thanks for the contest!

  13. ineia says:

    I’m on week 6 of a detox diet inspired by your book . I love the way I feel!! thanks!

  14. Rashmi Mohan says:

    It must have been a great party.

  15. Caroljean says:

    I have been taking part in the 21 day kick start for 4 times now and each time I learn something new that I can do to improve my life and health. It is a good way to refresh what I learned the first time and to make sure that I haven’t started to add a lot of junk to my diet. I really like that there is a menu plan for each week with easy access to the recipes that are used that week also they use the leftovers from one meal to help create a different meal on another day in the week, so your refrigerator doesn’t fill up with partial meals. It is also a great way to introduce friends who would like to try a vegan diet for a short time (most end up continuing the diet though). Every thing with this program is easy to follow and contains a lot of helpful hints so that you feel that if will be easy to continue after the program is over with the added benefit that you can sign up again to refresh.

  16. GINA says:

    Kickin’ Vegetable Stock is the best I use it for soups, to cook rice, quinoa. Its the best thank you.
    I would love the Kickstart book :)

  17. Jennifer says:

    My dad was diagnosed with Diabetes recently and I’m trying to get him to change his eating habits. I’d love to give him this book.

    On the 21 day kick start page, I loved your recipe for Mango Ginger Salsa. I’d love to use it on a bowl of Quinoa, greens and beans. Yum.

  18. Ru says:

    Yes! I just heard him speak at the veg fest
    he does amazing work to help animals as well
    . I would love this for my mom who just went
    V and is telling me she is wearing clothes she
    could not wear for years:)

  19. Carrie says:

    Hi Alex!
    What an interesting sounding book. I’d love to learn more about Dr. Barnard’s program. I have just about completly phased out meat from my diet (and I’m working on the rest of the family now). I’m finding it difficult for sure. Just trying to get a four year old to eat anything can be a challenge.

  20. kelly says:

    Hi Alex.. all the recipes look great! I met you and got a signed copy of your Detox book in Long Beach California, recently! Great job! You are inspiring and approachable! Keep up the good work. I would love to win a copy of your latest book, thanks!

  21. Johanna Woodbury says:

    This sounds like a lovely idea. Not just losing weight, but normalizing it.

  22. Dianne says:

    I’m looking to make healthy changes in me and my life. This website & the 21 day kick start seem like the place to start! I CANNOT wait!!!!

  23. Toni says:

    You have to love yourself first … all else follows.
    Your passions, vibrancy, lust for life will allow for better food choices & for honoring your health in wonderful ways.

  24. Martha says:

    Having just heard the dreaded word “diabetes” from my physician, I know the time is NOW to make the changes in my diet. I resolve to make the Kickin’ Vegetable Stock each week and use it as a base for ( at least) two meatless meals per week. My husband supports me, as he would like to have me around for awhile longer. Thank you, Alex. <3

  25. Jane Jacobs says:

    I’m taking the 21 Day Vegan program for the second time! I didn’t know about the better absorption of Vitamin C and iron. Romaine lettuce has the iron and the orange salad dressing has the Vitamin C! Thank you, Jane Jacobs (Whitehorse, Yukon Canada) It would be great if you could come to the north for a talk! We do have a Vegetarian Association here in Whitehorse and get together once a month for Vegan dinners.

  26. Leonardo says:

    Hi Alexandra!

    I loved your blog and recipes.

    I intend to open a healthy restaurant in Brazil in the near future, and I found your bio very inspiring.

    I read that you are a trained healthy gourmet chef, having studied at New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.
    I´d like to be a healthy chef as well. Could you recommend me the best schools to study?

    I would be happy if you could send me a copy of Dr, Neal´s book!
    warm regards!

  27. sheree says:

    I have been a vegan for nearly 5 years and am still over weight. I love this idea of 21 day weight loss kick start. Please let me win.

  28. Becky says:

    I was glad to see that Pressed Salad with Wakame recipe. I have recently gotten myself for my birthday a Tofu Press and I can make that salad with it. And so cool to see you and Dr. Barnard! I am really hoping to win his book! Thank you for your great blog and website!

  29. Tracie says:

    I love Rory’s tip about never feeling like (or saying) you are “giving up” your favorite foods.

    That’s one of the rules I live by. There is usually always a vegan alternative for the things I used to love to eat and I think that it’s one of the most important things for people, who are interested in trying out a vegan diet, to know.

  30. Ami Burton says:


  31. Francine says:

    I’d love to win a copy. Struggling with low, low energy and feeling discouraged. Close to giving up being vegan, so I need some inspiration.

  32. Karen Bobrow says:

    Alex, I love all your soup recipes, like the detox soups (carrot-yam, avacodo, white bean and greens, broccoli). Thanks for sharing them!

  33. Beverly says:

    I liked the pressed salad recipe. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more seaweed in my diet.

  34. Sarah says:

    loved the recipes, shopping list, and the recommendations for vegan “dining out”. there are a lot of options!

  35. Christy Piwowarczyk says:

    You know, I found all of the amazing people inspiring, but the thing that seemed the most simple was Daphene Oz.She said Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince & dinner like a pauper!

  36. Infinity says:

    I read through the page in search for convincing arguments or tips, but I’ve found none.

    Since I can’t tolerate grains, milk, soy and high-glycemic fruits I’ve switched to a (organic) diet containing only meat, eggs, vegetables and (low-glycemic) fruits. (Nuts occasionally)

    But the people on the pictures look healthy. So despite I can’t see any (scientific) evidence that vegan is better for me I might give it a thirty day attempt. Can’t be worse than thirty days McDonalds :P

    The book promise appetite regulation. Sounds interesting, because I’m never full except I eat a lot of meat. Can’t imagine it is possible without!

  37. Ava says:

    I didn’t know about the ’10 calories per pound’ rule that Dr. Bernard had shared. As a short person, I tend to be off the height-weight charts and I’ve been confused for a while as to what my target caloric intake should be. I am currently struggling with 30lbs that simply won’t go away. I’ve tried a commercial weight loss center and, though I am on a strict diet plan, my body is resistant. I am a on-again-off-again vegan who shares a kitchen with a meat-eater and I’m also impressed with your own attitude of being able to overcome that struggle of living with a meat-eater.

  38. Kim says:

    I am craving the Black Bean Burrito recipe from the Vegan Kickstart Page. I love, love, love bean burritos but having one without cheese is new for me. I started my vegan lifestyle on January 8 and I needed another ‘Kickstart’ after falling off the no dairy wagon. I have The Great American Detox Diet and the Vegan for Dummies Cookbook and I would love to add the 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart to my vegan library. However, even if I don’t win, I’m going to keep pushing through. Thank you for your blog and your encouragement. I’m poring through the recipes on the Kickstart blog now. :) , Kim

  39. Erin reade says:

    The mango Ginger salsa sounds amazing and my 15 month old loves mangos so I will make some for him!

  40. Tina says:

    Cannelle Beans are the new staple in my house. Even the 1-year-old loves them! Eager to try the new recipes and read the 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart. BTW I love your Great American Detox Book :)

  41. Amanda says:

    Thank you for the giveaway , I would love to win.

  42. Erica says:

    I love your tip where you say it’s okay to share your kitchen with someone who doesn’t eat the same way as you. I’ve often thought it was all-or-nothing for the family so put off going vegan for awhile.

  43. Susan King says:

    I watched his special on PBS, loved it!! This would make a wonderful 51st birthday present for me!!! So Alex please pick me!!

  44. Sooz says:

    I always love getting your newsletters and have a copy of your Vegan cooking for Dummies which is chock a block full of amazing dishes! You make becoming healthier so much fun, interesting and doable! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. peace.

  45. Dalores L says:

    The Kale & white bean soup looks really good. And I just have to try the mango & ginger salsa. Store bought salsa have way too much salt! I’m really struggling with trying to eat a vegan diet and this would help immensely! Thanks for considering me.

  46. simone says:

    I am trying to make the transition to vegan but I am struggling and would love the help of the book. I feel like I am floundering and then end up eating cheese or eggs or some other typeof dairy. So the help of the book would be invaluable and would also help me shake some extra pounds off my backside.

  47. Tamela says:

    I love the 21-day kickstart. I am doing it for the second time and have my mom joining me. (Her first time). We both love the recipes. They are so easy and great tasting. I would love a copy of your book!.

  48. George Dys says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Kale Soup. I can’t wait to try your recipe. Sounds great!

  49. I have been fighting with dieting for over 12 years now. I am still 40#s overweight. I have lost faith in any diets. I have a thyroid problem that started my weight gain. I would love to see if this way of eating and kickstart would help me finally get over this hump. (and get rid of some rump) Or if you have any suggestions? I would love to feel and look better.

  50. Cindy says:

    Hi Alex,
    Enjoyed spending the past 8 weeks with you in the Red Hot Heart Group. Great information & support. You have such a calming & nurturing way about you. Learned a lot of “new” things.

    Now I’m going to continue with Dr. Neal Barnard’s 21-day Kickstart which started this week. My 3rd or 4th time…..can’t remember, but so glad to hear he has a new book out on it now.

    Take care,

  51. Dionea says:

    Wow! What an inspiring site! I went vegan for about 6 weeks last summer and felt amazing. I stopped because I got tired of eating the same things. I have wanted to try again. This site makes it so easy and leaves me with no excuses. Can’t wait to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  52. JulieHorvath says:

    Hi Alex,

    I am excited to hear about Dr. Barnard’s new book, especially since it contains many of your recipes. I love that your “mission” is for others to just not be healthy but to feel vibrant and awake. I first learned about you in your book, The Great American Detox Diet. Although, I am essentially a vegan these last 3 years and have tried many vegan recipe books, no other cookbook is as memorable for tasty recipes as yours. Dr. Barnard is a wise man to include your recipes. I have seen Dr. Barnard on TV and from his appearance I judge, that he ,like you, lives out the principles of healthy vegan eating. The more experince I have eating out in American cuisine restaurants and being served “vegan” the more I realize how the average restaurant -and probably the average non-vegan person thinks of vegan as only a negative. No meat or dairy. And that is what I am often served, the SAD without meat or dairy. And might I add, without tastimess. It takes skill and creativity to be vegan and to teach others the vegan way. keep it up Alex.

  53. Kathy says:

    I’ve done the kick-start all three times and have made quite a few of the recipes regulars at our house. I was diagnosed as insulin resistant 5 years ago. I didn’t want to get diabetes and I didn’t want to take a lot of medication, so I was researching different options. I found the PCRM web site and they have been remarkably helpful. I am no longer insulin resistant, I have lost 60 pounds and have 30 more to go to reach my goal. I feel like a million bucks! One of my very favorite recipes is the Confetti Couscous Salad. Wonderful made with Israeli couscous!

  54. Gaye McKim says:

    I am a type 2 diabetic and I saw Dr. Neal Barnard on his PBS special and immediately had to order his book to start the vegan diet. I have been on it for three days and I have noticed a dramatic difference in how I feel, my energy level and my blood pressure and blood sugar levels have improved also. I cannot wait to see where I will be a month from now thank you so much Dr. Neal Barnard.

  55. Kayci says:

    the mango ginger salsa sounds awesome!

  56. Migdalia says:

    Thank you, Alex for this opportunity to win Dr. Neal Barnard book, I love all the recipes, they look amazingly delicious, and I love all the concept of the 21-day weight loss kickstart, again thank you very much

    take care

  57. Katie says:

    Alexandra – ah, I would love to be in your shoes and have a chance to meet Dr. Neal Barnard – goodness, I would love to meet you! Barnard, McDougall, Esselstyn, and many others have played a MAJOR role in where I am today. After taking a slight turn in my career, I am currently studying at The Natural Epicurean Academy in Austin, TX, in hopes of educating many people to live a plant-based lifestyle!
    As far as recipes go on the 21-day Kickstart – the Fantastic Fruit Smoothie recipe has been my delight the last few mornings. It makes me feel light and clean – inside & out!
    Thanks for your contribution to a healthier world!

  58. Clare McNally says:

    Thanks for the opportunity again Alex.

  59. Debbie says:

    I’m actually doing the 21 day challenge and receive the daily e-mails. I love them so far. I love the meal plans and simple recipes. I am vegetarian and am was on the verge of trying vegan when I ran across this event. It’s been actually quite simple to take the dairy out. So far my favorite recipe has been the couscous confetti salad. I love couscous to begin with and what a great recipe. I love getting the daily e-mails and can’t wait to accomplish the 21 days!

  60. Lynn says:

    As a participant in the 21 Day Kickstart, I’m inspired by the people who share their personal stories on the community forum. It is so helpful to hear tips for success from other people who are walking the same path that I am. Very encouraging! Thanks, Alex, for giving us the opportunity to win this book!

  61. YogaJen says:

    I’m so glad that you are linked up with PCRM. What you all are doing to educate people about food, nutrition and health as well as ending the suffering of animals is revolutionary. Hopefully these teachings will be the norm in the not-too-distant future. Until then, let’s keep spreading the word! I read your book The Great American Detox Diet not long ago. Thank you for making healthy living so simple!

  62. Moira says:

    I was really inspired by the DIY section (do it yourself). Instead of taking the easy way out and advertising too much vegan processed food, the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart has recipes and easy tips to be satisfied and happy with not only kicking animal products, but cutting back on processed foods as well. Reading the recipe for the blueberry buckwheat pancakes makes me want to get in the kitchen and make some right away! The eating plan inspired me to be more conscientious about choosing healthier vegan options!

  63. Barbara says:

    Hi Alex — since I’ve been eyeing the book I figure I should at least try to win it! I’m a newbie vegan and am realizing that my childhood didn’t include much variety when it came to vegetables (they were almost non-existent) so I’m trying to introduce myself to one new veggie a week and this week it’s kale.

    So I was really excited to see your Kale and White Bean Soup recipe and plan to make a pot up this afternoon.

    I was also fascinated to read that vegetarian’s breastmilk is “purer” in that it contains less toxins. I’m trying to encourage my son and his wife to cut down on meat and they are expecting a new baby in June — I think this little bit of information might be added incentive!

    Thanks for all the wonderful support you offer Alex.

  64. Sylvia says:

    I got tuned into a vegan diet from watching Kill It, Cook It, Eat It’ on Current TV. Am gradually working my way there. Love the soup recipes (curried lentil and blackbean)on the 21-day kickstart. Quick, easy, and tasty. I bring them to work when we have soup day, and they are always one of the 1st to go.

  65. Jessie says:

    Awesome title for a book…I’m sure it will do well. And,now is THE perfect time to lose weight – as well as detox – right in time for the summer months.

    Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes are on the rise, indeed. I know because I’ve been encountering people, lately, who want to lose weight – not even my target market, but if I can help them in that capacity, then I’m ALL for it…and this book will only add to the successful results!

  66. Pam B says:

    I went to the Vegan Kickstart page – I love the recipes and mealplans. I will have give the Kickin Stock a try. I tend to like my soups to have some kick to them, so this recipe is perfect for my tasebuds. I, too, would love to win the book!!

  67. SusanK says:

    I am on day 4 of my first 21 day Kickstart and so far I like it and feel really good. On the website, I especially appreciate the good digestion tips from Marilu Henner. They are things I already know to be true but need to be reminded of time and again!

  68. Thalla says:

    you were involved in super size me?! how cool!

  69. “Feeling healthy is about feeling vibrant and awake. Eating well isn’t just about eating for nutrition’s sake. It’s about fueling your life, your passions, and what’s important to you. You’re not going to be able to do that eating the standard American diet of artificial, chemical-laden, low-quality gunk.”

    For the first time in ages, I have energy all day long. Especially from cutting out processed foods, and white starch! I don’t get the nod offs in the evening after dinner like I used to and I don’t have the cravings for empty salty carbs either. A few roasted chick peas rolled in chili lime Mrs. Dash rock.

  70. Amy A. says:

    What I know for sure is that being new to veganism is much easier with a support system and education made available.

    I randomly came across the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program a few weeks ago and I had been preparing myself for the start. One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed is that the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Facebook page has provided me with numerous tips and advice and links to helpful websites. Not only that, I feel that everyone who is active on the page has not only been some of the friendliest, most helpful people, but they treat each other with respect and strive to educate each other. They have posted recipes, advice and personal stories that help keep me motivated to continue in addition to my own reasons for starting a vegan lifestyle.

    I appreciate that this was made available to me and I try to pass what I’m learning onto others. I know that I am having success because of this site.

  71. Ann T says:

    The thing that struck me was this is 21 days, you can do anything for 21 days!! Don’t stress just try and you will see that you are healthier and it begins a lifetime of good change.

    The Recipes are fantastic to help with this transition. You can make a fantastic meal with dessert that your family will all enjoy.
    Last night they asked that I cook like this all the time!!

  72. Adele says:

    The following is so inspiring and so true: “Feeling healthy is about feeling vibrant and awake. Eating well isn’t just about eating for nutrition’s sake. It’s about fueling your life, your passions, and what’s important to you. You’re not going to be able to do that eating the standard American diet of artificial, chemical-laden, low-quality gunk.” Thank you!

  73. Beth Gallagher says:

    Alexandra Jamieson’s Kale & White Bean soup is delicious! We’re making it for dinner tonight. ;) I’m on the 4th day of the kickstart and I’m amazed at the energy I feel! I was a vegetarian before my 2 kids came home from Ethiopia and they needed protein badly, so here I am now trying to get back there. I’d love a copy of Dr. Bernard’s book!!! Thanks for the chance.

  74. Rachel says:

    It’s the recipes! Some people may be naturally talented at cooking but I am not. I heard about the Vegan KickStart from a coworker who was trying to convince somebody else to join. I thought I could try that. I had been a vegetarian for years but that doesn’t mean I was healthy. I realized I was relying on eating out, not cooking for myself. Most restaurants these days always have a vegetarian item and it’s usually smothered with cheese. I realized pretty soon the only way I could survive vegan was learning to cook and I relied heavily on the recipes and ideas offered from KickStart. The biggest thing about making this diet change is figuring out what you are going to eat! Now I love being in the kitchen. I feel like I’m some sort of cooking mastermind as I throw things together I love to make a satisfying meal. No, I’m not Top Chef but I can thank KickStart for inspiring me to get in the kitchen and give real food a try. Now I know what’s in my food and I know its good for my body; my life.I would love to win a new cookbook to keep me cookin!

  75. Karla says:

    While I’ve been following a mostly vegan diet, this program provides me with valuable information daily. Sometimes it’s refresher information, other times it’s new. All in all, the information is helping me become a well balanced vegan! I really enjoy the recipes as they are inspiring and add a new burst of creativity into my current vegan menu.

  76. KimC says:

    I recently made the Coucous Confetti Salad on the 21-day Kickstart plan. I wasn’t so sure about it before I made it, but now I see how awesome it is! I got the book from the library last week. I’ve been about 80% vegan for a month or so, and this is just the push I needed to go all the way. The facts about a vegan diet reversing diseases is amazing and eye-opening.

  77. Jennifer Crouch says:

    Kale and white bean soup looks de-lish! Would love the book to get me going!

  78. BethB says:

    The recipes are fantastic. The mental hurdle to overcome for most people is “what will I eat? carrots?” The reality is that free of processing and with a little creativity, vegan is delicious and flavorful. My favorite so far is the African Garbonzo Bean Stew.

  79. Lisa says:

    I like your second tip, “You can share your kitchen with someone who eats meat and dairy products…” My parents are not vegetarian, but they support my dietary choices. I will often share the vegan meals I make with them. Earlier this week, my mother made me a vegan “meatloaf” with tofu, oats and the same seasonings as her meat-based recipe. It was so delicious and, moreover, I was very pleased that she went through the trouble to make something special for me. :-)

  80. Maria says:

    I think the boulion ice cube tip is great! Right now I’m not a vegan but aspire to be one mostly because I want my brother to be a vegan and hope if I set a good example he will follow. You see he has had 3 heart attacks in the past couple of years, has a few stints, had a massive stroke in February (days after his 50th birthday)and still cant talk or move his right side.We also found out his corroded arteries are so clogged he has to have surgery to clean them out. Did I mention he has diabetes? We are both over weight but due to my brothers stroke he has a jump on the weight loss, but the food they feed him in the hospital is not good for his arteries! they are only concerned with his carbs! they let him eat prime rib! can you believe it? I’ve seen the Dr. on tv and a copy of the book would mean the world to my brother and I. He gets out of the hospital the end of this month and years ago was a chef, his true passion is cooking and I think the book would be great therapy and life changing

  81. Brenda T. says:

    “Time and again, her clients experience the magic that happens when they feel great in their own bodies. Members of her programs step up to a new level of confidence and willingly expand and explore bigger dreams and authentic goals.”

    I really believe this is true. I know for myself, that when I am eating right, drinking lots of fresh juice and doing green smoothies, I find that the brain fog lifts, I can think much clearer, I feel connected spiritually, and I have more self-confidence than I do when I’m not eating so well. It’s absolutely refreshing!!

  82. MB says:

    It’s easier than you think to go vegan!

    I’d love to win a copy of his book. :)

  83. Britney Warren says:

    We are are on day four of our Vegan kickstart! My husband and I have been vegetarians (ovo/lacto) for 10 years we are 27 years old ha! Anywho, we have been hesitant to leap to the unknown world of dairy free egg free life! But we are finding soooo many wonderful substitutes and we actually feel better only after four days! Everyday I wake up and am excited to cook something new! I checked your blog and the soup stalk looks AWESOME! Tonight is vegan burritos but tomorrow soup sounds delish! Thanks again for the opportunity to win a copy of this book!

  84. David Eales says:

    I found the recipe for Kickin’ Vegetable Stock to be great. It can be the stock I use to cook with and also a good stock to make rice in rather than just water. Thanks for all the tips, recipes and just for the basic support.

  85. The thing I loved most was the Kale and White Bean Soup recipe. I recently started making my own veggie stock, so it’s a perfect recipe right now. A huge fan of kale, I use it lots and lots. I will nix the olive oil, but love the addition of nutmeg and nutritional yeast flakes.

  86. Melissa says:

    “3. Feeling healthy is about feeling vibrant and awake. Eating well isn’t just about eating for nutrition’s sake. It’s about fueling your life, your passions, and what’s important to you. You’re not going to be able to do that eating the standard American diet of artificial, chemical-laden, low-quality gunk.”

    This is exactly how I feel and what I’ve slowly come to realize over the past year. I’ve been meat-free since January 3rd and I feel so much lighter and healthier. I started the 21-day Vegan challenge and am already feeling the results! :D

  87. Conny says:

    I always but my soup stock and it is so expensive since I only buy the natural organic brand.
    Your recipe looks simple and tasty. gotta try it!

  88. Terrye Newkirk says:

    I am a diabetic whose blood glucose has been out of control for at least a year, despite large doses of insulin. I’m talking fasting levels over 200 and even 300.

    After I saw Dr. Bernard’s PBS special, and, although other diabetics online assured me his vegan diet couldn’t work, I signed up for the 21-day Kickstart out of sheer desperation.

    I’m now on Day 4. Yesterday I had my first normal reading in months: 104. I have even experienced a low!

    For the first time in years, I have hope that I can gain control of this disease. And the food is GREAT. My favorite recipe so far has been the Hoppin’ John Salad. As a good Southern girl, I love blackeyed peas. :-) Thank you!

  89. Minna Nix says:

    I’ve learned that I can do without the troublesome but flavorful starchy “fun” foods I was eating prior to the Kickstart. I have been a vegan for a while but wasn’t eating up to my potential. I filled lunches with convienant packaged snacks and only worried about veggies at dinner…maybe. I now know I can eat fresh and healthy with little effort thanks to the tips & recipes I am receiving from the Kickstart. Thanks for helping me to get on the right path, the path of responsible eating. :)

  90. Jennifer Ringewald says:

    Thanks Alex–
    This is my first kickstart and first try at being Vegan and I’m really enjoying the web site, the recipes and all the resources (like your site) that come our way in nice, brief emails and videos. It’s all really well done. My favorite recipe so far is the Southern Beans and Greens because it is so easy and has dark leafy greens in it. Thanks!

  91. Casey says:

    I loved the idea of eggplant pegan pesto! I coordinate a healthy kitchens class for my AmeriCorps Service Project at a Food Justice Organization in Bellingham, WA. In the Healthy Kitchen Workshops, I always love to use recipes that use healthy and less expensive ingredients.

    Pesto is amazing, but Pine Nuts can be expensive and skipping the Parmesan will make it healthier! I plan to talk about the substitutes for the foods we crave in our next workshop. (I personally appreicate the help kicking the Choco-holic habit.)

    Also, I am very intrigued by the prospect of reversing diabetes, as this is a major concern in the community I am serving.

  92. Juko says:

    This was a potent reminder for me:

    “Eating well isn’t just about eating for nutrition’s sake. It’s about fueling your life, your passions, and what’s important to you. You’re not going to be able to do that eating the standard American diet of artificial, chemical-laden, low-quality gunk.”

    I live with prolonged episodes of deep sadness (aka depression). The times in my life when I have felt fully functional have been when I’ve stayed committed to a plant-based, well-thought out diet. A depressed brain has a hard time functioning, and doing it on “low quality gunk” is next to impossible. Many thanks for this reminder, participating in the vegan kickstart has already made me feel better.

  93. Kast says:

    I spent a lot of time on this website. The webcasts were helpful in describing an overview of the program and eventaully led me to joining the 21 day program (3 days late).. As a past vegetarian who has fallen off the wagon, but now feel tired, lethargic and bloated, I realize it’s time to get with the program again. However this time, I believe vegan is the way to go. Alex, I looked you up after showing ‘SuperSize Me’ to my nursing students. Your site is interesting and informative.

  94. Brigitte Nadeau says:

    Love the Vegetable broth recipe and AMAZING TIP.

    Since I have been vegetarian for 8 years and now transitioning toward Vegan, I always used store bought Bouillon Cubes

    I know they are not the best, they are salty, but very useful.

    The best tip I got was that I can make my own veggy broth concentrate into an ice cube shape….LOVE IT.

    I do that already with fresh lemon juice to put in my shake in the morning, but never thought of doing it with homemade vegetable bouillon.

    Thank you, that was a great tip

    Brigitte Nadeau

  95. Simone says:

    Meal Planing is the most important part to me to stay on track. I only go grocery shopping once a week and I have to have several meals planned ahead to make throughout the week.

    I am not sharing the kitchen with a meat eater but a vegetarian who does not like any of my new recipes, so that makes it challenging at times. I found it best if I cook ahead and make double the recipe and freeze lots of single servings for myself and then cook for husband separately :)

  96. Kathy says:

    Holy smokes, what isn’t inspiring?! It’s a wonderful website; filled with so much healthy information.

    Kris Carr’s page stood out. She seems very inspirational. I love the green juice recipe she posted. Make juice not war!

  97. Marie THress says:

    I started the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart on Monday with my family. (Husband and 2 children) I found the video on making Hoppin John Salad particularily helpful. I made the beans and rice twice to try to get it right. I think the recipe was pretty good. I took it to a pot luck at church last night. PS I’m already feeling better :)

  98. Cheryl says:

    I’m currently attending a class that is using Neal Barnard’s book “The Cancer Survivor’s Guide”. It’s a great book and I’m on my way to health eating. I would love a copy of his new book. I need all the help that I can get!!

  99. Jennifer M. says:

    The Kale & White Bean Soup sounds AMAZING! I am a kale junkie, and I feel so great every time I eat it. I will be trying this recipe after tomorrow’s grocery run.
    I’d love to win this book! I’ve been vegan for about a year and a half, but I am having a very difficult time losing weight. I’ve recently stepped up to gluten-free and sugar-free as well, so maybe that will help. But I feel like I need a guide or a planner of some sort, to help get me going. I just can’t seem to get over the weight-loss hump no matter what I do. And I seriously need to lose about 65-80 pounds! I’m planning on picking up your Great American Detox Diet book too. I think a good detox might be a great kickstart for me too!

  100. Ana Maria says:

    It would be lovely to have a copy of the book. I am art student trying to keep a balance between health and a studio practice. Every little bit of practical information helps.

  101. Veronica Perez says:

    The Mango Ginger Salsa sounds great! I printed it and am going to make this week.Gotta have my salsa! I am a new vegan and am learning so much. I’m really excited about the changes going on in my body and I’m also having fun trying all these new recipes. I would also love to have this book. I wanted to go to one the signing but he isn’t going to be in our area. Oh well! Thanks

  102. michele toby says:

    I agree the mango salsa sounds yummy. I am inspired so very much by your website. I have been attached to my habits of needing caffeine and sugar to keep me going but am inspired to change. Im currently 45# over weight (due to ten years in a high pressure sales exec environment) and sadly unemployed. I wish more than anything in the world that I could be part of your new Teleseminar series. I need to purge the bad habits and gain control over my eating habits. _I miss my tall, lean and sexy body that I had ten years ago so so badly. I am thoroughly enjoying your website, thank you Miss Alexandria.

  103. Amanda says:

    I can’t wait to try out the mango salsa recipe. I’m having a bit of trouble becoming completely vegan. I have no problem eliminating meat, but cheese, milk in my coffee and Greek yogurt are still a temptation. I’m good when I’m shopping on my own but my husband is always coming home with big hunks of cheese that call to me from the fridge. The good news is that I’m getting there. When I met my husband he mostly ate brown and yellow processed things and now he can’t wait for his green smoothie in the morning. He even told me he’s just about ready to become vegetarian. This is huge! Fresh non-processed food is absolutely the tastiest and most energy generating. The difference in the way we feel and look is inspiration enough and soon enough I fully expect to stop finding cheese hunks in the fridge.

  104. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for always inspiring and finding a way to provide us with alternatives to healthy eating…..love idea of vegan eating made easy!

  105. Cindy Wilmer says:

    Hi Alex – I found just what I needed right on the first page. I have a lovely mango sitting on my counter and couldn’t decide what to do with it – the Mango Salsa sounds wonderful! Gonna go shopping and try it today. I am not full vegan but eat a diet filled with vegan and raw foods and love your site. Thanks for the great work you do!

  106. Sharon Davis says:

    I would so love to win this book. Meat free since last May and now tring Vegan menu’s. Struggling with what recipes to use and adapt. Could really use some help. Thank you for the chance.

  107. Nadine D. says:

    Hi Alex,
    Wow, I needed some inspiration, as I continue to embark on my weight-loss journey (10 lbs-GONE-so far!) and I definitely found it on the vegan kickstart page today.
    What I liked was the embedded video titled ‘easy bean dip’ by plant based living. I enjoyed it, expecting the quick bean dip recipe to be my inspiration, but lo and behold, there were two recipes in the video, and that one that inspired me today was for fruity quinoa yogurt. SO simple to make, and I needed that reminder to get my fruits in. Thanks a bunch!!

  108. amanda says:

    Hm, I wonder if I’m so tired and depressed because I’m not eating enough whole foods… I’m just eating convenience foods lately… and I haven’t been doing anything I used to enjoy. I should really try harder to eat right.

  109. Stephanie says:

    This is my third attempt at the 21 Day Kickstart and I find more info each time. I particularly enjoy the cooking lessons and am pleased by the plethora of information on the pages that arrive daily. I can’t say that I’ve become totally vegan,(my body seems to call out for a small amount of low fat animal proteir from time to time) but am headed in the right direction, thanks to the information from PCRM. The best tip for me was using avocado to replace tofu in a yoghurt-dip recipe, since I’m allergic to soy.
    I’d love a copy of the book!

  110. Caro says:

    I actually have your vegan living for dummies book, which has made me read a lot about the topic, browse through a lot of vegan websites, and just made me hungry for more information and literally hungry! I’d be very happy if I had this book.

  111. Karen says:

    Your Kale & White Bean soup recipe looks great, but then you had me at kale…

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