Bad Dog: A Love Story – Win This Funny Book From Former Client Martin Kihn

Living in the city I have more interaction with dogs than I ever did growing up in semi-rural Oregon. Dog walkers lace the sidewalks with the leashes of half-a-dozen canine charges in tow, dog runs usually accompany the playgrounds where I take my kid to romp, and sidewalk cafe tables often shelter a pup or two from the summer sun.

My knowledge of dog training ends with a few half-watched episodes of The Dog Whisperer, but I guess it’s like children – you know a well-behaved dog when you see one.

win a signed copy of bad dog a love story from

win a signed copy of bad dog a love story from

Martin Kihn’s latest book Bad Dog: A Love Story, is a lovely story about “a boy and his dog” written by a man who has been through his own forms of self-discipline training. Martin became a client of mine a couple of years ago when he wanted to improve his energy, nutrition and productivity while finishing the writing process of this book. He was still working a full-time job and traveling quite a bit, and his publishing deadline was looming. I had no idea the book he was writing would be such a treasure, but I should have guessed it from his insightful, witty, and honestly sweet nature. (Read Martin’s success story here:)

Martin’s latest book follows his personal journey through alcoholism. His dog Hola, a gorgeous Bernese mountain dog, is equally out of control, jumping on people, refusing commands to behave, and finally threatening Martin’s wife Gloria in a particularly frightening scene. Gloria decides to leave the two animals at home to protect her own safety.

What unfolds after she leaves is a sweet, heart warming story of redemption. Martin walks away from the bottle and channels his attention into training Hola for the Canine Good Citizen test. The road is bumpy, and sometimes lonely and sad. But this book is glorious.

Martin has generously given 2 signed copies of his marvelous book to my readers! To enter to win a copy, please leave a comment here on my blog by Friday May 27th:

If you’d like to order a copy for a dog-lover in your life, go here!


  1. Conny says:

    Sounds like a good read. I LOVE books!

  2. I would love to read this!

  3. Connie Mar says:

    Martin’s book sounds incredible! As an aspiring writer and someone working on their own personal demons and trying to eat healthy vegan and gluten free food on a limited income, I would love to read his book! I think it would be inspiring!

  4. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Reminds me of my own love story with an animal – my rabbit, Apples, who I firmly believe was sent to me to be my animal guide/sister on this planet. She passed away last year after 12 VERY HAPPY years with me. I still miss her and talk to her every day.

  5. Michael Jones says:

    Bad Dog? Oh, the book I could write.

  6. Rachel says:

    I think it’s beautiful that you are helping people not only learn to eat/live healthier, but to achieve their dreams! Thanks for all your wonderful blogs/articles/videos <3

  7. Caroljean says:

    I would love to win a copy of his book. It sounds so inspiring. Companion animals rely on us so much. It would be great to learn how a bad dog became a good one and they over came their problems.

  8. Cindy says:

    Would love to read this! About a year ago, I rescued a dog running, frightened and almost getting hit by cars from a busy parking lot. After praying & some coaxing he finally came to me & let me pick him up. I feel he’s a gift from God & came to me at a very low point in my life. He’s continually teaching me all about “unconditional love”. I had 3 other dogs at the time, but there is something special about this little guy. He’s a whiny baby sometimes, sheds worse than any other dog I’ve had inside the house, but the way he looks at me & snuggles up to me…….well let’s just say he holds a very special place in my heart.

  9. Andrea says:

    Crossing my fingers. This sounds like a terrific book.

  10. Gerry says:

    I love to read all kinds of books. I hope I win this great book of yours.

  11. Annie Martin says:

    Would love to read this book! I probably should have been born a dog (maybe I was in a past life). My partner and I are making life changing choices these days because of The Kind Diet and Living Vegan for Dummies. It is a very exciting new adventure and my dogs are gonna enjoy the ride for sure!

  12. Katy says:

    Sounds like a great read! I love dogs, and have – unfortunately – known far too many alcoholics.

  13. Chris says:

    I absolutely love reading stories that involve animals, especially dogs!

  14. Chandra says:

    I would love to read this. I actually read an article about their story in my local paper a week or so ago. It was very interesting.

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