Shining Love in the Face of Hate

I don’t usually post about mass shootings. Words and reports are already everywhere, what could I have to say that isn’t being said a million ways?

But our human community is hurting so very much. 50 people dead in Orlando this week because of hate. Hundreds more lives destroyed in the face of death and loss. My heart is breaking for the family of those killed because of hate.


It’s so easy to meet hate with hate. I feel it in me now. Hate, anger, and a desire for vengeance.

This mass shooting in Orlando comes on the heals of a young man receiving only 6 months after raping a young woman…. More anger. More hate.

While a young Dutch woman sits in jail in Qatar because she was raped… More anger. More hate.

But I know, because history tells us so clearly, that acting out in a hateful way in the face of hate leads to more damage, more violence.

So today we try to dig deep and shine LOVE in the face of hate. Try and reach across the aisle and meet our enemy with love and fierce compassion even when the hate burns so bright.

How can we transform the world into a safer, more loving place with more hate? It won’t work.

Love. Love for self. Love for others. Fierce, burning, unrelenting love.

It’s the only way forward. Today I will shine my love in the face of hate.

Sending my love out to you and yours,


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Getting out of 3rd gear (or how I eat for energy)

My least favorite state of being is exhausted, wiped out, tired…running in third gear.

It feels like a low-grade depression, live isn’t fun, and sugar and caffeine cravings rear up as my body’s not-really-helpful quick-fix bandaid.

Readers ask me all the time how they can improve their energy when they’re stuck in a cycle of coffee addiction, bad sleep, and long days.

A life filled with balanced energy begins with the fuel you use, sweet ones: what you eat.

It’s true: no amount of high-energy exercise, meditation, or even caffeine can replace the foundation of good food that’s necessary for true, lasting energy.

(It’s hard to believe, but I LIVED on double shot, skinny vanilla lattes and chocolate croissants in my mid-20s…that lead to worsening energy AND a major health crisis! )

Today I want to share a beautiful book, filled with recipes that will help you easily reach and maintain the levels of energy you desire.

My friend Yuri Elkaim’s All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook is out, and he’s offering the book for shipping and handling only (about $10) – but only until the first 30,000 copies are available:


With 67 energizing (and Cravings Cleanse approved!) recipes, colorful pictures, and easy-to-cook-from design, I know you’ll be inspired to cook more.

You should know that Yuri is one of the most respected health experts in my field: he consistently offers deep, useful inspiration for eating and moving in ways that truly heal our bodies. I’ve had a great time hanging out with him in the past, and his energy is always the best in the room, even without caffeine!

This cookbook brings together 67 of Yuri’s best recipes along with delicious, “brush your teeth” simple recipes from many other leaders in the food and nutrition industry like JJ Virgin, Ben Greenfield, Tana Amen, myself, and many others…

Hence the name “community cookbook”.

The best part is that Yuri’s tasty recipes will help you drop bloat, pounds, feel great, and give you more energy, all while enjoying GOOD food.


I think you’ll really enjoy this cookbook, and believe in the project enough to put my name, face, and recipes inside!

But you should hurry because once the limited number of FREE copies are gone, it will only be available for $21 on Amazon.


Get a FREE copy the All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook here

Happy cooking!



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92 The New Fitness with Erin Stutland and Shrink Session

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! It’s episode 92, and it’s the second in a 2 part series for Fitness Week! I had some really good feedback on episode 91 from my Facebook group. By the way, if you aren’t in our Facebook group, you can head over to and join us! There are about 1500 of us in the group, so there’s always lots of great conversations in there.

Our relationships with our bodies and exercise kept coming up in conversations in the group. The all or nothing thinking or perfectionism keeps many people from even attempting to exercise. You feel like if it can’t be perfect, then why even attempt it. Lack of time and motivation were also factors in exercise. Many people mentioned that they are too tired to exercise, but feel like they wouldn’t be as tired if they had the energy to exercise. It’s a vicious cycle – a catch 22! Don’t even get me started on the Biggest Loser – please stop watching it! It is toxic. Extreme exercise and extreme dieting – it’s a shame based TV show.

It’s time to stop looking to extreme dieting and extreme behavior as a way to control our weight. We need better options. Today’s guest is Erin Studland. She is a dear friend and she is a dancer, an actor, etc and she was able to use dance as an access point for spirituality. She created a powerful style of movement called Shrink Session. It’s such a fun workout. She uses the positive psychology of language and movement and it’s really fun.

Join us for an entire week of Shrink Session workouts. You can access all the details at

Don’t forget about our Swag Bag Giveaway! Here is how you can enter in to win this $1000 swag bag:

  1. Go to iTunes put up a meaningful review about your thoughts about The Crave Cast, what you’ve learned, what you’ve loved, why people should tune in. or you can go to and leave a review.
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Alexandra-Jamieson-Featured-Art-The-Crave-Cast-Erin Stutland-Ep92

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Show Notes:

  • Learn how Erin got into the fitness industry
  • Why she ended up seeing a therapist
  • The example of the power of a positive attitude in her life
  • What exactly shrink sessions
In the world of medicine there is often a disconnect between physical and emotional health. Click To Tweet
  • How she uses the mind to train the body and the body to train the mind
  • Why self-esteem evaporates when you need it most
  • How self-compassion may be a better coping mechanism
  • We all experience the same inner pains, even though we think we are alone and suffer in silence
Shrink Session uses the mind to train the body and the body to train the mind. Click To Tweet
  • Short workouts can be impactful and provides a great brain and body break
  • Learn about the Shrink Session 5 Day Challenge – Say It, Sweat It, Get It
  • Shrink session is a fun session of movement, with zero judgment.
  • Why her program isn’t about selling results
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91 The dangerous true lives of fitness + magazine cover models

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! Happy June! I’ve now been married for 2 and a half weeks and all is well.

BUT…it’s summer time around the corner! I am seeing a lot of people having stress and anxiety about summer dress and swimsuit season. A couple of times a year, I spend a little bit of time talking about fitness. Body confidence and fitness are so critically important to women.

Today we have 2 former fitness models on the show today. They were competitive bodybuilders and they have stories that will open your eyes. It’s both tragic and inspiring.

Go to and join out Women, Food and Desire Facebook Group. Come on and join us. We have been talking about fitness and exercise and the challenges we face to do it. We have so many pressures and obstacles to staying fit.

Today we have Maddy and Danny on the show. Maddy Moon is a coach and also a podcaster. Growing up she felt pressure to have the perfect body, which lead to her extreme approach to eating and fitness. Her experience being a fitness competition model actually destroyed her relationship with her body. You won’t believe all of the damage that was done to her body, mind and soul by her foray into the world of fitness modeling.

Danny Johnson of No Excuses Fitness is the second guest today. She’s been an acrobat, a trainer, and a pro fitness model. Her story of going from pro to broke to well and whole is truly inspiring.


Alexandra-Jamieson-Featured-Art-The-Crave-Cast-Fitness Models-Ep91

You can Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesSoundCloudStitcher or TuneIn
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Show Notes:

  • When Maddy’s body image issues began
  • How she became an unhealthy vegan
  • How her internal standards were a symptom of an eating disorder
  • How she got introduced to the world of bodybuilding
  • Why page 57 became her life plan
  • How her mindset changed when she felt like she had a higher purpose – self-righteousness
  • Why her intuition caused her to think something was wrong
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  • How not having her period was a sense of pride for her
  • When you put your body above everything else, the first thing you lose is your sex drive
  • Why she had an identity crisis due to the desire for perfection
  • Why the 2nd show she did made her completely disillusioned with body building
  • What caused her to move to another state to flee her toxic environment
  • How women can have a better relationship with their bodies
  • Why it’s important to be aware of food triggers
We have a cycle of feeling that we are never enough. It's not true. Click To Tweet
  • Why you have to guard your influences so they don’t take you down the wrong path
  • The life changing moment that caused her to regain her intuition
  • How Danny got into fitness modeling
  • The job she was working that cause her to stay in great shape
  • How she went from athlete to entertainer
  • How other women in her industry treated her
  • How extreme food and exercise impacted her health and libido
  • How long Danny went without having a period
  • Why as a sexy model, she didn’t want anyone to touch her
  • Why you can’t win in the fitness model industry
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  • How she dieted so much that she was gaining weight
  • Why she quit the fitness model job
  • How her physical and emotional health affected her finances
  • Why gratitude made a dramatic shift in her situation
  • Why she purged her social media based on what it triggered inside her
  • How her mantra helped her and what it is

Connect with Maddie and Danny: – 10 proven steps for ending any food obsession – Danny’s website


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90 Bone Broth Demystified + Osteopenia Healing with Justin Mares

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! I got married a week ago and am starting to get photos back from the wedding. I’m not really into the staged photos, so ours were more about moments that were happening. I am loving the photos and you can check them out on Instagram @DeliciousAlex.

In other news, I had my first bone density scan a little while ago. My results came in a little low. I have several of the risk factors for osteoporosis and osteopenia. I have low thyroid function, which is under control now, but the risk factors are still there. Use of some steroids and also gut issues that affect the absorption of minerals can also increase the risk for this. I just want to be able to be active for as long as I possibly can.

Inactivity can increase your risk. Staying active can actually strengthen your bones. Diet is an important factor in bone development. Green veggies, nuts and seeds are all great sources of calcium. You need to have a high alkaline diet in order to make the best use of calcium in your diet. The Standard American Diet is highly acidic. Cutting out soda is one of the best things you can do to reduce your acidity. An acidic environment will draw out calcium from your bones to balance the acidity, thus weakening your bones.

Skip the alcohol, caffeine and sodas! When you get clear on the damage you are doing to your bones, the sacrifice is worth it. Everything we do in the Cravings Cleanse gets you towards a more alkaline environment in your body.

Today’s guest is Justin Mares. He is here to talk to us about an ancient food – bone broth (or stock). It’s full of nutrients and minerals that really give your body what it needs to improve your health. Bone broth gives your body these things in a form it can immediately use. It’s great for joint health and it may give you the same ingredients in pricey supplements. It reduces inflammation in the respiratory system and improves digestion. Chicken soup isn’t just good for the soul.


Store both broth (or stock) aren’t completely real. They have artificial ingredients, high salt content and MSG. Get organic or grass fed bones, put it in a pot with water and cover and simmer for 2-3 days. Then drink it. It’s easy to digest and is so good for you! The minerals and electrolytes it provides are easily absorbed by your body. Bone broth is a great resource for collagen. It helps form and seals the tissue of your intestines, which helps repair your gut. If you have IBS, this is a great food for you!

My favorite company Kettle and Fire have produced the first grass fed, organic bone broth and why theirs is different than what is on the market.


You can Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesSoundCloudStitcher or TuneIn
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Show Notes:

  • Why bone broth is the hottest thing right now!
  • The movement around bringing back ancestral foods into our diets
  • Why stock on the shelves of store contains no actual bones
  • How long cooking times plays into the effectiveness of bone broth
  • Why bone broth needs really long cooking times
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  • Why using grass fed bones is important to Justin
  • The ratio of bones to water that goes into the recipes for the broth
  • Why they specifically choose mineral/marrow-rich bones for the broth
  • The 2 health areas that bone broth can address
  • True bone broth creates a gelatinous substance when chilled
  • How bone broth can improve your digestion and why
You need to include bone broth in your diet to maintain your body throughout your life. Click To Tweet
  • How glutamine will help improve leaky gut
  • Gluten free gravy can be made with bone broth
  • You can find frozen bone broth in stores, and it contains no bone broth.
  • Why Justin has the only shelf-stable bone broth that is real bone broth
  • The frozen bone broths are stock plus apple cider vinegar
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