To Crave Is Human: Women, Food & Desire

It’s time to stop counting calories…
time to stop giving up our power to the “diet industrial complex”…
and ask ourselves, what do my body and soul truly crave?

Healing. Strength. Energy. Resilience. Juicy Mojo. 
This is what we want.

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wfd image 5 what do you most crave

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Eggless Nog Smoothie: Sweet Potato Smoothie | Eggless EggNog Recipe

Eggnog is one of my favorite holiday treats – but now that I know I’m egg-sensitive, I had to put on my thinking-chef’s hat

and get creative in the kitchen -

which I love doing!

eggless nog smoothie

I used some leftover, naturally sweet garnet yams as the base. This thickened the smoothie, and added great fiber.

I’ve been feeling very “featherweight” lately, which is one of my cravings types (I’m a dual type, also Fire Brand, or Pitta)

and wanted to add some spices that would help me feel warm and comfy.

Earth Mama/Papa types can add some ginger to this recipe to help them feel more energized and uplifted!

Don’t know your cravings type? Take the free quiz here and get your type and report! 

Eggless Nog Smoothie Recipe:

12 ounces unsweetened almond or coconut milk
½ cup water
1 cup cooked sweet potato (peeled)
2-3 pitted Medjool dates (the big juicy ones) cut in half
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp fresh nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in the blender.

Blend, pour, sip and smile!

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Saying ‘no’ – on boundaries and cravings



wfd image quote 3

The body sets boundaries for us all the time, but how well do we listen and head the body’s message? 

Saying ‘no’ is as important as saying ‘yes!’

Saying no to other people’s to-dos, and saying yes to more quality sleep.

Saying no to the diet industrial complex, its rules and size requirements, and saying yes to deep, true healing.

Saying no to the fast food lifestyle, and instead embracing real food.

Saying no to a life of punishment, deprivation, and lack-luster experiences, and saying YES to pleasure, fun, and play!

This is the call. Will you answer it?

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When we respect our cravings, real transformation is possible.

WFD image 1   We need to start listening to our bodies, rather than the “diet industrial complex.” We’ve handed over our power to heal and our deep inner knowing to outside “experts” and “gurus” for far too long. We stopped listening to and trusting our cravings and bodies so long ago, that we’ve been at war with ourselves. This war is killing us. We diet too much, eat too much, work too hard, worry too much, schedule too much, play too little, drink too much, shop too much, and touch too little. And there’s this big, gaping hole inside of us that will never be filled will the food, “success,” to-do lists, or new shoes. It’s time to listen to our bodies, and follow our cravings, to the life we truly desire.

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xo, Alex

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19 Cravings Can Set You Free – How to Stop Sugar Cravings

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

Do you agree that it’s scary to step into your truth?

Would you like to set your cravings free, discover your fears and acknowledge your desires?

I sure do!

I believe that identifying and taking action on our desires takes bravery.

Taking care of yourself should be the number one priority in your life. We shouldn’t be worrying about how others might react when we lean into our true selves.

Let’s talk about our cravings, our desires, our fears and our sexuality.

This juicy episode is one you don’t want to miss!

“Desire is the fire that lights women up. Living a life of desire means living an artful, heartfelt life.” (Click to Tweet)

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“People began to support what they saw as just an honest health journey.” (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • My own personal struggles from my divorce
  • Desirability and sexuality
  • How I found satisfaction
  • Lessons learned from honoring my desires and cravings
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • Guilt has no place in our bodies
  • Being honest about the obstacles of being vegan
  • The importance of taking time and being kind to yourself
  • Why women have a primal instinct to act with radical self care
  • The beauty of (Adam &) Eve…

“Giving yourself time is essential when your trying to get into alignment with your desires and cravings.” (Click to Tweet)

  • Why women have to band together and make a commitment to stop judging ourselves and others
  • The importance of women being mutually supportive to one
  • What to do to help surpass your limitations
  • Why we should lead by example
  • How we should turn our hope and attention inwards
  • Listen to your wisdom
  • Awareness… It’s time to tune in where our desires lie!
  • What cultivating mindfulness will bring
  • The 3 D’s – Discover, Declare, Do
  • Why we need to step into our desires… with our hearts on fire and our eye’s wide open

“The power of connection & community is one of the greatest untapped natural resources we’ve got.”  (Click to Tweet)


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