Does how you think matter as much as what you eat?

Short answer: Yes.

Our thoughts, experiences, and emotions make as much of an impact on our health and weight as what we eat.

I know a lot of you have made New Year’s resolutions,
and they might be getting away from you right now, the 3rd week into 2015.

So I wanted to share some of the best tools I’ve learned through my studies in
Positive Psychology to help you shift your mindset about food, health, weight, and your body

from frustration to ease…

from stuck to moving…

from unmotivated to joyful belief…

from floundering to flourishing.

So every day for the next 7 days, I’d like to share one tool a day with you to help you master your mindset…

A mindset makeover, if you will.

See, positive psychology “is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive” - 
and that’s what I love sharing. Recipes and inspiration for a body and life you love. 

You don’t have to do anything special, just read along, and take the action I describe, if you’re inspired.

If you want to join in the fun in a more meaningful way, you can come follow me on Instagram or Facebook and share, post, or like the pictures I’ll be posting every day to share these ideas.

I’ll also be sharing simple food tips every day to help you make your resolutions for a lighter, stronger 2015 come true!

Now, here’s your Day 1 of the #MindsetMakeover:

Share Your Strengths, AKA “What’s RIGHT with you?”

According to Positive Psychology research, when you focus on your strengths it helps you focus on what’s right, rather than getting stuck in a negative self-image.

In my experience, most sugar cravings, when not caused by bacterial overgrowth, are related to feeling emotionally depleted, frustrated, or lonely.

When we can tap into our own strengths and acknowledge what’s right with us, sabotaging food cravings will get weaker.

When we acknowledge how strong we really are, sugar’s hold on us gets weaker! Click To Tweet This :) 

Love of Learning
Appreciation of Beauty

alex learn

One of my strengths is “love of learning.” I used to think I was “easily distracted” but now I see my curiosity and desire for knowledge as a way that I stay engaged, hopeful, and contribute to my family and community’s well-being.

According to Positive Psychology research, sharing + acknowledging our strengths helps us to focus on what’s right with us, rather than getting stuck in a negative self-image.

When we feel more positive + better about ourselves, we tend to make healthier food choices, and our health is better all around.

In the comments below, share your strengths with us!
I’d love to hear what’s RIGHT with you, and how you use those strengths to live a healthier, happier life.

xo, Alex

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Women’s magazines + the Diet Industrial Complex

Women’s magazines are a big part of what I’m calling the “diet industrial complex,” the overlap of media, food, and health experts that have set us up to be totally body and food obsessed, while disconnecting us from the connection to our bodies. 

When you are raised in this culture, you have little chance of listening to your body and trusting “her.”

womans worldThe covers feature extreme diets to lose weight quickly, right next to food porn images of unhealthy meals. 

What we see with our eyes effects our health as much as what we eat. Be wary of what media you consume. CLICK TO TWEET! 


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My Interview with @SexWithEmily on “Men & Meatballs” (AKA Women, Food, And Desire)

The HOT and FUN interview on cravings, Women Food And Desire, and the connection between food cravings and sexual desire

The HOT and FUN interview on cravings, Women Food And Desire, and the connection between food cravings and sexual desire


My favorite interview yet! Click here to listen in: 

“Are your issues with self-esteem and body-image weighing down your sex drive?”

In this show, Emily addresses some of these key sex-killing issues, and shares tips to help you get your sex life right back where you want it. Special guest Alex Jamieson, author of the book Women, Food and Desire, stops by the studio to weigh in on the curious relationship between body image, diet and desire, for both men and women.

Following a tough divorce, and a dramatic break up with the vegan lifestyle, Alex recounts her own struggles with self-confidence, and shares how a mix of diet change and dating helped her get her mojo back. 18 months and 100 first dates later, she shares her tip for rediscovering your desire: Try on different men (and different foods) to see what feels best!

Get the interview here on iTunes:

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below on what you think of the show!



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22 Jennifer Giannettoni – Overcoming Food Addictions & Understanding Your Cravings

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra JamiesonToday, I wanted to do something different with these questions you’ve all been sending me.

So I’ve bought in my good friend Jennifer Giannettoni as a co-host.

Jennifer is an expert, a professional and has a successful career as a producer.

In this new style show we dive into her discovery of food and her healing journey through your questions.

You can Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher or TuneIn

“Your time on this planet is 100% reliant on a healthy body.” (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • The obstacles Jennifer had to overcome
  • How Jennifer unveiled her quest to wellness and healthy living
  • Jennifer’s moment of clarity
  • Uncovering the disconnect between mind and body
  • How Jennifer lives with celiac disease
  • Bad foods = Trashy foods
  • The power of good role models
  • Steering clear of refined sugar and why
  • Why Jennifer’s family gives up sugar every year for 40 days
  • Is carob really chocolate?
  • Overcoming food addictions
  • How our taste buds change and our bodies get desensitized to simplicity
  • Say What? Did you know that food scientists have revealed an Oreo cookie has 50 flavor enhancers
  • Tips for a simplistic and minimalist living
  • The beauty of emptiness
  • How Jennifer kicked her addiction and craving for popcorn

“The healthier I’ve gotten the more I pick up on the tastes that I don’t enjoy in processed food.”  (Click to Tweet)

Q & A:

1.  “How can my family and I have a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy bad foods that don’t fit in once in a while without obsessing or feeling guilty? I’m so sick of feeling guilty.” – Gina

      • As an adult we should learn about our body and figure out whats good and bad
      • Healthy foods in the home include low amounts of processed foods (junk food) and high quality ingredients foods
      • Don’t impose strict regime on your kids about how their eating. Still let them have fun e.g. have a pizza night every 1 -2 weeks
      • Your kids shouldn’t feel the restrictions
      • Provide healthy options
      • Do not make it over-important

2.  “Let’s talk about how to tune into your body once you give in to the craving. So, once I eat the ice-cream, how do I stop eating the ice-cream?” – Healthy Girls Guides

      • Practice, practice, practice
      • Over time your body will adjust
      • Once your bodies adjusted, good food will taste really good
      • Your taste buds will readjust after eating food from the source
      • In time it won’t be a competition between good and bad food

3.  “Is there any great way to eliminate or reduce our positive nostalgia associated with foods from our youth that we know aren’t ideal to consume? It’s almost like the nostalgia causes the cravings.” – Exceptional Korean

      • Do a detox and take out the Toxic 6
      • Ask yourself these questions: what you are getting from this food? Is it inflammatory to your body? Is it healthy for you? What is it that I’m getting out of eating this every day?
      • Taking a step back is really difficult, you have to figure out how to enjoy the nostalgic experience without the added food element
      • Sit in your feelings and let your emotions flow
      • Breath through it
      • Make a responsive choice for your body
      • Do something good for your body
      • In time you’ll be able to train yourself to have this particular food as a treat without the cravings

“By not doing something I am doing something.”  (Click to Tweet)

Links Mentioned:

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“I’m making a choice to be responsive to my body & do something good for my body.”  (Click to Tweet)

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Walking to Heal. My emotional + physical cravings story.

This weekend I went for a “hike” the Santa Monica mountains.

You could call it a soul stroll.

Walking to Heal.

I’ve lived in New York City for 15 years and love my city. But nature is my spiritual practice.

It’s where I feel connected, supported, and most alive.

Walking along the rainy path, no other humans around, smelling the intoxicating dampness of Eucalyptus leaves, feeling the gravity of the earth, hearing the birds talk to each other, watching the mist rise and melt away from the hills, tears began streaming down my cheeks.

Walking, quietly, no distractions, and just being.

How often do we get to do that?


We humans are physical and emotional creatures. We are built this way.

Sadly, most of us grow up to think our bodies, our physical desires, and our emotions are “wrong,” or out of whack, or just, “too much.”


We all need time to move, and feel. When we allow emotions to move through us, especially as we move our bodies, a healing release can rise up and allow us to love ourselves.


On this walk, I got a bone-deep feeling that I’m enough. Just enough. That nature is perfect, and allows for the ebb and flow of our energy and emotions.


I got that we all need time to heal, that we all deserve whatever cravings are coming up for us.


Cravings for time, quiet, food, physical enjoyment, contemplation, rest. It’s all inherently good. And so are we.

I came upon this path marker:

Resting To Heal.


The trails were mostly closed to allow for nature to do her work of healing the ground, and I marveled at the wisdom of Mother Nature and the parks employees.

She needs quiet rest to heal. It’s winter here in the USA, after all. This time of year has us all turning inward, feeling into our roots, and nature mirrors that need in us.

Sometimes we all need quiet rest, closing down, and stillness to allow the miracle of nature to do her work.

 Your human body is so wise, so capable. You deserve quiet rest, and if you crave it, I encourage you to take the time for yourself. Healing is sometimes dynamic and fast, but often it’s quiet and slow. Click to Tweet This: 

You deserve it, that quiet, contemplative time alone, if you want it. Either in a church or on a nature trail.

There is healing there for you, and it’s valid to want it.

I want to hear from you in the comments below – are you a “spiritual mover” like me? Do you consider yourself divinely connected and directed? How do you honor that?


I’ve been hearing from so many new readers who just read Women, Food, And Desire, and wanted to share what they’re saying and seeing:

“If there is a women and food book out there, I’ve read it. I totally appreciate Alexandra’s approach to food. She just gets it on so many levels. The book is upbeat and positive. It is the first time I’ve read one of these books and actually FELT GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. Seriously. I am having fun shopping and cooking without all of the stress and pressure. I feel good, and I am making better choices because of it. I love love love all the supplemental materials that come with the book. I bought the eBook so I’ve been clicking away. It is one of those books you’ll read and want to give to all of your friends. Thank you Alexandra for writing this book. What a great way to start the off the new year.” ~ A, on Amazon


“I thought I wanted a hot fudge, caramel sundae on way home from a meeting….got in drive through line only to realize I didn’t have my wallet. Drove straight home and drank some warm tea instead! Guess what, I didn’t REALLY need a sundae and thank goodness did not eat one!” ~ S.A., Women, Food, And Desire Facebook Group


“This book has me seeing myself and habits with new eyes and I sense a real transformation on the horizon that has moved me to tears. Alexandra does what few people can: she actually shows you how to get to the root of your self-care challenges and transform them. Not through some weird, complicated diet, but through simple, wise and practical steps that speak to your soul’s deepest yearning. For real! Get this book. It’s about so much more than food. It’s for your entire life.” ~ Karin Witzig Rozell, review

To order your copy, go here:

Email us your receipt and we’ll send you access to 8 incredible bonus resources.




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