#FixFood: It’s Time to Fix the Toxic Food Culture We Live In

Here’s the deal –

If we can’t all access healthy, clean food, then all of this talk about fixing food isn’t going to help as many people as it could.

As part 3 of our #FixFood mission, we have to increase the awareness and access that people have.


For starters, people who need good nutrition the most (like the working poor) don’t currently have access to it.

We can quickly help people learn how to grow a little bit of their own food – which connects them to themselves, and helps them feel empowered.

When people have access to really high quality food, it helps them feel better, do more, earn more, lift their family out of poverty, get off of diabetes meds, and stop using the Emergency Room as their form of primary care.


We can make food labels better.

There’s a huge growing movement in the U.S. that the rest of the world is begging us to lead the charge on: to label genetically modified foods.

So many people want laws in this area, but they don’t know what to DO about it.


Now, let’s talk about our kids.

Our kids are getting sicker and sicker, younger and younger, with diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And it has a lot to do with how kids are fed in this country.

We live in a hyper advertising and food marketing culture. Kids are bombarded with messages about unhealthy food all day long.

It’s up to us – the adults and parents – to become aware of it and talk to our kids about it, so the messaging they get is balanced (or maybe even has more good messaging than junk food messaging).

Another aspect is the lunch programs in our schools. We can talk to our kids about healthy foods all we like, but if they’re fed junk at school, what happens to the kids whose parents aren’t talking to them about healthy foods? What about the families who rely on the lunch programs to keep their children fed?

We can help fix that. But we have get the education into the schools. And we have to empower the kids.

This is the part of the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series that has me the most excited.

I’m bringing in people who are on the ground, fixing the food culture we live in, so they can talk about how YOU can help make a difference.

And, as a very special guest, we’re highlighting Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps – an amazing program that goes into schools and teaches kids about cooking and nutrition (something that’s sorely lacking schools nowadays).

We are designating Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps as our charity of choice for the entire telesummit. 75% of the profits will be donated to them in order to help this growing movement to help our KIDS fix food.

To learn more about the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary telesummit, click here.

And if you’re fired up about fixing the food culture we live in, help spread the word! Feel free to copy/paste this note into facebook and Twitter:

Help fix the food culture in your schools and community. Get in on the #FixFood mission: http://tinyurl.com/supersizefixfood



#FixFood: Turn that Unhealthy Relationship Around

We’re all intelligent, functioning human beings here.

We all know things we could be doing differently to eat better.

But we still have these sabotaging food habits and emotional eating issues where food is like our substitution for intimacy. Food helps us feel calm. It’s one of our favorite soothers.

It’s just that most of us have a relationship with our food that gives the phrase “unhealthy relationship” a totally new meaning.

But when you FIX your relationship with food, it becomes an easy, delicious way to nourish yourself, rather than being a life raft that you cling you to every day just to get through.

You feel lighter.

You like yourself better.

You feel stronger, more confident, more at ease.

You’re more peaceful in your life.

And happier. So much happier.

… Basically, all the good stuff!

Which is why fixing your relationship with food is one of the main topics in my #FixFood mission.

At the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series (March 10 – 14), I’m going to interview 30+ of the hottest experts in health and nutrition.

And we’re going to get into your relationship with food!

I have so many knowledgeable and caring experts lined up: bestselling authors, neuroscientists, food psychologists, and more.

Here’s just a glimpse of what we have lined up for you. . .

Pedram Shojai will tell you how to fix your relationship with food, one bite at a time.

Neuroscientist and author Darya Rose will share new discoveries in neuroscience about how cravings are created – and she’ll give you 3 basic rules to eat for sane weight loss. (Sounds good to me!)

Trudy Scott will talk about how balancing your brain chemistry with real foods can heal emotional eating, and Robb Wolf will help you break free from dietary dogma so you can discover your perfect food style.

They are all ready to help you understand and unwire your emotional relationships with food – so I hope you’ll join us for this virtual event. (Grab your free ticket here.)

And don’t be shy! Follow me on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest to get all of the #FixFood updates – and jump into the conversation!



#FixFood: How to Fix Food at Home More Easily

You’re busy. I know you are.

So am I. And so is just about everyone else you’ll run into today.

It’s no wonder that one of the first (and most frequent) bumps in the road to transforming your health is trying to cook healthy food at home.

Know what I mean? Sometimes it’s just too easy to grab a pre-packaged meal. It feels much more convenient to eat out for lunch. . . and dinner. . . and lunch again.

But if you’ve been hanging out with me for any amount of time, then you know that I’m a total supporter of fixing your own food at home – from scratch. It’s honestly the best way to make sure that you consistently feed yourself nourishing foods that help your body to thrive.

So – how can we fix foods at home more easily?

We get help from the experts.

I’m bringing together over 30 of the biggest stars and leaders in health and nutrition – and I’m getting them to spill all their best tips, strategies, and secrets.

It all goes down at the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series (March 10-14).

We’ll have some of the hottest, most inspiring chefs and food educators coming on as experts. And I mean experts at meal planning, detoxing with food, fixing incredible plant-based meals for families, and more.

They will teach you in a SIMPLE way how to #FixFood at home so that you. . .

Save money

Save time

Spend MORE time with your family

Feel like food at home is easy – not a burden

Your cooking process can become a well-oiled machine.

And you’re not only saving money and time in the short term, but in the long term, your health improves so much faster when you fix food at home. (And you’ll spend less money on your own healthcare in the next few years and throughout your life.)

Here’s a quick teaser of some of the experts and topics:

  • Joe Cross (from the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and founder of Reboot Your Life) will share with us what time of day to fix food, and how to create a life that makes healthy eating easy.
  • John Robbins (international bestselling author) will give you tips on how to buy organic food cheaply, and fermentationist Summer Bock will tell you how to make probiotics at home.
  • Phil Lempert (The Supermarket Guru®) talks about what you really need to know about food packaging (and problems with gluten-free labeling you may not know about).
  • Anna Lappe teaches you how to shop so your kids enjoy healthy food – and not badger you for junk food (hallelujah!).
  • And the “mother” of meal planning, Leanne Ely, will be sharing some her best tips with you!

If you want in on these interviews, grab your free ticket for the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series here.

And help us spread the word! Feel free to copy/paste this note into Facebook and Twitter:

Fixing food at home? Make it easy on yourself! http://tinyurl.com/supersizefixfood #FixFood



This is Near and Dear to My Heart

I’m a mother.

I know that I don’t just set an example for my son.

I set the first example.

I set the example that will influence his life in ways neither of us can predict.

What I say and do now will color what he says and does, even when he’s too old to remember the conversations we have, or can’t quite recall the details of how I react to life’s ups and downs.

As his mother, I choose what I teach him about his relationship with food, with his own body. I can have a chat with him about the commercials that make sugary cereals look like the ultimate life experience. I can show him the fun in choosing delicious foods, the joy in preparing them from scratch, and the pleasure in taking the time to savor what he creates.

But I also know that there’s a world out there that isn’t on the same page. That doesn’t have the same values. That hasn’t learned what I’d like for him to learn.

I don’t say that in an “us against the world” tone. I say that with the understanding that the things I teach my son are the very things that the rest of the world is hungry for, as well.

10 years ago, with the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, I saw just how much people wanted to know more about food and health. Once they were aware, they wanted more.

But the knowledge alone isn’t enough.

I realized that, although Super Size Me shone a light on a very important issue, we still hadn’t given people the tools to be able to make real changes.

I’ve dedicated the last decade to helping people make changes in their own lives. Now I want to make that mission even bigger.

I’m on a mission to #FixFood.

In celebration of Super Size Me‘s 10-year anniversary, I’m bringing together 30+ of the hottest leaders in health and nutrition (including some of the old voices that helped to shape our documentary in the first place).

Join us for the Super Size Me 10-Year #FixFood Series (your ticket is free)

On this telesummit, we’ll be covering 3 main aspects of the #FixFood movement:


  • Fixing more of our own food at home (and how to make it fast, simple & fun).


  • Fixing your relationship with food and emotional eating (so you can experience true wellness).


  • Fixing the food culture we all live in (because this movement needs to go into our schools and communities).


I’d like to make one thing clear–

This is NOT your typical telesummit.

This event is about real change – and how you can make it happen in your own life and the world around you.

I’m bringing on experts who are on the ground, already working in our communities and in the school systems (like Michelle Bouchard of Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps). With other experts like JJ Virgin, John Robbins, Kris Carr, Joel Harper, Dr. Mark Hyman, Leanne Ely, Cynthia Pasquella, and so many more, we’ll cover a huge range of topics.

You’ll walk away with the tools you need in order to need to lose those extra pounds, or discover the joy in cooking and savoring a healthy meal, or know precisely how to educate your own children about nutrition – despite the messages that surround them.

With the #FixFood movement, we can set an example for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

I truly hope you’ll join us.

>> Check out the details + save your free spot here.



P.S. The Super Size Me 10-Year Fix Food Series goes live (online), March 10 – 14, but you can get your free ticket now. Take a look at the experts, and learn more about the #FixFood movement here.


Ready to #FixFood With Me?

It’s been 10 years since the Super Size Me documentary shook the public into awareness that your diet can have FAST and drastic effects on your health.

It jumpstarted conversations and genuinely helped to change people’s lives for the better.

But even though it’s been 10 years, I’m still on the crusade to fix food.

  • We still have trouble finding the time to cook healthy, clean foods at home.
  • We have emotional eating issues and use food as life rafts to help us through the day.
  • And our overall culture is still full of unhealthy messages, poor access to good foods, and little to no education on what “good food” actually is.

Which is why, in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Super Size Me, I’m bringing together the hottest experts in health and nutrition – and I’m getting them to share what they know with YOU.

It all happens at the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary virtual conference,

March 10-14th, 2014!

(Get your free ticket here!)

On the Super Size Me telesummit, the experts and I will share ways in which you can. . .

  • Fix more of your own simple meals that will get you the energy and body you crave.
  • Fix your relationship with food and emotional eating.
  • Fix the food culture we all live in.

Not only can you tune in live to the interviews, but you can also help spread the awareness, the knowledge, and the #FixFood fever!

Tweet it:

It’s time to #FixFood. Find out how: http://tinyurl.com/supersizefixfood

And come say hi on Facebook. I’d love for you to join the conversation!



USA Today got this wrong

I helped Morgan Spurlock create Super Size Me and was his co-star and nutritional “voice of reason.”

USA Today recently profiled John Cisna, a high school teacher in Iowa, who tested out an experiment with his students to eat nothing but a McDonalds diet they had created in order to lose weight. John also added daily exercise, and kept to a strict calorie intake.

While John did lose 37 pounds over the course of his 90 day experiment, and he had it partly right, in reducing his daily calorie intake and finally getting an exercise plan in place, John is still missing the MUCH bigger picture. 

I agree with him and his results – YES, you can lose weight eating food from anywhere. But is John really healthier? How is his cholesterol? Did his gut “microbiome” degrade over that time, as he ate refined carbohydrates, trans fats and genetically modified ingredients? 

I do not believe that “thinner” means “healthier.” Over the course of Super Size Me, Morgan gained 24.5 pounds, his cholesterol went up 60 points, and his liver was filling with fat, giving him non-alcoholic hepatitis. This was largely due to the high amount of high-fructose corn syrup found in most of his meals, as well as most fast food, from the drinks to the ketchup.

I believe most people cannot eat the way John did and experience any health improvements, because most of us are suffering from undiagnosed food sensitivities. Dairy, gluten, sugar, GMO corn and soy sensitivities are rampant, and you would be hard pressed to find any meals in McDonald’s that don’t contain these ingredients. 

While John embarked on an interesting experiment in service to his science students, there is still a lot more to do to #FixFood and our health in this country.

McDonald’s and the rest of the fast food giants are still marketing heavily to children through commercials, toys, and HappyMeal.com, a website I find particularly insidious. John’s experiment doesn’t address the problem with marketing this type of food to children, who don’t know the difference between and advertisement and an educational program. 

So what can McDonald’s and John do to really be a part of the solution?

McDonald’s and other fast food chains could eliminate high fructose corn syrup, and one of our top sources of calories and causes of “diabesity.” McDonald’s could pledge to switch to non-GMO ingredients, as Cheerios just announced it would do for their original cereal. McDonald’s could start shifting towards grass-fed beef, which protects the health of the cows, the environment, and the people that eat the meat.

Yes, Science Teacher John lost a bit of weight eating McDonald’s. But John and McDonald’s have a long way to go before they’re truly healthy.

Want to help me #FixFood? Join the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series, March 10-14:

Click here to sign up for for the week-long, free series:

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How To Get Free From Fear — or at least not let it stop you again!


What’s your fear keeping you from achieving?

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Ever had a migraine headache? Chronic pain? Back pain?

I have. In fact, I suffered from migraines three to four days a week for months.

When I went to the doctor for help, I was given a prescription for heavy duty pain killers within minutes. This is the modern state of pain management – drugs.

I told the doctor I was also feeling exhausted all the time and kind of depressed. He then recommended anti-depressants. Within 5 minutes, I had two powerful prescriptions and headed out the door, determined to find another way.

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By changing my diet I eliminated my pain, and my life changed.

I removed the most inflammatory foods from my diet including sugar and wheat, and within two weeks, my pain was gone.

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