Come Play With Alex! 1-week retreat in North Carolina!



This transformational workshop is led by bestselling author, functional nutrition coach, and chef, Alex Jamieson. Alex will guide you in discovering the true meanings of your food cravings, and teach you how understanding these cravings is the key to satisfying your deepest desires. Along with Alex, some of Asheville’s top teachers, natural healers, and conscious cooks will take you on excursions to explore, concoct, and connect with your body and how to meet your desires in a way that serves your well being. In this workshop you will learn about the core of your desires, detoxing your system, feeding your cravings, healing your relationship with food, and embracing your body.

If you love pleasure and food, you will gain life-long wisdom in this week-long retreat.

DATE: December 6-12, 2015. LOCATION: Asheville, NC.

FEE: See Early Bird Discounts & other details below. Register + learn more here: 




Learn the real reasons behind all your cravings––for food, sleep, sex, movement, companionship and inspiration––and how to satiate your cravings in a loving, healthy way. Experience natural healing, emotional release, pure pleasure, and deep connection. Throughout the week, you will be learning about the following:

With Alex You’ll Learn:

To make peace with food & embrace your body
The importance of pleasure & how to prioritize it
How cleansing can connect you with your authentic self
What your cravings mean & creative recipes to satisfy them
The secrets to thriving relationships, vitality & positive aging
Heart habits & healing rituals to release the past & move forward
Transformational dietary changes & mindset tools to improve food habits

Hands-on Projects & Healing Practices:

The Conscious Kitchen: Active meditations for a healthier you
Nature Walks: Connecting with the beauty & stillness of nature’s wisdom
Herbs for Healthy Hormones: Making medicine for menstruation to menopause
Everyday Aphrodisiacs: Cacao concoctions, herbal teas & tonics for a sensual life
Emotional Freedom Technique: A.k.a “tapping” your way to food freedom & ease
“Combining humor and candor with a smart, science-based approach, Alexandra Jamieson helps you develop a healthier, sexier, more vital existence. With practical, easy-to-implement strategies, she shows you how to transcend obstacles and tap into your deepest purpose.” ~ JJ Virgin, nutrition & fitness expert and bestselling author


Asheville, North Carolina is based in a food-centric and ecologically lush bioregion. Surrounded by the oldest mountains on the planet, the hoppin’ downtown is full of local artisans, organic restaurants, farmer’s markets, street buskers, yoga studios, and independent everything. It’s the first Bee City, USA, the #1 Beer City in the country, andNational Geographic named it one of the best cities in the world, while Good Morning America recently featured Asheville as their top city to visit in 2015. There’s tons to do, so stay a couple extra days if you can.

Homewood-AshevilleThe workshop location for the morning portion of the workshop is at the beautiful Homewood stone castle in the historic neighborhood of Montford — a short five minute drive from the heart of downtown. The afternoon workshops will rotate between various homesteads, gardens, and woodlands — roughly within a 15-minute drive from downtown. Carpooling is encouraged and connections will be made for those without cars.

Asheville skyline

To learn more + register, go to:

Win Women, Food, And Desire + Cool British Magnet! #20til40

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#20DaysTil40! Celebrate Alex’s 40th Birthday with 20 Days of Healthy Prizes!


I’m turning 40 on 3/27, and I am SO excited to celebrate the 40 blessed, wild, crazy, heart-filling and gut-wrenching years I’ve been honored to be alive.

I usually don’t get all that excited about birthdays, but this one feels BIG!

20 Days of Prizes To Celebrate Alex's 40th Birthday!

There is good science that points to an energy + momentum when we reach a decade birthday. My intention is for 40 to be vibrant, soul-deep, fun, and meaningful.

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Alex on Today Show with Kathie Lee + Hoda talking Women, Food, And Desire – oh, and cravings

Alexandra Jamieson on Today Show Kathie Lee and Hoda - Women, Food, And Desire and Cravings Cleanse

Alexandra Jamieson on Today Show Kathie Lee and Hoda – Women, Food, And Desire and Cravings Cleanse

Talking with Kathie Lee + Hoda on the Today Show about Women, Food, And Desire and the Cravings Cleanse was a blast!

These ladies were really interested in the book – even if they kept talking about shrimp scampi!

Watch the full interview here:

Come join me as I coach women (and a few awesome dudes) who want to put the message of Women, Food, And Desire into action, with the new 8-week Cravings Cleanse.

The new course starts 2/12 – learn more and register here: 

Alexandra Jamieson Today Show Women, Food, And Desire

Alexandra Jamieson Today Show Women, Food, And Desire





Live “Women, Food, And Desire” book club call with Alex!

Are you reading Women, Food, And Desire?

Want to go deeper, ask Alex a question, or share your insights about your experience of the book?

My baby neice digests the topics of Women, Food, And Desire..

My baby niece digests the topics of Women, Food, And Desire..

Join us for a live call tonight!

Women, Food, And Desire Book Club 
Thursday, February 5th at 6:30pm Eastern

Call in by phone: (425) 440-5100 
Guest pin code: 358597# 

Full list of local Numbers: 

Listen in via computer:

My 25 top tools for vitality & cravings

This is the conversation too few of us are having -

What do you want? What do you crave?

I am on a mission – to help us all understand our cravings, where they come from, what they’re truly asking us to do, and to turn them (and our bodies) into our best allies…

To get the body, energy, and life we really desire.

I’ve overcome my own food addictions and the weight and health problems these habits caused, and learned something life-altering: when we listen to our cravings, they will lead us onto the path of deep healing.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women learn to listen to the wisdom of their cravings and make food their greatest ally as they step into their lives with authentic passion.

Next week, I’m bringing together 25 of my friends, most admired experts, and favorite coaches in the Women, Food, and Desire Tele-Summit.

I’ll interview over 20 cutting edge experts in eating psychology, cravings, embodiment, weight, health, and nutrition.

Women, Food, & Desire is a revolutionary FREE online event from November 3-7 , 2014!  

Sign up to join us and get access to these juicy conversations – I know I can’t wait to listen to the other experts!

Why I believe in play – come camping with me?

Alex's Hot Pink Skates - the power of play

I believe in the power of play…

I believe that in order to fall in love with our bodies, we need to enjoy living in them –

and the best way to enjoy your body is to play!

(hence my new pink roller skates!) pink skates

Whatever way you have fun in your body, whether it’s skating, hiking with your dog, or going to yoga with your best friend – when you have fun in your body, when you PLAY, your body responds.

It heals, relaxes, and major shifts are possible.

When we are at play, exercise moves from drudgery to heavenly. Competition moves from frustrating to fulfillment. When we play, we feel, act and look younger and more alive.

So play has become a very important part of my life.

And one of my favorite ways to have fun – since I was a kid – is to go to camp!

Getting out of your normal surroundings, playing with other “kids” of all ages, learning new skills, bonfires – what’s not to love?!

This September I’ll be featured at 2 camps, just for adults, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about them so you can join in if you’re game…

The first is Soul Camp:

soul camp alex

September 4th-7th Honesdale, Pennsylvania

(2.5 hours from NYC)

Created as an adult camp for the soul, I’ll be speaking on Following Your Cravings to the Life and Body You’ll love at this fun-filled sleep away camp for the soul.

Check out the amazing list of over 35 “camp staffers” who will lead workshops on everything from yoga, meditation, astrology & angel card readings, boating at the waterfront, nature walks, Buti aerobics classes, breath work, intenSati, organic farming, arts & crafts and soo much more!

I am beyond thrilled and honored to be a part of this years Soul Camp Staff – if you have been waiting for the opportunity to see, hear and try out all of your favorite mind/body/spirit instructors & classes in one place at one time – this one’s for you.

OR ~ Come with me to the Good Life Camp!

Good Life Camp

glp camp

September 11th-14th Rock Hill, NY (90 minutes from NYC)

The brain child of my friend and mentor, Jonathan Fields, Good Life Camp is a weekend for the aligned entrepreneur who wants to build a life, not just make a living.

I’ve been reading and talking with Jonathan for a few years now, and love the teachers, guides and coaches he brings together for those of us who run our own show – or who dream to start their own business.

Because one of Jonathan’s foundations is health and vitality I know that if you’re reading this and crave your own business as a way to express yourself in the world, then you may want to join me.

AND I’ve been offered a special discount to share with you, my peeps – so if you decide to sign up, use the code: FF10 and get 10% off camp!

That’s enough savings to buy all the organic chocolate for s’mores you can stomach!

Learn more about Good Life Camp here:

Join Me For The Summer Lightness Cleanse Retreat in NY

Hi Everyone! I want you to spend five days not doing a single dish, not cooking a single meal, not even making the bed.

 I’m SO excited to announce my retreat in upstate New York – And you’re invited!

Join me June 30th for the SUMMER LIGHTNESS CLEANSE RETREAT: Discover Your Ability to Rejuvenate & Shine!

Where: Omega Retreat Center, Rhinebeck, NY

When: June 30-July 4th (departure after breakfast)

Click here to find out more & register now.

Join me and a group of fun, wholehearted, like-minded people who want to feel great and start summer with a clean slate.


Here’s what we’ll create:

1)    A lasting sense of ease and joy of being in your body.

2)    A deliciously easy detox experience that moves you towards your health goals.

3)    Space, support, and uninterrupted time to exist in a way that is true to who YOU are.


I want you to pause on a thought for a minute. Really close your eyes and see if you can feel it.

Step into lightness.

Feels good, yes?

Are you even smiling a little?

What will happen when you step out of your routine and leave all the little loose ends of your usual day-to-day?

Lots can happen. Big shifts. . . Having actual movement through a block you’ve had for quite some time. Et Voila: The result? Lightness.

But it takes determination to get to that lightness.

And support.

It’s likely not that hard to do—probably even takes less time than you think.

Maybe it’s even a lot easier than you imagined in those cranky moments when you’re sleep deprived, your computer’s hard drive failed, or suddenly need to find a whole new wardrobe for your kiddo because he had to go and have a growth spurt…

Then there’s dishes and laundry and cooking, oh my!

There are a lot of ~distractions~ that can keep you from connecting to that lightness. And when you’re not feeling the kind of lightness that brings gorgeous a-ha moments, shatters emotional or mental blocks, or gives you refreshing clarity. . . you’re less likely to stop and figure out what you need to do to figure it out.

You can likely move through whatever you want to move through eventually, but it’s so DAMN inspiring to make it happen, because that, folks, is empowerment.

You get to step back and say, “Holy smokes, I just did that!”

But a lot depends on whether you want to wait for it to randomly occur, or go out and MAKE it happen.

Here’s what I believe in my bones: We don’t have time to wait for the life we want to come to us.

These things don’t just magically occur.

But the real magic is that we can easily create them.

Maybe you’ve been stuck for a while with something about your health that just doesn’t work.

And you realize that you want to do something that will actually give you that clarity, lightness, and practical help to make a change. I want to tell you a personal story.

You know you might be able figure it out on your own if you worked really hard, but that sounds like a totally fun party—not!

Fifteen years ago when I was working a job that didn’t fit me, I realized that I had waltzed into a life that not only didn’t inspire me, but that made me physically ill.

(Hello—break room sugar/caffeine central…my best “frienemy”!)

I was too distracted, exhausted, and downtrodden to see clearly enough to get myself out of that situation because I felt so bad ALL the time. I didn’t get to that state of ill health overnight, but I knew that I had to get out of there right quick because my life literally depended on it.

(Spoiler Alert…yup, my life got WAY better once I stepped outside the whirring chatter of the day and competing calls for my attention.)

Back in the day, the things that didn’t work in my life were hazy, but I saw them. I had a sense that they weren’t in alignment with who I was and who I wanted to become. But I didn’t act until it was a five-alarm fire (this is too late).

When I think about it, it was rather cruel of me to do that to myself.

So how do we do build up the momentum to invite these positive changes in a more kinder, gentler way?

Here’s what I do: (snd you can bet, I will do this for the rest of my life!)

I step outside.

One of my non-negotiables is to get away every few months—to conferences, retreats, workshops—events that fuel me and bring me closer to who I am.

When we experience a different way of being, we can’t go back to our lives and act the same old way. We’re changed people.

Taking time out, away from my family and my business to be at retreats is the best way to ensure that I’m staying on track with who I am. Being the best person, woman, mom, friend, and entrepreneur is a tall order, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In these inspiring moments I’ve gotten more clarity about my mission and started really rockin’ it.

Join me for the SUMMER LIGHTNESS CLEANSE RETREAT: Discover Your Ability to Rejuvenate & Shine.

We’ll get you all fresh and sparkly at laser speed.

We’ll have cooking demonstrations, easy and enlivening movement sessions, writing exercises, small-group discussions, guided meditations, and presentations from some of the best teachers I know.

We’ll talk about the “Toxic 6″ foods and avoid them all week in order to help our bodies remove the “static” that keeps us feeling anxious, tired, foggy-headed and stressed-out.

We’ll discover new ways to totally love delicious, healthy foods that boost our energy, mood and outlook on life.

You’ll get clarity on exactly what you need to feel better.

The best of all? You’ll get to take that lightness back home with you when you leave.

If you’re thinking that this might be your idea of a hootin’ and hollering good time, check out the link.

Oh yeah, and I’m super excited to say that I have something else to tell you:

When you sign up for the Summer Lightness Cleanse Retreat you are automatically enrolled in my 8 week e-course  that starts July 21st. More details to come, but for now just know that it’s a $350 program that you’ll get for free!


I hope I’ll get to see you there!




P.S. Imagine what you could achieve by getting fully recharged. More productive? More present for your work or family? More fun? Let’s find out :) Register here.

#FixFood: It’s Time to Fix the Toxic Food Culture We Live In

Here’s the deal –

If we can’t all access healthy, clean food, then all of this talk about fixing food isn’t going to help as many people as it could.

As part 3 of our #FixFood mission, we have to increase the awareness and access that people have.


For starters, people who need good nutrition the most (like the working poor) don’t currently have access to it.

We can quickly help people learn how to grow a little bit of their own food – which connects them to themselves, and helps them feel empowered.

When people have access to really high quality food, it helps them feel better, do more, earn more, lift their family out of poverty, get off of diabetes meds, and stop using the Emergency Room as their form of primary care.


We can make food labels better.

There’s a huge growing movement in the U.S. that the rest of the world is begging us to lead the charge on: to label genetically modified foods.

So many people want laws in this area, but they don’t know what to DO about it.


Now, let’s talk about our kids.

Our kids are getting sicker and sicker, younger and younger, with diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And it has a lot to do with how kids are fed in this country.

We live in a hyper advertising and food marketing culture. Kids are bombarded with messages about unhealthy food all day long.

It’s up to us – the adults and parents – to become aware of it and talk to our kids about it, so the messaging they get is balanced (or maybe even has more good messaging than junk food messaging).

Another aspect is the lunch programs in our schools. We can talk to our kids about healthy foods all we like, but if they’re fed junk at school, what happens to the kids whose parents aren’t talking to them about healthy foods? What about the families who rely on the lunch programs to keep their children fed?

We can help fix that. But we have get the education into the schools. And we have to empower the kids.

This is the part of the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series that has me the most excited.

I’m bringing in people who are on the ground, fixing the food culture we live in, so they can talk about how YOU can help make a difference.

And, as a very special guest, we’re highlighting Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps – an amazing program that goes into schools and teaches kids about cooking and nutrition (something that’s sorely lacking schools nowadays).

We are designating Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps as our charity of choice for the entire telesummit. 75% of the profits will be donated to them in order to help this growing movement to help our KIDS fix food.

To learn more about the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary telesummit, click here.

And if you’re fired up about fixing the food culture we live in, help spread the word! Feel free to copy/paste this note into facebook and Twitter:

Help fix the food culture in your schools and community. Get in on the #FixFood mission:



#FixFood: Turn that Unhealthy Relationship Around

We’re all intelligent, functioning human beings here.

We all know things we could be doing differently to eat better.

But we still have these sabotaging food habits and emotional eating issues where food is like our substitution for intimacy. Food helps us feel calm. It’s one of our favorite soothers.

It’s just that most of us have a relationship with our food that gives the phrase “unhealthy relationship” a totally new meaning.

But when you FIX your relationship with food, it becomes an easy, delicious way to nourish yourself, rather than being a life raft that you cling you to every day just to get through.

You feel lighter.

You like yourself better.

You feel stronger, more confident, more at ease.

You’re more peaceful in your life.

And happier. So much happier.

… Basically, all the good stuff!

Which is why fixing your relationship with food is one of the main topics in my #FixFood mission.

At the Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary series (March 10 – 14), I’m going to interview 30+ of the hottest experts in health and nutrition.

And we’re going to get into your relationship with food!

I have so many knowledgeable and caring experts lined up: bestselling authors, neuroscientists, food psychologists, and more.

Here’s just a glimpse of what we have lined up for you. . .

Pedram Shojai will tell you how to fix your relationship with food, one bite at a time.

Neuroscientist and author Darya Rose will share new discoveries in neuroscience about how cravings are created – and she’ll give you 3 basic rules to eat for sane weight loss. (Sounds good to me!)

Trudy Scott will talk about how balancing your brain chemistry with real foods can heal emotional eating, and Robb Wolf will help you break free from dietary dogma so you can discover your perfect food style.

They are all ready to help you understand and unwire your emotional relationships with food – so I hope you’ll join us for this virtual event. (Grab your free ticket here.)

And don’t be shy! Follow me on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest to get all of the #FixFood updates – and jump into the conversation!



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