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New Podcast – The Crave Cast: Cravings Whisperer and Women, Food & Desire


I’m SO psyched. iTunes released my new podcast show today!

It’s called the Crave Cast: Cravings Whisperer and Women, Food & Desire

Alex and the Crave Cast - Cravings Whisperer 2

I’ll be sharing my best stuff on cravings, health, nutrition, gut health, body confidence, the beauty of our desires, where they come from, and what they really mean. I’ve got a killer line up of expert interviews to share as well.


I’ve heard from lots of you that you want to know about sleep, sugar, and gut health, so I’m covering all those in the next couple of weeks!

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Sugar-Free Summer: My favorite drinks to help beat the heat


sugar-free iced tea recipes to beat the summer heat

Here comes summer!

I couldn’t be happier that the summer solstice is just around the corner.

But all that summer outdoor play-time makes a girl thirsty! Rather than overload my body and brain with sugary sweet frappuccino (aka “adult milkshakes”) drinks, I’m making my own SWEET-ISH summer drinks with herbal teas and spices.

If you have sugar cravings like I do, you can help your taste buds get the sweet flavor they love without the sugar by keeping iced herbal teas on hand.

In this picture you see a rooibos with vanilla, chamomile, and mint teas all chilling in the window.


I boil a big pot of water, then steep my favorite flavored teas of the day for a few minutes before pouring them into glass jars.

After the tea cools to room temperature, I’ll put lids on and child them in the fridge for a while before drinking.

My FAVORITE recipe is the Vanilla Rooibos:

Caffeine free, antioxidant rich, and rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron, this red tea is slightly honey flavored without being sweetened.

Steep 1 tablespoon rooibos tea in 2-3 cups hot water. Once the tea is steeped, pour over a freshly cracked vanilla bean and allow the vanilla to flavor the tea. I leave the bean in until I’ve drunk every drop. Vanilla is so strong, you can use the same bean again for tomorrow’s batch!

Vanilla beans can get expensive, but I get them CHEAP in the bulk section of my co-op. For less than $3 I can get 2-4 beans, which is pretty good for the real stuff.

Sugar free teas can’t be beat!

If sugar cravings are totally annoying you,

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Crave-worthy Detox Smoothie!

Green Pineapple Dream |  yield: 2 servings

Green smoothieGreen smoothies are my favorite go-to healthy breakfast. Tasty and filled with energy-boosting nutrients, you won’t deplete your willpower whipping up one of these beauties!

Green cilantro is anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, and binds with toxins so your body can release them. (if you’re not a fan of cilantro, swap it for basil or parsley, which are also fabulous!) 

Tropical pineapple is also anti-inflammatory, a good source of Vitamin D, and contains Manganese and  Bromelain, a wonderful digestion-boosting enzyme. 
What to put in your blender: 

What to do (AKA directions):

  1. Combine the greens, cilantro and water together and blend until smooth.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and blend again until smooth! Pour, sip and ahhhh! 

Did you love this smoothie?

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Cold & Flu Season Busters: Cinnamon Tea Recipe (good for sugar cravings too!)

Cold & Flu Season? Stock up and protect yourself and your family!

Cinnamon Tea Recipe

Cinnamon Tea fights colds, flu and & cravings

Don’t wait until the shiver, shakes and fever stick you in bed for a week.

Be sure to stock your kitchen ‘medicine cabinet’ with these natural wonders:

Ginger root and ginger tea to help eliminate toxins
Raw garlic is anti-viral and has antibacterial properties
Dried shiitake mushrooms in broth, tea or food soothe inflammation
Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of immune boosting zinc
Cinnamon to help relieve congestion
Lemon (freshly squeezed) in water or on salads or veggies, or in soup can help fight infection



Although many people like to simply sprinkle cinnamon on oatmeal drinking cinnamon in tea is another  great option, especially in winter. Warming, used for treating diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, flu, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and candidiasis, the smell relieves tension and helps steady the nerves. Cinnamon also balances blood sugar levels! Make your own easy Cinnamon Tea at home to help reduce sugar cravings, warm up, and keep colds and flu at bay.

Cinnamon Tea

Total time: 5 minutes


  • 1 cinnamon stick (1-3 inches)
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 1 decaf green, black or herbal tea (rooibos or honeybush are favorites)
  • 1-2 drops of Stevia for sweetening (optional)


1. Place the cinnamon stick in a cup.

2. Add the boiling water and steep covered for 10 minutes.

3. Add the teabag. Steep for one to three minutes.

4. Sweeten to taste, if desired.

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Energy Drink Recipe: This Isn’t Your Kids’ Red Bull!

Make your own drink at home for pennies, without the artificial colorings and preservatives!


Get Glowing Skin (& Drop Pounds) With This Cool Detox Tea

I like health tips and powerful foods that are easy and delicious – here’s one of my current favorites!

Make an iced tea from one of Yogi Tea’s special Detox line and drink your way to glowing skin and

easy weight loss:

Here’s A Quick Way To Kick Your Caffeine Cravings

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It’s summer and I’m thirsty and hot – a lot. New York City can be pretty sticky, and I need constant refreshment to get through a day. Try my favorite mid-day caffeine-free latte recipe!



Back in the day I would cool my afternoon energy lulls with an iced latte or frozen coffee drink from that place that rhymes with “Blahr – ducks.” Since detoxifying my body over a decade ago, I find that I don’t like or want as much caffeine, dairy, and sugar as I used to. Actually, I find that I feel even worse if I have them!


What’s wrong with a little caffeine you might be asking? Well, if you’re drinking several (or even one, for some people) servings of coffee, tea, cola, or “energy drink” a day, your sleep can be effected no matter how early in the day you drink it.


Your morning cup of tea or coffee can also dehydrate your skin making it look older than it is (horrors!), and makes you urinate more, leading to overall dehydration.


If you remember your high school chemistry, you might recall that calcium (from your bones) is an alkaline substance.


If you’re drinking caffeine (along with sugar and diary, especially) you can change the pH balance of your body to be overly acidic. There are strong links between regular caffeine use and osteoporosis, because of the acidic nature of many caffeinated beverages.

(Are you more than ready to get off caffeine, sugar, and dairy once and for all?

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Still, I like to enjoy a yummy cold drink, especially in the afternoons, and here is one of my favorite recipes:


1 cup iced Teeccino

½ cup MimiCCreme

Serve over ice


Teeccino is an herbal coffee-replacement that offers a roasted aroma, look and taste just like coffee, without the caffeine. Or the caffeine crash a few hours later.


MimiCCreme is a line of non-dairy, soy-free, gluten-free nut creams that make any cream recipe totally amazing. I like the unsweetened version for my iced teeccino in the afternoon, but the sweetened versions are great for desserts, baking, smoothies and breakfast recipes.


Enjoy your caffeine free latte!


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How To Detox In 10 Seconds: Win SoCal Cleanse Here!

I found a cool new smoothie addition that offers great protein and nutrition from real, whole foods. SoCal Cleanse has come up with a fantastic protein and detox mixture that you’ll love! And it only takes 10 seconds to add the 4 scoops to your morning smoothie. This tasty product is a great plant-based protein, offers wonderful Omega-3s and is free of allergens like soy and dairy.

Add this hemp-based mixture to your morning breakfast drink and I can guarantee that you’ll be feeling satisfied while your body gets what it needs to cleanse easily and gently.

Congrats to Jeanne H, my hemp detox package winner! If you want to try the SoCalCleanse hemp detox protein mixes, they’re offering my peeps a 25% discount from today, Friday, June 3rd to Monday, June 6th! Use my code: ALEX25 at

My Natural Soda Challenge Is SO Timely: Diet Soda Risk Study

This week I started my Natural Soda Challenge to discover wether these products are really safe, if they taste good, and to have a little fun. I didn’t realize how timely this project was going to be! As reported on yesterday, “A new study suggests that the popular (diet soda) drinks may increase the risk for stroke, myocardial infarction, and vascular death.”

According to lead investigator Hannah Gardener, an epidemiologist from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida “People who had diet soda every day experienced a 61% higher risk of vascular events than those who reported drinking no soda.”

This is just an example of the kind of important information my Red Hot Hearts members will receive when we begin our 8 week tele-course on Tuesday, 2/15. There are 7 spots remaining, so contact me today to get in on the action!

To read the full article, go here:

Now you have even more reason to try Zevia, the stevia sweetened soda I reviewed this week in my Natural Soda Taste Test Series!

Detox Products You’ll Love: Yogi Tea (Win Some Here!)

Natural remedies for toxic modern living don’t have to be expensive and hard to integrate.

What could be easier than detox in a tea bag? Tea has been used throughout human history by every culture and civilization to deliver powerful herbal benefits to the sick and stressed. Tea is easy to make and easy to consume even when you don’t have an appetite or much energy.

One of my favorite brands for this type of medicine-in-a-cup is Yogi Tea’s Detox line.

Yogi has created three different formulations of herbs, roots, and spices into delicious teas.

“Detox” is useful for liver and kidney support. These two organs are very important for cleansing the body of toxins.

“Skin Detox” helps to purify the skin and includes Stevia Leaf, a natural, non-caloric sweet leaf.

“Peach Detox” is formulated to promote healthy kidney function and includes wonderful Indian spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove for a very chai-like flavor and aroma.

I have been stocking my “kitchen pharmacy” with Yogi Teas for years now (and not just because it comes from my beloved Oregon), and was thrilled when Yogi decided to sponsor my Detox Box for my current September Reboot Detox Group.

Since I have a couple of boxes left, I decided to hold a contest!

So here’s how you can win some Yogi Tea from me:

* Leave a comment on my blog here answering these questions: What would you most like to know about detoxification and wellness for 2011? What’s your favorite part about my website (I’m planning some big changes soon, and want your input!)

Enter your comment by Friday 9/17 at 3pm, and you could win!

Be well, Alexandra

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