The Clean Slate Club, Retox/Detox, and starting over

Time to join the Clean Slate Club?

I celebrated the HECK out of my 40th birthday up until Friday!

Thanks to all of you who emailed or posted birthday wishes.
It really felt good (and honestly, a little vulnerable) to be so loved + celebrated.

I had a roller skating birthday party with girlfriends, just like when I was 12…
had champagne, pizza, fresh fries, three kinds of cake (all gluten-free, of course)…
long days, late nights, and lots of laughter with friends.

And no birthday is complete without a gluten-free Minecraft cake topped with action figures!


But today…
I’m ready for a clean slate.

A clean slate with food.

In my Positive Psychology certification, I’ve studied the “fresh start effect.”
These are timely landmarks we use to make a change in our lives or behavior.

Turning 30, 40, or 50, or better (yes, I just got 2 emails from 80-year-young women who loved Women, Food, And Desire)…
the change of seasons (yes, it’s actually spring)…
New Year’s Day…

It’s a symbolic, energetic new beginning.
A break with the past, a declaration that the old way is over.

I’ve mastered the art of giving myself a clean slate, a fresh start:

I live my life by a diet of my own creation – I call it “detox/retox.”

I eat good, fresh food that helps me stay healthy, feel the energy I crave, and stay well…
80% of the time.

20% of the time I party down shamelessly with great chocolate, popcorn, artisinal cheese, and the occasional Bloody Mary.

I don’t feel guilty when I indulge for a night, a weekend, or even a few weeks.
Because I know that I will hear my body’s message to get back to a clean slate…

That shameless part?

When you make yourself bad for “eating wrong” or “falling off the food wagon,”
you can’t really grow, because you always think of yourself as damaged.

Eating well + loving life is the goal.
That means feeling really good, and enjoying foods that help you live a life
and savor the flavors life has to offer.

Your body is wise, designed to feel + seek pleasure, and you deserve to feel great.

But that’s not how we feel, is it?

Most of us were members of the “clean plate club” as kids –
we were forced to eat our whole meal even if we felt full.

That led most of us to mistrust our bodies, not recognize hunger, and put our
body’s needs and desires second, after someone else’s expectations of us.

Time to join the


















Most of the time, feeling great means eating foods that rebuild your digestive system, which in turn create happy neurotransmitters, which in turn build a positive mood, confidence, and resilience to create, do, and stand for your desires in life.

Sometimes great means clinking a wine glass (or three) with your dearest friends,
celebrating each other and marking a great milestone.

Most of the time, we need to eat from a clean slate, while holding the frame
that “perfect” isn’t the goal, that we each have permission to be human.

I think it’s time to give yourself a clean slate.
To start fresh and begin anew with your body and food.

Imagine your life is a white board, covered with the mean thoughts, words,
and past “mistakes” you’ve made with food, dieting, and your body.

You can start fresh + wipe that slate clean, and start over.

But I can only hand you the eraser…
YOU have to do the work of getting clean.
I can even stand next to you, encouraging you as you wipe your body, slate, and habitual thoughts clean –
I can even hand you a nice fresh pen to rewrite your story.
But you still need to show up and do the work.

Are you ready for a clean slate?
If you are, join me and a growing community of women just like you in my “clean slate club” –

The Cravings Cleanse + Mindset Makeover.

This 8-week live coaching and online cleanse is the best program I’ve ever created to help you clean up your eating habits,
while transforming how you talk to yourself in your head, and how you think about food, pleasure, and more.

Filled with simple to follow food-based cleanse, you will finally feel in your own body what foods are right or wrong for you.
And you’ll get positive psychology tools to help you feel hopeful, strong, and oriented to grow.

And you’ll get your clean slate.
And feel like you truly deserve it.
‘Cause you do.


p.s. you can have a clean slate, a fresh start, any time you want. But doing it with a group of people, and a coach,
are the best ways I know to really make it happen for you. Come with us:

My To-Don’t List – Mindset Makeover Technique

A cleanse is about more than just taking a few foods out of your diet - it's about a mindset makeover

I’ll be 40 in 4 days…

And what I hear from so many women, both older + younger, is that they want to feel like they’re living their own lives.

And that too often we wake up one day, or look in the mirror, and say:

what am I doing? Is THIS what I want?

I felt that way when I realized I couldn’t trust my marriage and asked for a divorce.

I felt that way when my body was breaking down, and I knew I needed to eat meat again.

And that feeling shows up in daily choices around how I spend my time, how I run my business, and what I do with my energy.

Our deep fears keep us from sharing our quirks, truths, and following our cravings. Cravings for experiences, creation, well-being, and adventure.

Fears of being publicly shamed, Fears of being selfish, being too much, being too loud, Just being ourselves. And then made wrong for our truth.

“What you say no to is as important as what you say yes to.”

I’ve gotten pretty clear about what I want, and sometimes that requires getting clear on what I DON’T want.

In positive psychology there are studies showing big birthdays (anything with a 0 at the end of it…30, 40, 50, you get it) instigate big changes, big goals, and an awareness of time passing.

What I WON’T do…AKA My To-Don’t List:

eat foods that drain my energy, and put me in a food coma

spend more than 30 minutes on social media a day

let my phone distract me from my family get lost in gossip magazines + reality TV (AKA the “comparison trap”)

let fear get in the way of sharing my ideas with the world

waste energy judging other women

read my book reviews online

apologize for taking time + resources for my self care

apologize for taking up space

spend time on projects that don’t serve me, my readers and listeners

get lost in negative mind chatter that my body and life aren’t good enough

respond to negative online attacks – haters gonna hate, and I don’t need to throw them any more fuel

To-DON’Ts from my readers + Cleanse members:

Joanne: I will no longer undervalue what I do for a living (graphic designer) or accept less than I deserve…

Allison: 1) apologize for needing a lazy day, AKA staying in bed and watching TV till 2pm while snuggling with my cat 2 ) feel guilty for satisfying a food craving 3) work for corporate America

Jan: stop using the word “just”…just a 5K., as in “just” walking rather than running

Carolyn: my story that there is not enough love in the world, my story that things have to be hard, my squicky relationship with money

What I WILL do…(AKA big motivating desires, or things I want to fill my life up with)

Move + stretch my body daily in ways that feel good, grounding + strengthening

Ask myself how I want to feel when I choose my meals

Take random, surprise days off with my son + go make memories together

Write as if my soul will wilt if I don’t express it, because it does

Cook + eat foods that boost my energy (recipes)

Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night

Meet up with at least 2 friends a week Read a new book for fun every month

Get the tattoo I’ve been dreaming of, now

A cleanse is about more than just taking a few foods out of your diet - it's about a mindset makeover

My To Don’t List

Take a trapeze class Roller skating birthday party (done!)

Frequently initiate juicy dates with my man

Read and play daily with my son

Take time for myself to read, walk, be in nature

Ask for time off, time away, time alone, and not feel guilty for it

Take my bike for a tune up so I can ride the first nice day of spring

Call my Dad, brother, and Grandma regularly

Write thank you letters to all the people who helped me spread the word about Women, Food, And Desire

Take hot baths and read inspiring books

Tell everyone I love them any time I feel like it

Draw, paint, color, and play my ukulele – and share them all with people

Give away $100 as a family every month to awesome charities…

Live as if 40 were my LAST birthday, because really, who knows?

This could be it. This could be my last year – or I could have 40 more years, as glorious as the first batch. What will I do with this time? How do I want to feel? What do I want to remember on my death bed? How much love can I share?

I want to hear from you: What will you NOT do anymore? What’s NOT serving you? And what DO YOU WANT?

Make a list. Declare it. Do it. xo, AJ

P.S. The spring Cravings Cleanse + Mindset Makeover starts 4/16 – go here to learn more + join:

The Power Of Touch: Mindset Makeover Day 7

It’s the final day of the #MindsetMakeover + I’m sharing my favorite tool from Positive Psychology.

The power of touch.


Touch is our 1st sense, and a HUGE ally in creating a healthy, flourishing life + strong relationships.

In our modern culture we are TOUCH STARVED and often get very little physical interaction or affection. But we need it to feel well, whole, and connected.

Baby animals that are removed from their mama or siblings don’t thrive + develop emotional trouble later. It’s the same for people. “Kangaroo care” is now used for preemie babies – skin to skin contact on an adult chest for hours a day helps tiny babies thrive + put on weight.

We give lots of love and hugs, pats, and hand holding affection to our kids, because we know they need it to feel loved. But for adults it’s harder to ask for touch, massage, hugs, or physical intimacy.

But we think as adults we don’t need as much love + touch. WE DO!

When we get enough touch, hugs + physical intimacy in our day, we are healthier, happy, and less likely to emotionally binge. Hug someone today! CLICK TO TWEET THIS!

Today I’m going to challenge you to get 8 hugs of at least 5 seconds each. A hug has the power to calm your nervous system, reduce blood pressure, and reduce emotional food cravings!

Thank you for taking part in this peek into 7-days of #positivepsychology with me. I’ll be using MORE tools from this science based approach in my next 8-Week Cravings Cleanse, which opens for registration Friday!

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How to make Eggshell Calcium: Cheap Calcium Supplement = PMS sugar craving reducer?

How To Make Eggshell Calcium for PMS at home

PMS make you crave chocolate and sugar?

What if you could ease your PMS with something you probably throw away every day?

How To Make Eggshell Calcium for PMS at home

I love discovering new ways to use what I already have, especially when it means finding a use for something I would normally throw out.

Like any good hippie I’ve been composting my eggshells for years, knowing that returning the minerals from the shells to my potted plants nourishes the soil.

But wait – why don’t I use the rich calcium from those same shells for my bones and health?

Several studies show that “chicken eggshell calcium is a useful way to enrich human bone strength.”

But the more I looked into the benefits of calcium on our health, the more excited I got. It seems that calcium mal-absorption and osteoporosis are at epidemic levels, as is our addiction to sugar.

And since sugar’s high acidity actually causes our body to leach calcium from our bones to balance our blood pH levels, it’s even more important that we get enough calcium, and stop draining it with poor diet choices, to protect our bones.

How can we protect our bones and naturally reduce our sugar cravings?

1,000-1,500  mg of calcium a day can help reduce and even eliminate many symptoms of PMS, including “hypocalcemia,” a hormone-induced state that makes it harder for our female bodies to absorb calcium.

Estrogen, the chief female sex hormone, can lower the absorption of calcium from the intestines by inhibiting the activities of the parathyroid hormone. Which means we need even more calcium, and balanced hormones during our cycle to help our body get the calcium we need.

And I’ve just discovered that eggshell calcium, that is calcium made from powdered egg shells, are a wonderful source of the mineral to answer this problem.

Since eggs are so cheap (get it “cheep”) using your otherwise discarded eggshells as a calcium supplement seems like a great way to help keep your bones strong and your PMS symptoms (including cravings) low.

In addition to making strong bones and teeth, calcium is critical in the release of neurotransmitters, chemicals that serve as messengers between cells within the nervous system, which means when you have enough calcium in your body, your brain and moods are healthier!

1/2 teaspoon of chicken eggshell calcium contains roughly 90% of your daily recommended calcium intake, or 1,000-1,500 mg.

And since most dairy products have an acidic effect on the body, and just can’t be digested by most adult humans, getting enough calcium from cheese isn’t possible.

Yes, greens like kale and bok choy are good sources of calcium too, but many of us are walking around without sufficient calcium stores in our bones, and it’s high time we did something about it.

Here’s a safe, easy way to make your own eggshell calcium at home:


Wash your eggs before cracking them for normal use, and save the shells until you have 1 dozen empty shells.


Place the shells in a pot with enough water to cover and place over high heat.


Boil the eggshells for 10 minutes to kill any bacteria. This is very important to eliminate any salmonella.


Drain the eggshells in a fine meshed strainer or colander.


Place strained eggshells on a cookie sheet and bake at 200F for at least 30 minutes to dry completely.


Place the dried shells in a clean coffee or spice grinder and pulverize to a powder.



Keep your new eggshell calcium in an airtight jar and take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day for 1,000-1,500 mg of easily absorbable and cheap calcium.

I tried adding the powdered calcium to my Green & Clean Protein smoothies at breakfast, but it made it more a CRUNCHY than a SMOOTHIE.

So I recommend just adding the 1/2 – 1 teaspoon to 1/2 cup of water and slurping it down. Easy!

Resilience is your ability to adapt to and handle stress and adversity. When you feel resilient, you own your confidence.


It’s the bones of your life and character that keep you upright and alive.

It’s the skills and mindset that keep you moving positively forward, with hope and a sense of humor, gosh darnit.


There are 4 factors which develop and sustain your resilience:

  1. You know how to make realistic plans and are capable of taking the steps to follow through on them
  2. A positive self-concept and confidence in your abilities
  3. Communication and problem-solving skills
  4. The ability to manage strong impulses and feelings


These are the mental steps you can take to feel your strength and abilities every day.


But what about your body?

How strong do you feel in your physical self?

How are your bones doing, holding up your frame and moving you boldly through life?
We don’t just need confidence, we need calcium.

Chicken Eggshell Calcium Study:

Managing Cravings From The Cravings Whisperer


I believe what I see and experience. 

And I’ve seen that when I, and my clients, allow ourselves to have what we want, whether it’s chocolate, sex, sleep, TV, or potato chips, and don’t beat ourselves up for enjoying it, you’ll find yourselves at a happy weight. Not only that, we enjoy our lives and feel well on a regular basis.


Science and experience back this up. A study by Nichole Mead and Vanessa Patrick proved that when a person tells themselves they can have something they desire, just not right now, they will eat less of it and feel more satisfied. The cravings relax their death grip on the brain and body, and you like yourself a lot more because you’re saying, “Hey body, yes! Good idea! You can have that! Let’s just wait until later. You rock.”


This flies in the face of what most diet gurus recommend, and how I used to teach my clients and programs. Years ago I told my clients to clean out their fridge and detox their cupboards of the treats they were supposed to avoid. Now, this is still true if we’ve discovered through a food-sensitivity experiment that they need to avoid gluten, dairy, sugar or some other food.


Now I make a different recommendation, and it works so much better, feels easier, and helps my clients relax. When I began researching these studies in the last few years, as I was exploring my own cravings and trying to understand the foundations of how a healthy life is truly lived on a daily basis, I realized they proved how I was living my own life and how my most successful clients got happy and health quickly.


My own cupboards are stocked with the best quality options of everything I want. Real grass-fed butter, and my favorite organic soy creamer. 75% dark chocolate and cold honey crisp apples in the fridge. Organic spicy chicken sausages, baby bitter greens, raw sauerkraut with whole grain mustard, and Earl Grey tea – in decaf and regular.


My favorite foods are always around, I eat when I’m hungry and I never feel deprived. I eat slowly, at the table, and make a lot of yummy, MMMM sounds. Yes, I often crave chocolate after lunch. But I know my body and brain well. I know that if I eat chocolate right after lunch, I’ll get foggy and tired and won’t work very well. I’ve learned that if I tell myself “Nice! I love that lavendar chocolate up in the cupboard. I’ll have some after dinner tonight,” the craving usually evaporates and I often have a bit later. I’ll often make myself a cup of spiced decaf chai tea or drink some of my favorite chia seed kombucha instead, and I’m satisfied. Many nights I don’t have any chocolate at all. But when I do, I enjoy the heck out of it and don’t feel guilty one bit.


Deprivation diets are based on struggle, effort and willpower, all of which are in short supply for modern women and men. Relaxation and permission to enjoy is based on self-love and trust. Establishing healthy habits is the first priority. Use your willpower to create the habits, then you can ease into enjoying your food, eating out with friends and family and not be so freaked out by “sticking to the rules.”


My client Mary had a similar journey to mastering her cravings by developing new after-lunch habits. Mary worked in a hectic law firm in midtown Manhattan. Most days she would skip breakfast, and grab coffee and a pastry on the way to work. She would get take-out for lunch, and work at her desk while eating. About three o’clock Mary would get cravings for candy, coffee or potato chips. She was trying to stick with a diet plan to control her blood sugar, and couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. Once she “caved” to her afternoon cravings, she would feel the familiar “what the fuck” effect and binge on whatever snacks crossed her path.


When we began working together, I helped Mary create a new breakfast habit. After going through a food sensitivity experiment and three-week detox, we discovered that Mary needed to have protein in the morning to feel her best, and avoid dairy and gluten. We started her on a breakfast smoothie habit that included raw greens to help her digestion.


Instead of working through lunch with take out balanced on her lap, Mary began making her own giant lunch salads, topped with her favorite tuna, eggs and olives. In the afternoon, when she needed a break from computer work, we set Mary up with a walking break. A five minute walk to a nearby juice store, where she picked up a tangy-sweet apple and greens juice, got her moving and hydrated. Once back at her desk for the afternoon, Mary was energized from the walk and enjoyed sipping on her green juice that became a favorite.


Sure, the afternoon chocolate and chips cravings still came up sometimes. And sometimes she had them when she wanted them. But usually Mary told herself “Yes you can have that tonight after work, once you get home and put your feet up. If you eat it at work, you probably won’t even notice it because you’ll be too busy to enjoy it!”


The trick, as Mead’s research showed, is to give yourself, later, exactly what you desire – and not a substitution. By allowing herself to enjoy real chocolate or real potato chips when and if she wanted them, without shaming herself, Mary’s cravings naturally reduced and she started eating better, and in less quantities.


Studies show that when people tell themselves they can have their cravings just not right NOW, they are liberated from the internal conflict and don’t end up eating as much later due to the self-loathing and guilt. Putting off the “guilty pleasure” to some vague future moment was emotionally and mentally easier and relaxing.


The other aspect of this work that’s so fascinating to me is this:

Depriving yourself is not effective because you’ll throw away your commitment once your willpower is gone. If you tell yourself you can have it later, you relax. AND you aren’t depleting your willpower this way. 


But I think first you have to build up your trust with yourself that you are count-on-able. Once you start to believe that you’re reliable, those moments when you tell yourself you can have it in the future? You believe yourself and relax. 


So you have to start cultivating self-trust.

Never say Never to yourself. Say, later.



Doing Diets Differently

What if there were another way?


What if all the rules you’ve been told about food, diet, and weight

loss were actually…wrong?


That rules that tell you…


Eat less and exercise more and you’ll lose weight

You just need more will power

You have to deprive yourself to see a difference

You have to follow “this” diet – no “this diet” – no “THAT new diet”

If you’re overweight you’ve been doing something wrong


What would it mean if we made friends with our bodies?

What would happen if we turn those rules upside down?


“Eat more of what your body really wants and move in ways that feel good to you and you’ll feel great and lose weight.”


“You don’t need more will power – we all have enough, we just use it on the wrong things.”


“You have to indulge in your true desires to feel and see a difference…a HUGE difference.”


“You don’t have to follow someone else’s diet – you need to listen to your own body.”


“Where you are now is the perfect place to start doing things the right way – your way.”


What Would Life Be Like?


Vibrant. Delicious. Energized. Fun. Full.


Honestly, we’d feel great and love our lives.


In this new way of thinking and living, all of this is possible. You can have the health and body you crave.


But to be there, you have to let go of the rules you’ve been following. You have to get curious and join up with a group of like-minded people who are looking at life and health in a new way…


Because we can’t do it alone.


And it all begins with one thing – You See It and You Make Your Intention Real.


Step up and join us – Bring your curiosity, openness, and smile.


We begin the new way of loving, enjoying, feeling great in our bodies – this Thursday at 9pm ET.


Join Alex Here:

Healthy Chocolate for a Hedonistic Valentine’s Day

Congrats to Carley Lang who won the gorgeous Gnosis Chocolates! If you 

didn’t win, don’t worry – there are more great contests coming up ~ keep coming back! 

I might have mentioned this once or twice…I LOVE chocolate.

(Can’t wait to show you the chocolate making class

I attended in the Costa Rican rain forest last month ~ video coming!)

And one of my FAVORITE chocolate brands is from right here in NYC. Gnosis (which means knowledge of intuition, experience, and heart) Chocolate is made from the best quality, organic, raw , ethically sourced cacao available.

Gnosis Passion Collection for Valentine's Day! Photo Credit: Jeff Skeirik

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here’s great news: Gnosis Chocolate’s organic, Passion Collection is here… brimming with chocolate’s love-enhancing ingredients and crowned with aphrodisiacs from around the world! And it’s all created 100% by hand in Gnosis’s kitchen – folded into raw vegan chocolate that’s free of soy, dairy, cholesterol, and refined sugar.­

You already know that chocolate is a veritable laboratory of love. Its chemicals stimulate our brain juices to flow into rivers of desire: serotonin to heighten sexual excitation, desire, and responsiveness; dopamine to intensify pleasure, and; anandamine (the “bliss chemical”) to induce euphoria. Chocolate also brings “the Love Chemical” – phenylethylamine (PEA) – to the party; it’s what we produce when we fall in love and when we’re in the throes of the Big O.

But that’s just the beginning! Gnosis has seriously ramped up the “passion power” of its ChocoLove Potions. Gnosis’s Aphrodisia Bar and Aphrodisia Hot Chocolate Elixir are infused with horny goat weed, dong quai, and fo ti – used in traditional Chinese medicine to build energy, passion, and endurance. To keep temperatures rising in these raw ingredients, Gnosis has added Maca root, the Peruvian superfood used by the Mesoamericans increase agility and sexual potency. And their limited edition Berry Rose Bar is like a bouquet of roses, box of chocolates, and chocolate dipped strawberries… all in one! Could a Valentine’s gift get any more complete?

Rounding out this Collection are the Passion Truffles. Each chocolate shell is infused with a special aphrodisiac herb blend, and filled by hand with a center graced with superfoods. Be romanced by exotic Passionfruit Cupuacu crème, luscious Cherry Vanilla jam with chocolate ganache, and a vegan white (!) Wild Rose truffle – free of all dairy, sugar, gluten, and soy! The three truffles are presented like gems in a recycled, veggie-ink printed box with a ribbon and gift tag in case you manage to give these away! From: Me   To: Me!!??
Gnosis Chocolate is the brainchild of Vanessa Barg, a Board Certified Holistic Health counselor (and fellow IIN grad!) who began making chocolate as a gift for her clients to show them that good nutrition wasn’t limited to eating brussel sprouts and broccoli.
Gnosis chocolate is one chocolate that fully lives up to valens – the original Latin root of Valentine – “capacity,” “strong,” and “powerful!”

Gnosis’ founder Vanessa is generously offering a special Aphrodesia Gift Collection for one of my lucky readers!

This gorgeous gift box contains 1 Aphrodisia bar, Berry Rose bar, How Now Brown Cacao Body Butter, 3 Passion Truffles, and a package of Aphrodisia hot chocolate ~ valued at over $70! (and worth every penny, IMHO)

Here’s how you can win this incredible armful of chocolate:

1. Leave a comment here on my blog on food and love by 2/9 at 2pm EST

I’ll pick a winner at random, so enter and share with your friends!

Here’s a special Valentine’s Day treat for my readers:

Get a discount on Gnosis orders for sharing with your loved one this Valentine’s Day :

Get 10% off all 2 oz. bars with this code: DELV-10 when you order at! 

~ you’ll be so glad you did!

Also, be sure to follow Gnosis on Facebook for specials and discounts!

xox Alex

Learning from Divorce about Detox

Going through a divorce over the last few years brought countless opportunities
to see how my mind is set on “self-sabotage mode” to undermine the best
intentions for my life and health.

You’re a failure,” or “I’m doing it wrong again” were favorite put-downs of my

(I’ll bet you have something similar on endless repeat!)

While running a business, learning to be a single mom, and trying to figure out
how to date again after 10 years, I was constantly battered by my own harsh

Then I saw that I (or my mind) was the only thing holding me back.

I wanted to create a new, productive, healthy lifestyle, but I was getting
sidetracked by complaints and self-created drama.

Sure, there were plenty of chances to blame outside forces, to place all
responsibility on the world, my ex-, the weather – anything – but that way of
living wasn’t getting me anywhere.

There were times when life was starting to feel sweet again, when the light at
the end of the tunnel looked close, and my life was finally feeling like my own
when my “you really aren’t worth all this happiness and potential” thoughts
would kick in…

You’ve been there, I know.

You start getting a hang of a healthy way of eating, and start to see some
positive results of going to they gym, and then your best intentions get shot
out of they sky by the “b!tchy-bullets” from your harsh, criticizing mind.

Negative self-talk is a big part of whether you feel willing, ready, and able
to finally eat better, take care of yourself, and make the moves to drop the
muffin top.

I’m here to tell you there is a better, easier, fun way to make your wellness
goals happen ~

I found support.

I reached out and gathered people into my life who gave positive reinforcement,
crystal clear vision for what was really true (you know, friends and experts
who can tell you your BS thoughts are just that – total bull!?), and who I felt
drawn to supporting in return.

It’s a two-way street, this supportive and positive lifestyle – do you have
something to offer others while getting the encouragement you need? That’s
where the real magic happens, believe you me!

Your thoughts don’t have to rule your life, and you can keep on track to create
a healthy, deliciously vital life.

This is your chance to make 2012 a healthy, happy year, without all the drama
of harsh, criticizing, self-talk ruling your life.

What made the difference for me was a supportive community. You can get that
for yourself by joining this program and starting today.

(Yeah, the program kicks off on 1/5, but as soon as you join, we’ll get started
– no waiting!)

Get the support you need to make your life healthy & amazing –

Ready to join my 8-week Delicious Detox program?

Learn about what you’ll get and sign up here~

Got any questions?

Shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to offer you my thoughts.


Weeding & Detoxing: My 2 Favorite Pastimes

This weekend was awesome – I got down and dirty in my backyard. Hauling, trimming, raking, digging, weeding. Now my garden looks fresh, healthy, and flourishing. Dead-heading the flowers reminded me that pruning is good for people, not just daisies.

See, when I was 25 years old, I got sick.


Weeding & Detoxing - My 2 Favorite Pastimes

Weeding & Detoxing - My 2 Favorite Pastimes

Not just a cold or flu, or even a string of colds and flu.


Here I was in the “prime of my life” but I felt exhausted every day, was putting on pounds like never before, had migraine headaches several times a week, feeling depressed, and couldn’t stop slurping up caffeine and grabbing chocolate throughout the day.


Getting sick was one of the best things that ever happened to me, because it was a huge wake up call.


I can’t stand not feeling well. And to feel that bad for weeks and months was just more than I could take. I went to a doctor who asked me about my symptoms. When I explained how I was feeling, I was given two prescriptions: one pain medication for my headaches and one anti-depressant.


This is NOT the answer, I thought. I never filled those prescriptions.


So, What Are You Eating?


Instead, I reached out and looked for a more holistically minded doctor. I knew my mom had some food allergies, and I wanted to find out if I had any sensitivities.


Sitting on the examination table in this new doctor’s office, I was surprised to see posters with vegetables, pamphlets talking about vitamins and supplements, and a diagram of the human body with energy meridians and acupuncture points all over it.


When my doctor finally arrived and sat down across from me, one of his first questions wasn’t “why are you here today?” or “what are your symptoms?” – instead he asked, “what is your daily diet like?”


That one question blew the case wide open! I started to detail my diet at the time:


Breakfast: cereal with milk and coffee or a pastry with a latte on the way to work


Lunch: pizza and soda, subway sandwich and soda, or hamburger with fries and…you guessed it, soda


Snacks: salted nuts, chocolate, another latte, crackers and cheese, maybe an orange


Dinner: pasta with meat and cheese, Chinese take-out, soup and garlic bread, turkey sandwich with potato chips…you get the picture.


Nary a fresh fruit, rarely green vegetables, and often soda and caffeine throughout the day. Oh and sugar – lots of sugar.


This doctor didn’t recommend any painkillers or anti-depressants.


Instead he talked with me about how my diet was causing my discomfort, as well as my weight gain and lack of energy. He gave me a sample list of menus for the week, and suggested some books to read. He also told me that my sugar intake was feeding yeast in my body called candida albicans.


And he told me I should go off sugar and caffeine to help my body recover, balance and start to heal. He said, “Alex, you need a detox.”


I had about 5 minutes of freaking out and then something clicked – I had been feeling so bad over the last few months, even giving up sugar wouldn’t be so bad if it helped alleviate some of the pain and suffering.


The diet he recommended was wheat free, sugar free, caffeine free and excluded all animal products except a few eggs a week and some salmon.


I began to read everything I could and learned that a vegan diet, totally free of animal products, was an additional way I could improve my health.


I jumped in with both feet. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I started eating tofu for the first time, learned to enjoy stevia in my herbal tea, and only ate a small piece of chocolate a couple of times that first week. The first few days were really tough.


But about 7-10 days later, I remember waking up and feeling – AWAKE! It was amazing. I actually got out of bed and felt rested – and it was the best feeling ever. It was so easy to continue on this new eating plan because I felt so much better. I had energy to start going to the gym 5 days a week.


It was freeing and enlivening to take out the foods that were hurting my body. And I began to learn how to cook foods that would actually help me feel better and heal! Vegetables and whole grains were a revelation.


I also had the energy and clarity to look at the rest of my life and realized that my diet wasn’t the only thing that needed detoxing. I was unhappy with my career path, so I found a new job and went back to school. I wasn’t connected or passionate in my intimate relationship, so my sweet boyfriend and I went our separate ways.


Once I started pruning the dispassionate things from my life, my energy and life opened up even more and things really took off! My new career of healthy chef and holistic health counselor was fun, soul-filling, and interesting. I started dating new people and found deeper, more intimate relationships.


Detoxing and Weeding – My 2 Favorite Pastimes

Trimming Damaged Flowers Allows For New Growth & A Healthy System

Trimming Damaged Flowers Allows For New Growth & A Healthy System

Looking back it all makes sense.


See, I grew up in my parents’ garden. We had weekly chores that included raking, stacking wood, and cutting the lawn. Weeding and pruning were my favorite chores.


I love looking at a plant and finding what doesn’t need to be there, removing injured or dying flowers, branches and leaves, and cutting away the dead wood.


Taking away the useless, even harmful parts of a bush or tree help it grow stronger, create more blooms and leaves, and result in a more vibrant plant.


That’s what detox is like for people, too.


I love looking at someone’s diet and lifestyle, getting into the details about how they feel and what foods they choose. Finding and cutting away the harmful, useless aspects of a persons diet and life empower them to grow stronger, feel energized and create a new, powerful way of being.


Getting Clear, Without Judgment


My career is filled with opportunities to help people – teaching, writing, sharing healing recipes, information and products. I get to explore new and old methods of detoxing all the time – and the results are glorious. My clients all come from different places and backgrounds, but they all have two things in common – a desire to feel healthy and a “knowing” that choosing different foods can help them feel whole.


Clearing away the “dead wood” of my diet was the first step towards growth and healing. Once the no-longer-passionate lifestyle fell away, I found that my energy and life totally opened up and amazing things became possible.


I’ve since published 3 books, and traveled the world premiering Super Size Me with my son’s father, Morgan Spurlock. I live in New York City and have incredible friends and colleagues that continually inspire me.


While my diet and lifestyle aren’t always as “perfect” as they were in the beginning, I now recognize the signs faster that my body and energy are off balance. One chocolate dessert and one glass of wine usually make for a pretty groggy, impatient mommy in the morning.


Looking at your own diet and lifestyle, ask yourself: what is my body truly needing right now? Does this serve my life? What can I remove to help my body thrive and heal? Are there different choices I could be making that will energize me, help me succeed and live with delicious vitality?

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