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Guest Post: Dr. Anna + Happier Hormones

Struggling to Connect With Loved Ones? These 2 Hormones Might By Why + How To Fix Them

My dear friend, hormone expert, and amazing mom Anna Cabeca is guest starring on my blog today! She’s a hormone and anti-aging specialist. One of her specialties is helping women and men balance their hormones so they can feel better, look younger, and even lose weight.

I wanted to share her passion and insights into hormonal balancing, our desires for connection, and how to feel great in our own skin again.

At the end of this post you’ll see an offer for Dr. Anna’s Might Maca greens

I personally use Mighty Maca (especially the cute little travel pouches) when I travel, and when I need a hormonal energy boost, to feel happy in my body, and when I know I need to lower my stress hormones.

Dr. Anna Cabeca's Might Maca

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s Might Maca

anna cabaca

Alex & Dr. Anna Cabeca

Here’s why, in Dr. Anna’s own words: 

Do you feel stressed, tired, lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself?

Do you prefer to stay home rather than socialize?

Do you walk by people you know and not say hi because you don’t want to interact?

Are you missing the warmth of love and connection? Do you just not have the energy to connect?

What if I told you that feeling this way may not be your fault. Why? The answer is in your biology and your biology to a large extent drives your behavior. It’s very possible that two of the most important hormones in your body – cortisol and oxytocin – are waging war on each other and wreaking havoc on your life.

Allow me to explain how it all works:

Cortisol – one of your life-saving hormones – is an immediate responder in times of danger and stress. It’s our body’s natural anti-inflammatory. A perfect example of someone who runs on excess cortisol is a person who takes a vacation and immediately gets a cold. That happens because cortisol was naturally suppressing inflammation and inflammation makes you sick. Take that stress away, cortisol goes down…and boom any underlying inflammation flares up.

Sickness is just the beginning of the excess cortisol hit list. Chronic high cortisol can also lead to rapid aging, loneliness and depression.

Oxytocin is the powerful hormone of love bonding and connection. It’s the hormone we release in abundance during childbirth that overflows as we look into the eyes of our newborn. It’s also released in abundance with orgasm, laughter, play, hugging and giving. It’s the twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your face hormone! Yes! The peace, love and granola anti-aging hormone!

Cortisol and oxytocin oppose each other. They are the two boxers in a ring or two kids on a seesaw. When one goes up the other is forced to go down. The key is in balancing the two. I’ve helped thousands of women do just that and begin to live happy, full lives.

How did I learn how to create this balance?

This is where it gets personal. I struggled significantly myself and when nothing in my MD toolbox fixed the problem, I sought out another solution to save myself AND my family.

You see, several years ago, my family and I were traumatized when my son passed away in a tragic accident. We all experienced PTSD and I became clinically depressed, stressed to the max, sleepless, inflamed, infertile and hormonally imbalanced to say the least.

(To hear more about my journey and lessons, listen to my webinar here:)

I needed to find a way to live again for my family and myself. So I left my medical practice and we traveled the world… it was our healing journey. I came back pregnant, ready to make a new start. My children were best friends and healthiest ever. That was incredible. However, despite my enormous progress, I was still disconnected from myself and from my husband… and my marriage ended.

That loss allowed me to make a transformative discovery. I now recognize that chronic stress and PTSD trigger the cortisol-oxytocin disconnect and it may cause us to unconsciously walk away from things and people we love. Simply put, you may be walking away because cortisol won.

That discovery has since allowed me to help thousands of clients struggling with a similar disconnect BEFORE it’s too late. The key is an understanding the beauty in life is when oxytocin wins and that’s what I teach you to do.

I teach you how to put Oxytocin in the winner’s circle.

One winning set-up is to fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to thrive.
The green drink I created from my healing journey around the globe allows you to begin that process.

It’s called Mighty Maca and it’s specifically designed to support the adrenals, balance hormones and decrease inflammation.

I like to think of it as pure love in a delicious green drink – go oxytocin!

Mighty Maca is my gift to you today. I welcome you to give it a try here and I look forward to hearing how it fuels you.

Try Mighty Maca today:

To your health,
Dr. Anna Cabeca


P.S. From Alex: If you choose to buy any of Dr. Anna’s products, I will receive an “affiliate commission” which means she shares some of her earnings with me. Which is so cool! I love her product, and I only share products that I use and adore. I’m thrilled to share her with you, and use the few sheckles that come my way to keep on blogging, sharing, and creating great things for you. xo, Alex

Safe & Easy Detox For Diabetics …And Others

A good detox can help you lose weight, grow your energy, improve your mood and your skin.

But what if you’re a diabetic and worried about your blood sugar – is a detox safe?

Watch my video on safe and easy detox for diabetics here – it’s great for anyone with borderline blood sugar issues or sugar sensitivities:


Safe & Easy Detox for Diabetics

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Let me know in the comments below how you’ll use these tips to help improve your relationship with sugar!

Getting off sugar requires a few things:

– nourishing and healing your body, which is probably depleted after years of the draining effects of sugar

– the right supplements to help you curb your cravings on a physical level

– looking at the emotional triggers that set you off and running for the ice cream or chocolate

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How To Drink without Killing Yourself with Toxins: Glass Straw Give Away!

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Fitness or Movement Inspiration with Erin Stutland + Shrink Sessions

Truffled Miso Eggplant, AKA “Veggie Crack”

Simplicity at its finest.

I learned this recipe last summer and it has become a favorite in our home –

rich, aromatic, and simple to make.

It requires 3 ingredients, so each one needs to be high quality or the entire recipe suffers:


1.  Eggplants

2.  White, Blonde or Chickpea Miso paste

3.  Black Truffle Oil


Choose a good quality infused truffle oil. This means a high quality sunflower or olive oil infused with real truffles,

rather than oil that has various chemical compounds added to imitate truffle aromas.

Just know that truffle oil is a finishing oil.

That means you don’t cook with it, but rather drizzle it on at the end of cooking.

This lends its flavors and smells without cooking the aroma away.


To make this delicious and highly addictive recipe, do this: 


1.      Wash and dry several baby eggplants or one large eggplant.

2.      Cut the baby eggplants in half or slice larger eggplants into 1/4 – 1/2 inch slices.

3.      Cover a baking sheet with foil and lightly grease with olive oil.


4.       Set the eggplants cut side down on the foil and broil on high for 3-4 minutes, or until just softening or browning.

5.      Flip the eggplants over and spread a thin layer of miso across the surface of each piece.


6.      Broil again for 3-4 minutes, or until the miso just begins to brown.

Remove from broiler and drizzle with truffle oil. Serve hot. Accept raving applause from guests!

Crave Salt? End Your Salt Cravings In A Shake

I miss my kid.

I’ve had a couple of quieter weeks here in Brooklyn, as my son has been away with his dad

for their summer adventures together.


I feel quiet pangs of missing him, but I’ve been using all this free time to sleep in,

spend time with friends, go to movies, and catch up on TV shows that other people have

been talking about for years. Treme is a favorite, and Parks and Recreation is great for a

fun afternoon pick-me-up.


While my evenings are quiet and more free-flowing, I’ve noticed a few food cravings pop up

during the times that are normally reserved for “bath time,” “play time,” and “book time.”


And I’ve seen that my favorite comfort food cravings for salty popcorn come up a lot more

when I’m alone.


You may notice your own food cravings come up when you’re lonely [and really craving

connection with someone], tired [and your body just wants a rest], or stressed

[and a massage or hot bath would really hit the spot].


Those are some of the common emotional and physical triggers for our food cravings.


There are also biochemical causes to our food cravings.


I know that a lack of mineral rich foods can cause salt cravings.

See, when your body is low in iron, magnesium, or potassium, it may

crave salty food as a way to try to get the minerals it needs.


A diet high in salt can lead to high blood pressure, kidney stones, and

can inhibit your body’s absorption of calcium, which leads to osteoporosis.


If you’ve been craving salt and think you might be lacking minerals,

start adding sea veggies to your diet every day.

Sea veggies? Yup. You heard me. That stuff that washes up on the beach

is some of the most nutrient dense food on the planet, and you can

easily enjoy it in your meals.


My favorite way to get more sea veggies is to use one of these Sea Shakers from

Maine Coast Sea Veggies. It’s just like shaking a little salt on your food –

without all the sodium, and WITH lots of minerals and trace elements.

Order your Sea Seasonings Here:


Shake about 1 teaspoon onto salads, stir into soup, toss into grains or bean

dishes, or even in the layers of your sandwiches.


I’ve been adding shakes of sea veggies to my son’s almond butter and jelly

sandwiches his whole life and he doesn’t even know he’s getting a healthy dose of minerals.


Stay cool, and enjoy your lazy (or crazy!) days of summer.





Healthy Chocolate for a Hedonistic Valentine’s Day

Congrats to Carley Lang who won the gorgeous Gnosis Chocolates! If you 

didn’t win, don’t worry – there are more great contests coming up ~ keep coming back! 

I might have mentioned this once or twice…I LOVE chocolate.

(Can’t wait to show you the chocolate making class

I attended in the Costa Rican rain forest last month ~ video coming!)

And one of my FAVORITE chocolate brands is from right here in NYC. Gnosis (which means knowledge of intuition, experience, and heart) Chocolate is made from the best quality, organic, raw , ethically sourced cacao available.

Gnosis Passion Collection for Valentine's Day! Photo Credit: Jeff Skeirik

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here’s great news: Gnosis Chocolate’s organic, Passion Collection is here… brimming with chocolate’s love-enhancing ingredients and crowned with aphrodisiacs from around the world! And it’s all created 100% by hand in Gnosis’s kitchen – folded into raw vegan chocolate that’s free of soy, dairy, cholesterol, and refined sugar.­

You already know that chocolate is a veritable laboratory of love. Its chemicals stimulate our brain juices to flow into rivers of desire: serotonin to heighten sexual excitation, desire, and responsiveness; dopamine to intensify pleasure, and; anandamine (the “bliss chemical”) to induce euphoria. Chocolate also brings “the Love Chemical” – phenylethylamine (PEA) – to the party; it’s what we produce when we fall in love and when we’re in the throes of the Big O.

But that’s just the beginning! Gnosis has seriously ramped up the “passion power” of its ChocoLove Potions. Gnosis’s Aphrodisia Bar and Aphrodisia Hot Chocolate Elixir are infused with horny goat weed, dong quai, and fo ti – used in traditional Chinese medicine to build energy, passion, and endurance. To keep temperatures rising in these raw ingredients, Gnosis has added Maca root, the Peruvian superfood used by the Mesoamericans increase agility and sexual potency. And their limited edition Berry Rose Bar is like a bouquet of roses, box of chocolates, and chocolate dipped strawberries… all in one! Could a Valentine’s gift get any more complete?

Rounding out this Collection are the Passion Truffles. Each chocolate shell is infused with a special aphrodisiac herb blend, and filled by hand with a center graced with superfoods. Be romanced by exotic Passionfruit Cupuacu crème, luscious Cherry Vanilla jam with chocolate ganache, and a vegan white (!) Wild Rose truffle – free of all dairy, sugar, gluten, and soy! The three truffles are presented like gems in a recycled, veggie-ink printed box with a ribbon and gift tag in case you manage to give these away! From: Me   To: Me!!??
Gnosis Chocolate is the brainchild of Vanessa Barg, a Board Certified Holistic Health counselor (and fellow IIN grad!) who began making chocolate as a gift for her clients to show them that good nutrition wasn’t limited to eating brussel sprouts and broccoli.
Gnosis chocolate is one chocolate that fully lives up to valens – the original Latin root of Valentine – “capacity,” “strong,” and “powerful!”

Gnosis’ founder Vanessa is generously offering a special Aphrodesia Gift Collection for one of my lucky readers!

This gorgeous gift box contains 1 Aphrodisia bar, Berry Rose bar, How Now Brown Cacao Body Butter, 3 Passion Truffles, and a package of Aphrodisia hot chocolate ~ valued at over $70! (and worth every penny, IMHO)

Here’s how you can win this incredible armful of chocolate:

1. Leave a comment here on my blog on food and love by 2/9 at 2pm EST

I’ll pick a winner at random, so enter and share with your friends!

Here’s a special Valentine’s Day treat for my readers:

Get a discount on Gnosis orders for sharing with your loved one this Valentine’s Day :

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~ you’ll be so glad you did!

Also, be sure to follow Gnosis on Facebook for specials and discounts!

xox Alex

Fine Wine – CalNaturale Organic Wines

While I’m not the biggest booze hound around, I do enjoy the occasional glass of “Mommy’s Red Grape Juice” with dinner or while out on the town.

calnaturale wines, celebrate brooklyn

Enjoying CalNaturale Wines At Celebrate Brooklyn With Friends

This summer I was introduced to a nice new line of organic wines that made hot weather picnics easier and tastier. CalNaturale’s line of TetraPak wines come in 2 sizes, and the grapes are organic. The smaller 500 ml container was the perfect size for my back-packed picnic to the local outdoor music festival with friends and my son. And since that size is worth about three glasses, we weren’t tempted to finish off a larger bottle – you know, just to clean up.

Those TetraPaks are also recyclable so we tossed it in the blue bin on the way out of the music venue, feeling pretty eco-chic about our whole adventure.

This Thanksgiving I’ll be turning to these wines again for my family’s feasting. Not only are they easy to carry around, the wine tasted delicious.

I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay and loved them both. I’m not usually a fan of white wine, as they often give me a headache.

I know, red wine is most often the headache culprit, but my body seems to be sensitive to white. Ever wonder about wine headaches? Turns out no one knows for sure, but the most likely culprit is histamines. Some people lack an enzyme in their intestines that can help them metabolize histamine, and I must be lacking in that enzyme.

If you’re looking for a nice, easy to carry, organic wine for the holidays, try out this line from CalNaturale ~ and don’t forget to recycle the “bottle.”

Little Known Ways To Cure Pain & Carpal Tunnel

Watch my quick video (less than 3 minutes) here that shows you how to effectively and cheaply handle your carpal tunnel pain without drugs.


Here’s a familiar story, from a woman afflicted with carpal tunnel pain:


“I first went to the doctor because my wrists hurt and I couldn’t get through a day of computer work at my office. She immediately offered me prescription painkillers, which I declined. Instead, I took her suggestion to try daily doses of ibuprofin.

What I didn’t know was that I was endangering my liver and stomach. One month later, I was back at the doctor with stomach pain that came on after every meal. Then she recommended another prescription to protect my stomach lining.

If you have to take a pill to counteract another pill, and my wrists are still bothering me, why not just cut them out altogether?”


Sometimes modern medicine relies too heavily on medications and extreme measures to problems that have simple, and safer, options.


Watch my quick video (less than 3 minutes) here that shows you how to effectively and cheaply handle your carpal tunnel pain without drugs.


Love these tips and suggestions? Please share the resource with your friends, co-workers and loved-ones!


Here’s A Quick Way To Kick Your Caffeine Cravings

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It’s summer and I’m thirsty and hot – a lot. New York City can be pretty sticky, and I need constant refreshment to get through a day. Try my favorite mid-day caffeine-free latte recipe!



Back in the day I would cool my afternoon energy lulls with an iced latte or frozen coffee drink from that place that rhymes with “Blahr – ducks.” Since detoxifying my body over a decade ago, I find that I don’t like or want as much caffeine, dairy, and sugar as I used to. Actually, I find that I feel even worse if I have them!


What’s wrong with a little caffeine you might be asking? Well, if you’re drinking several (or even one, for some people) servings of coffee, tea, cola, or “energy drink” a day, your sleep can be effected no matter how early in the day you drink it.


Your morning cup of tea or coffee can also dehydrate your skin making it look older than it is (horrors!), and makes you urinate more, leading to overall dehydration.


If you remember your high school chemistry, you might recall that calcium (from your bones) is an alkaline substance.


If you’re drinking caffeine (along with sugar and diary, especially) you can change the pH balance of your body to be overly acidic. There are strong links between regular caffeine use and osteoporosis, because of the acidic nature of many caffeinated beverages.

(Are you more than ready to get off caffeine, sugar, and dairy once and for all?

Join my 8 Week Delicious Detox Tele-Course here – we start Tuesday September 13th!)


Still, I like to enjoy a yummy cold drink, especially in the afternoons, and here is one of my favorite recipes:


1 cup iced Teeccino

½ cup MimiCCreme

Serve over ice


Teeccino is an herbal coffee-replacement that offers a roasted aroma, look and taste just like coffee, without the caffeine. Or the caffeine crash a few hours later.


MimiCCreme is a line of non-dairy, soy-free, gluten-free nut creams that make any cream recipe totally amazing. I like the unsweetened version for my iced teeccino in the afternoon, but the sweetened versions are great for desserts, baking, smoothies and breakfast recipes.


Enjoy your caffeine free latte!


Like this recipe and my tips? Want to really make a shift and transform your health?

Sign up for my Delicious Detox: The 8-Week Reboot Tele-Course beginning Tuesday September 13th at 2pm EST!

Learn more and sign up here:


Finding Your Perfect Low-Sodium Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is one of my favorite condiments, but one little slosh too many can easily add too much sodium to a meal.  I’ve been looking at my sodium intake lately, and I’m really enjoying my meals with less salt.

Raw Coconut Aminos

Raw Coconut Aminos

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with salt. Our bodies need sodium for important chemical reactions. Like a lot of things, a little is essential for life, while too much can be harmful. Lowering your salt, or sodium, intake is one of the first steps towards reducing high blood pressure.

The American Heart Association recommends that we consume less than 1500 mg of sodium per day, but the average American often gets twice that amount.

Regular fries from Burger King have over 800 mg per serving, while a serving of Dairy Queen fries has over 1500 mg per serving – that’s just the fries!

Add a regular burger (that’s another 500 and 400 mg respectively), a Big Mac (for 1040 mg) or a Chicken Sandwich from McDonald’s (1330 mg), and you’re way over your limit for your daily sodium intake.

So besides staying away from the fast food, which I already do, (if you need even more of a reminder, watch Super Size Me), what can I do to lower my sodium intake?

I try not to consume too much soy or wheat – I’m not allergic to them, but I know that relying too much on any one food can cause digestion problems.  Which means I try not to over-do the soy sauce, one of my favorite condiments.

I was at the store last week looking at the soy sauces, comparing the sodium on the nutrition labels – and right next to them was this stuff called Raw Coconut Amino Acids from Coconut Secret.

This “soy free seasoning sauce” looks very much like soy sauce, and tastes great. Once I got it home, I did a little taste test, and was really surprised.

It’s very light tasting compared to the Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, which are made from non-GMO, non-organic soy beans. Bragg’s tasted downright metallic and harsh next to the slightly sweet (although unsweetened), slightly smokey coconut aminos.

I’ve tried some of the other products from this company, so I knew they put out some tasty stuff, and I decided to get a bottle. At less than $5 at my co-op, it was pretty reasonably priced. I’ve used this product just as I would Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or any other soy sauce and it holds up well in all types of cooking – just replace the soy sauce in your recipe with Coconut Aminos.

What I’m really thrilled about is the low sodium content compared to the other brands of soy sauce I’ve used:

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos: 1 tsp = 113mg sodium

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos: 1 tsp = 320 mg sodium

Low-sodium soy sauce and tamari (various brands): 247 to 335 per teaspoon


Coconut Aminos are made from coconut sap, which is extracted from the tree’s blossoms. There is no added water, molds or yeasts, which adds to the deeper flavor I tasted. It also means this is probably a better option for people with candida or long-standing yeast issues.

These “aminos” are the building blocks of protein, which are important for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue, as well as maintaining the immune system and nervous system.

So next time you’re at the health food store, pick up a bottle!







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