A vegan, an omnivore and a paleo walk into a bar…[Video]

What happens next?

Does a fist fight break out like happened on my blog last week?

Since I came out as no longer vegan, the insults have been flying. Not only at me, but between people who identify themselves by one diet or another.

And I wondered if I had done the right thing by coming out. Not because I was ashamed of my diet, or felt wrong for how I expressed it, but because it triggered a storm of chaos and hostility.

Am I adding to the toxic food environment I’ve been trying to improve, I wondered?

Am I throwing fuel on the fire between camps, making it impossible to create connection and learning?

No. I will not participate in the battle.

I see, more clearly now than ever, how we can use our food to define ourselves and draw moral battle lines in our lives.

The point of view that one way of eating is better than another, or makes you more right or moral than another is not my point of view.

While hundreds wrote to me of their disappointment and anger about my choices, hundreds more wrote that they wanted a new way of eating.

I just want to eat what my body needs without the fear of being judged, they wrote.

I want to enjoy my food, guilt-free, and know I’m doing what’s right for me, I read.

I welcome you to join me.  Together we’ll find the foods, habits and lifestyle practices that help you love your body and your life.

I still believe that a plant-based diet should be seriously considered by anyone who wants to transform their health and their body.  And there are many other diets to consider, learn about, and experiment with.

We are all different, but we all deserve to feel healthy and well in ourselves without fear or shame.

So I invite you to my virtual table. I welcome anyone who wants to find a new way of eating that serves your vision of health and a life you’ll love.


That’s the kind of table I like to sit at.

Inclusive, delicious, healthy and fun.

You too?

Then click here to join me over on Facebook to keep this conversation going.

Have a beautiful day ~



Food & Eating Breakthrough Questionnaire


Thanks to the 120+ readers who submitted the questionnaire this week – I’m so excited to start creating your personalized reports.

Due to the overwhelming demand, and my already busy coaching practice, I’m taking the questionnaire down for a while until I get through the ones I have.

Once I’m through the current batch I may offer this personalized service again – I can see there is a huge desire for more one-on-one information.

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below if you received your report, or what you are hoping to uncover from this process.



Reversing Diabetes With Diet – Beautiful Testimonial


men using food to cure Type 2 Diabetes

Sometimes the power of simple, healthy food truly astounds me.
My mother’s boyfriend Emilio is a middle aged farmer/bus driver who grew up in Texas and Mexico,
has a passion for saving farm animals, and has lived with Type 2 Diabetes for most of his adult life.

Strong and active his whole life, Emilio was overweight and beginning to see
signs that his body couldn’t handle the strain and illness any longer.
When a serious infection set in and his ability to work was compromised, Emilio
set out to make some big changes to his diet.

With my mom’s help, Emilio read my books and started to change his diet to
address his long standing health issues.

Switching from a diet based on lard, sugars, and fried foods,
Emilio has lost over 80 pounds and is almost off his medications.

Read Emilio’s story for yourself:

“I have started to reverse my diabetes that I’d dealt with for decades.

Matter of fact I only have to take one pill a day and no more insulin
shots. If Alex hadn’t been born to write her books I’d either be very
ill or six feet under!!

I also find it easier to deal with the pain from
the herniated discs in my back while working daily on my farm and
part time charter bus driving, which was extremely painful before
and required pain medication.

I no longer eat much fried foods, and
for a Texan that’s a big change!

Also, I have given up using lard in the foods I prepare, using
primarily locally grown produce and wild
pig or deer for meat. (It’s organic!!!)”

Emilio Vasquez Thrall, TX

If you want help managing your Type 2 Diabetes with the same success that Emilio had, then send me an email at alex@deliciousvitality.com to apply for my upcoming Delicious Detox Program in January. 

Glowing Testimonial From St. Joseph’s Medical Center:

I was so thrilled to receive this testimonial today:

“Alex Jamieson presented at our annual Heart to Heart community luncheons.  Her ability to present Heart Healthy food options was not only informative, but her message and tips on cooking made it easy for the audience to understand.  I am sure her presentation will be a catalyst for people to think differently about their nutrition. Alex truly is a delightful speaker that kept the audience engaged and motivated to make healthier food choices – I know I certainly have!!!”

Lisa Brown

Event Coordinator

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center

Bellingham, WA

Weight-Loss Testimonial: The Great American Detox Diet

Emilio, a middle-aged man from Texas, read my book The Great American Detox and has discovered a new way of living and eating to fuel his energy and maintain good health:

“Dear Alex,

Your book has changed me something fierce. In my entire life I may have had 5 gallons of water. I through that amount every three days now! It give me energy.

I grow my own vegetables. There are too many things I do differently now to tell you in this letter. What’s important is that I got rid of over 50 pounds, just by studying your book. I’ve more energy than I’ve had in decades. I wish I’d read it years ago, but you were a child then!

If enough people read your book, look out!

Thank you,


Life Changing Testimonial From My Detox Member

I just received an inspiring testimonial from one of my past Reboot Detox Tele-Course Members. Julia had incredible results, and I wanted to share her experience with my readers. I chose this career path because helping people feel better feels great. It doesn’t get any better than this:

“I’d recently had breast cancer, and I’d started to make changes to my diet, but I was doing it without any guidance. For instance, at the hospital, a nurse-practitioner asked me about my diet, and she wrote it down, and a research doctor asked me about my diet, but no one was giving out advice. I found Alex’s website and I was intrigued to read she was using food as medicine to heal the body. I signed up for her detox program and weekly phone classes, and was immediately impressed by her breadth of knowledge and easy-going manner. Many of us had a lot of questions, and Alex listened and responded with the kind of expert guidance I was looking for. She taught us about new foods I’d never tried before, and she gave us recipes that were so surprisingly delicious, they’ve become my new comfort foods. Losing weight had not been my primary goal but four months later, I’m down to the right weight for my height. I feel fitter and healthier than ever. The great thing is, I see food in a whole new way now. I think before I eat. I plan ahead. I read food labels, and I ask myself, ‘What’s this going to do for me?’ I have Alex to thank for that.”

– Julia, Canadian Journalist

Glowing Testimonial From My Pregnant Client In FL

Alex, Thank you so much for everything! You are an expert in your field. The absolute best!

I had excellent support during mypregnancy. This is best health I have ever been in. I wish every pregnant woman had this opportunity. I also had excellent support when I went through PPD. I learned such valuable information that affects the health of my entire family. I had waited years to worth with Alex and it was more than well worth the wait!

~ Jenni Franz, Speech Pathologist, Winter Park, FL

Amazing Testimonial from a Vegan Kiwi!

Dear Alex:

I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl a week ago… a couple of years ago I picked up your book (The Great American Detox Diet) in Scotland and read it all the way home to New Zealand… you helped me with my vegetarian wedding menu ideas and with some ideas for good nutrition during my pregnancy. I thought it would make you smile that it was the talk of the hospital that this strict vegetarian girl was the most healthy they had seen! I had a massive post partum bleed which needed surgery to fix, but because my iron levels were so high I didn’t need a blood tranfusion. It turns out after losing 1.5 litres of blood, my haemoglobin levels were still in the “normal” range which is almost unheard of, they were still higher than lots of pregnant women’s levels that don’t lose 25% of their blood! So go you, thanks for setting me up for a more successful result than it could have been!

– Emily, New Zealand

Within the past 5 months or so I have lost 30 lbs and my migraines have pretty much ceased!

Beth from Cleveland Ohio wrote to me last week about how following my dietary advice has greatly improved her life:

“Dear Alex,

I wanted to send you a letter to tell you how much I absolutely admire your passion and love for healthy eating. It’s so inspiring!

I have suffered from migraines since I was 10.  I remember the first one I ever had, the pain was unbearable and my mom ended up taking me to the ER. Over the past 22 years (I’m 32) I have learned to just “deal with them”, avoid triggers and take my prescription meds from my neurologist and accept my inherited condition (my father gets cluster migraines).

Even though I come from a medical family (mom is a nurse, dad is a doctor) I never like taking prescription drugs. When I would go to my neurologist and talk about my migraines she seemed frustrated when I told her I wasn’t taking my pills that I would try rubbing peppermint oil on my temples, burning apple candles, drinking lots of water or tea, and doing yoga to try and get rid of my migraines.  I really wanted to take a holistic approach to “curing” myself because I always felt the body is very powerful and can heal itself with the help of the little things.  All I ever got were the “doctor look and lecture” of when you get a migraine take your pills. Period.

When I saw you on Super Size Me I really felt inspired to eat healthier. Not necessarily vegan at first, but getting rid of a lot of junk from my diet. Your husband definitely got me to stop eating ANY fast food so a big thank you to him.   I  went out and bought your book The Great American Detox Diet and couldn’t put it down! I was taking so many notes and writing all in the book; it became my “bible.” Everything I read made sense, but just because I read something doesn’t mean its true, right?! So I decided to make small changes and see what happens.

Within the past 5 months or so I have lost 30 lbs and my migraines have pretty much ceased. I went in to see my neurologist for my bi-yearly visit last week and she was very pleased and I think shocked that I no longer needed my prescription.  I went from having 3-4 migraines a week, soemtime more during my menstrual cycle to 1 in the past 5 months!! I have never felt better and I actually encourage others to eat healthier. It’s a great feeling.

I look forward to reading your newsletters and looking forward to purchasing Living Vegan for Dummies. Thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me become a healthier, happier person.

Best regards,

Beth, Cleveland, Ohio”

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