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121 Her Rules Radio + the Cravings Cleanse


Welcome to Her Rules Radio! The Crave Cast, which I have been broadcasting and podcasting under for the past two years will now forever be known as Her Rules Radio, where women go to get the support and inspiration to live life by their own rules. This means we won’t be playing by their rules anymore. We won’t be trying to be good girls all the time. We must shake off the cultural beauty standards, the rules about food, relationships, and living that keep us stuck and afraid of change. The world needs more happy, strong, independent women who love themselves.

I took a big step in transforming The Crave Cast to Her Rules Radio and it’s a little scary. We have grown into an incredible community here and in our free Facebook group but it was time to change. I was afraid that I would lose some of my listeners by making this change and slightly the direction of the podcast. But being afraid of change is keeping so many of us stuck. Her Rules Radio is about creating the life you love, feeling great in your body, feeling great about yourself in your unique way. Here is the manifesto of Her Rules Radio, we are the playfully proud women who say yes, we love our bodies just the way we are. We are the women who know how to have fun and we don’t apologize for going after it.

Just to give you a bit of a sneak peek, I am hosting a live open house of my brand-new website this week December 29, 2016. If you are around and want to hang out with me I can show you around the new website. Then on Saturday, December 31,2016, New Year’s Eve I am hosting a live two-hour in-person workshop for only 20 women and several of those seats are already gone! This is the best future self-workshop that I taught last year. On January, the 1st I will be hosting that same workshop live as a webinar. More exciting news, the cravings cleanse is now open! By the way, if you subscribed to The Crave Cast you are automatically subscribed to Her Rules Radio.




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117 Anger Snacking: End Emotional Eating

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Welcome! I’m so grateful that you’re here and spending time with me today! We’re changing our name, did you hear? The Crave Cast will become Her Rules Radio in the very near future. Let’s check in on how Thanksgiving went, so how did it go? I gave you a couple of episodes in the weeks before Thanksgiving to help you deal with any of the pitfalls you may encounter over the holiday. My Thanksgiving turned into a “Friendsgiving” and we cooked all day and had friends over and the food was awesome! We had a 10-hour celebration and we got to enjoy time with friends. I love having a cozy day at my home, surrounded by people that I love.

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I first became aware of anger snacking in my own life. To be honest, it was during the time I was going through my divorce. I noticed it when I was so mad that I was crunching my way through a family sized bowl of popcorn. I was mad and was destroying things with my teeth. I crunched my way through snack after snack after snack. I wanted to act out in so many ways, but that wasn’t appropriate so I just crunched and crunched. Yep, you get the idea. That’s what we are talking about today!



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116 Start Right Where You Are with Samantha Bennett

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I have to start today’s episode with my gratitude list!

Here goes:

  • got to see the sunrise from my apartment window
  • grateful for my Ginger kitty
  • my amazing 10 year old son – for so many reasons
  • my husband Bob – he’s amazing in so many ways
  • my clients – strong, curious, brave women who are doing transformative work
  • my listeners – I feel you. I hear you and I am so thankful that you show up here

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I’ll have to admit, in these last few weeks I have been tested. My gratitude has been tested. I started this podcast because I know that the pursuit of women’s health is a worthy pursuit. I shared my feelings in an episode after the election and received some pretty strong critiques from you. It’s so hard for women to have a safe place. We are always being judged and it takes its toll on our bodies and our minds. My comments in the show after the episode was that many women were feeling unsafe. Many women were feeling triggered by the sexism being displayed. I even encouraged women to take a self-defense class. I’m doing that and empowering myself to take control and feel powerful. I recommended getting together with other women and supporting each other.

I received some of the meanest comments that I have ever received. I was surprised by the anger that women were using so much anger in these comments. I was told I was being melodramatic. I was told to stop re-victimizing myself. I was criticized and told that there was nothing to be afraid of and I was just stoking fear.

I responded to every woman and asked them to start listening to and responding to other women in a different way. My goal is not to have anyone leave the group, but we have to keep having conversations and actually hearing each other.

In other news, The Crave Cast will be changing to a different name in the near future. It’s going to be called Her Rules! It will still be me interviewing great people, but we will just be called a different name. The mission is still the same and we have so much in store for you!

Today’s guest is Sam Bennett. She’s the author of a new book “Start Right Where You Are” and she also has another book called “Get It Done”. She is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist. She is the creator of the, dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals.


115 Ten Holiday Anti-Stress Foods and Mindset with Alexandra Jamieson

Hello, my Clan of the Crave Bears! At this time in our lives and in our country, many are struggling and experiencing heartbreak and division. Some are wounded and others are frustrated. This adds a tremendous amount of stress to our lives! And to top it all off, we are heading into the holidays, which adds another layer of stress as well. So that’s what today’s episode is about……how to manage the stress and food of the holidays.

Let’s start with food – we are bombarded with triggers around the holiday season. However, there are foods that can help reduce our stress and add calming support to our bodies and emotions. Here are 10 foods you should indulge in especially around the holidays. You’ll feel focused, calm and resilient!



114 How to Move On + Jon Levy’s New Book on Risk

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Hello Crave Bears! I awoke this morning feeling a bit angry. It has taken me all day to come up with words to open this week’s show. I voted for Hillary. I voted for a more open, inclusive, just society, against fear, hate, anger, normalized abuse and sexism, and I voted against Trump.  We wonder why more women who have been sexually abused don’t come forward? It’s because an abuser can become the President. Unless we get to a point in our society where we create a climate where abuse and sexism isn’t laughed off, but it is taken seriously and eliminated. We can’t allow deplorable behavior to become normalized. We have to create a safe environment where we can explore the injustice and then do something to fix it.

It’s time for all of us to invest even more in ourselves. When we are strong, our communities are strong. We have to take care of ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves to offer to society. When we feel good about our own well being, we can also stand for others, who can’t stand for themselves. We can’t be fearless. We need the fear to guide us. We need to feel the fear. Today, I offer you a way to heal the fear and anxiety that you may be feeling.  We need to move to a place of healing. We need to move to a place of safety. I want you to feel safe in this place and empowered as a woman. You may have to become an activist or take a stand you have never taken before. Whatever you need to do to feel safe, embrace it and go for it.

I highly recommend doing things that make you feel safe and supported. Take a self-defense class, get together with a group of women, take a Tai Chi class or do anything at all to make you feel strong and safe. We are not victims, and we will not be victimized. We are stronger together and we need each other!

Today’s guest is Jon Levy. He has a new book out called,The 2am Principle. He’s a friend of mine, he’s a nerd, he’s a data geek and he has now built a life of adventure. He takes risks and he has an amazing, expansive life!



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113 Truce with Food with Ali Shapiro

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! We got a whole huge crop of great reviews this month. We are so close to 200 reviews! So, if you have a moment drop by iTunes and leave a review. Make sure you put your name on your review so I know who to announce when I pick a winner for the $1000 swag bag! This month’s winner is Jill from MN. If you haven’t joined my contest I have every month go over to iTunes and leave a review and that’s all you have to do.

Today, I’m talking to Ali Shapiro about how to have a truce with food. Ali is a life coach and co-host of the “Insatiable” podcast and a speaker. She combined her training in functional medicine at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and her masters’ degree in organizational dynamics at UPENN to create her “Truce with Food” method while in graduate school. She is also a 24-year cancer survivor! Her “Truce with Food” method is about ending the gymnastics with food that women get exhausted from. It’s about trying to be good with food but not too strict. How do you do this? Ali and I are going to get into that. Ali has an incredible wealth of knowledge. Please enjoy this interview with Ali Shapiro.


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112 Happy Vulva + Opioid Addiction – Dr. Anna Cabeca and Melissa Ramos

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

We all want to feel happy in our bodies, right? You have no idea how to get there … and maybe don’t realize how important it really is.

In this episode I get deep with Melissa Ramos, women’s health expert from Canada. Melissa focuses on Chinese nutrition therapy and owner of “Sexy Food Therapy Inc”. She helps women feel sexy from the inside out focusing on digestion and hormone imbalances. We are going to talk about the disturbing trend that is affecting millions of people in America, prescription drug addiction. It’s shocking how many people are using and abusing opioids these days. We need to address the root causes of the addiction. Melissa and I will go into the disconnection with community, lack of support and the overwhelming stress in people’s lives.

Then I will have on Dr. Anna Cabeca, a good friend and hormonal expert. Anna is a board certified OBGYN and a regenerative antiaging medicine expert. She is the creator of “Magical Menopause” as well as “Mighty Maca Greens”. We are going to talk about my new favorite product, her new Julva cream. I cannot tell you enough good things about this product for our delicate female parts. There may be some words or topics that you don’t want younger kids to hear so you may want to pause and scoot them out the door or put in your headphones.



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111 How To Live A Good Life with Jonathan Fields

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! Today’s guest, Jonathan Fields is a wonderful man! I met him through my husband several years ago. When I first met him I didn’t know what a big deal he was. He has written several books, bought and sold several businesses and now he has written a new book called “How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom”. You might be thinking “seriously another book about how to live a good life?” but so many people are living this life so disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied and stuck. Whatever is out there isn’t getting through.

Jonathan’s book “How to Live a Good Life” is your antidote! You can test it out with your own personal experiences. It’s drawn from the intersection of science and spirituality and Jonathan’s own years-long quest. This book offers a simple and powerful model, good life buckets. You spend thirty days filling your buckets and reclaiming your life. “How to Live a Good Life” is not just a book to be read. It’s a path to possibilities to be walked and lived!

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110 Own Your Money and Your Worth with Belinda Rosenblum

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Today we are going to be talking about women’s worth, women’s health and women’s financial being. It’s important to have a handle on all of these things. But first I want to talk about Donald Trump, pussy gate and what happened when that tape was released when Billy Bush and Donald Trump were talking about women’s bodies. I think pussy gate is a good thing. Why? Because it’s getting this conversation out of the shadows and into the open. We need to talk about how we talk about women’s bodies. I don’t have a problem with the word pussy. In fact, you can go back two episodes and listen to my interview with Regena Thomashauer and hear about her book “Pussy: A Reclamation.”

We need to reclaim our bodies! Your body is your own and you don’t have to put up with someone bigger or stronger than you doing things you don’t like. The word pussy was not what is so offensive. It’s women being abused, touched etc. and that this is looked upon as a joke. This leads to body shaming, women feeling like something is wrong with them if something is being said about them. This abusive rape culture that we live in has a real effect on women’s lives! When we don’t feel worthy in our bodies we don’t feel worthy to ask for that raise or promotion. When someone else more powerful takes advantage of us physically, we feel inferior and therefore we may not feel capable of understanding finance. So what happened last week with Trump and Billy Bush was disgusting. We need to take advantage of it and talk about this.

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The interview we have today takes this one step further. We are going to talk about how this body shaming, sexual culture and how is it having a real dollars and cents effect on women’s income. I am going to be interviewing my dear friend Belinda Rosenbaum. We have known each other for years. Belinda is the CEO of a company called “” There are a lot of money experts out there but Belinda is different. She doesn’t just give you money tactics she helps you with the inner game.


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109 Turning Fear Into Faith with Gabby Bernstein

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Just to give you an update on last week, we had Holy Grigg-Spall on hormonal birth control. This week she has an article on all about how the pill is linked to depression and how doctors can no longer ignore it. Be sure to go back and listen to episode 108 and share it with anyone you know who are on the pill or considering going on the pill.

Now for a little update in my personal life. I spent an amazing and powerful weekend in Los Angeles. A couple of my friends were going through some tough times and I felt so privileged and blessed to be able to go out there and support them. Not only was it great for me to go out and offer my support but they really impressed me how they asked for help. So often we try to do things on our own, we need other people to help us grow. We are accepting applications for Women on the Verge coaching program. This is one on one coaching to help you grow and heal and make your mark while having fun. This program is for you if you have ever wanted a trusted guide to keep you accountable for your life’s desires. You can go to and check out testimonials from some amazing women who I have coached in the past.

Part of what keeps us from asking for help is fear. Today’s interview is with Gabby Bernstein and we will be talking about her new book “The Universe Has Your Back: Transforming Fear into Faith.”


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