Writing Is Healing: Write Your Story

Writing has changed my life, over and over again.

From sorting out my feelings in “dear diary” style countless nights over my life, to writing through the pain of losing my mother, to exploring what my cravings were telling me near the end of my vegan life, writing is one powerful way to sort through the mess.

Writing gets the thoughts out of your head, and onto the paper.

Writing takes the stress out of your body.

Writing can help you feel grateful and calm.

And clarity. Woah, can writing help shine a spotlight on your truth.

So for today’s #20til40 give away, I’m sharing one of my favorite writing tools – a lovely deck of cards created by my friend Cynthia Morris, writer, coach, and creative artist. Cynthia recently appeared on my Crave Cast where we talked about creativity and healing. Listen here: http://bit.ly/cravecynthia


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” 

Anais Nin 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


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“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”

E.L. Doctorow

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Benjamin Franklin 

I hope you win!



Look as fine as yoga makes you feel – Win Couturetee Yoga Pants

I’ve been doing yoga since the age of 7 when my mom got a VCR and we would stretch along with Lilias, Yoga & You before my school bus pulled up to the corner.

Yoga is one of the best ways to get in touch with my body, calm my nervous system, strengthen my crooked back, and relax the tense muscles that support my daily writing habit.

And I want you to enjoy trying yoga, moving in your body, and loving how you look – every day.

So I want you to win a pair of these awesome hand-dyed yoga pants from Tristan Christopher + Couturetee.com! 


yoga pants give away


  • yoga is all about breathing into the discomfort, in order to get through it (like listening to your cravings)…
  • yoga is for everyone, can be done anywhere, and costs nothing, once you learn the moves…
  • yoga quiets the mind, tones the body, and brings an unbreakable confidence and partnership between body + mind.


So today, my dear Clan of the Crave Bears, I’m giving you a chance to win 1 of 3 pairs of hand made yoga pants to swaddle your hot buns in the beauty they deserve. The beauty you deserve to feel about your body.

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I hope you win!
Share the wealth, and tell your friends – send them an email with the link to this page, because you and your girl should totally walk down the street in these hot pants together!

Warm Up, Chill Out! Win my FAVORITE hot water bottle #20til40

I love feeling the soothing, melty relief of a squishy hot water bottle – and I want you to have THE BEST hot water bottle ever!

Seriously. I’ve looked.


Every massage therapists secret? The Fomentek bag. Get one here, a gift from @deliciousalex #20til40

Every massage therapists secret? The Fomentek bag. Get one here, a gift from @deliciousalex #20til40

Just as I’ve been on a search for the perfect Earl Grey Tea (@RepublicofTea – your Earl Greyer is the current front runner!) I’ve been on a search for the best, relaxing hot water bottle.

Am I a grandma?

No, but I do love cats, B&Bs, hand made quilts, tea, making inappropriate jokes at family gatherings. So yes, I’m a grannie in training.

Heat therapy is so good for sore muscles, releasing tension at the end of the day, and has been in use since humans tripped into that first hot spring:

  • good for sore muscles when your handsome masseuse Juan is out of town
  • great for painful joints when you’ve been madly writing your next erotic novel all day
  • helps relieve headaches after the 90 minute commute, and won’t ruin your hair-do unlike a hot shower
  • hot water bottles make a good “boyfriend” replacement when your partner is out of town + you hate getting into a cold bed alone

Today’s #20til40 give away is THE FOMENTEK bag, which I’ve been using for years. (No, not my personal bag, but one just like it)

I’ve had scoliosis and the back pain that comes with a twisted spine since the age of 12. Hot water, massage, yoga and regular biking help me keep things in line…literally.

Enter to win your very own hot water bottle here, and put me down for a thank you card, because baby, you’re going to love it! xo, Alex
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Win my book and more from my grrls at Tue/Night:

You could win Women, Food, And Desire in the Tue/Night Book Giveaway!
Enter by 11:59PM 3/16 for a chance to win my Women, Food And Desire! http://ow.ly/KjvGV

TueNight speaking

Last week I had the pleasure to speak to a room packed with women (and a few cool dudes) about cravings, pleasure, and desire in Brooklyn. The women behind www.TueNight.com hosted an amazing salon of writers who all read their stories of desire. I got a chance to speak from the front of the room with co-founder Margit Detweiler and share my story, chronicled in Women, Food, And Desire.

I left the evening inspired and certain that we need more places and chances for women to get together to share their truth about desire. That’s the only way we can loosen the strangle hold of the Diet Industrial Complex on our collective minds and bodies.


Be sure to check out TueNight.com, and enter to win a copy of WFD and a FREE membership to my Rapid Refresh & Reboot program!



Sporty, Pretty, Insulated? Win A Polar Bottle! #20til40

Alex wants you to be hydrated! Win this Polar Bottle! xox

I think we all need more pretty in our life – and more water!

I can’t give you this stained glass window that my artist grannie and I made together – it’s one of my prized possessions – but I can give you this awesome sports bottle from Polar Bottles!

Polar Bottle Give Away!

Polar Bottle Give Away!

As I get older, wiser, and way more sexy (If I do say so myself!) I find staying hydrated is WAY more important:

  • to ensure proper pooping (you know – elimination)
  • to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay
  • to stop from craving the iced decaf lattes I used to live on

I’m turning 40 in 15 days, I NEVER leave the house without a water bottle.

I want YOU to be hydrated, and to send you a pretty non-toxic water bottle from my pals at @PolarBottle!

Just enter below as many times as you want!

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Alex wants you to be hydrated! Win this Polar Bottle! xox

Alex wants you to be hydrated! Win this Polar Bottle! xox




Clean, beautiful, simple: Soma Water Pitcher Give Away! #20til40


You’ve heard it before, but maybe you don’t do enough of it: drink water. Today’s #20til40 give away will inspire you to drink more, in style! My friends at Soma Water Filters are giving away one beautiful glass carafe, what I call “the better Britta.” give-away-a-thon_soma This streamlined water filter delivers crisp, clean water, minimalist good looks, and a subscription service that means you never have to deal with stickers or timers again—the company delivers new filters to your door every two months. An organic filter made of silk + food-based plastic means you’ll never have those pesky black flecks again (or the guilt of throwing away a bulky landfill filter). Plus, the glass carafe is non-toxic glass, and so stylish it’s a lovely addition to your table.

I’ve put together over $1000 in prizes and am giving away 20 days of goodies!

Books, juices, my favorite healthy products, jewelry, and more are just a tiny way for me to say thank you for being a part of my online tribe – my “Clan of the Crave Bears!”

Enter to win this Soma Water Filter below! xo, Alex

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P.S. If you’re ready to just buy a soma and get some pretty water for your home, order one here:

Love Your Skin: Win $155 Gift Basket From CVSkinlabs #20til40

You deserve to love the skin you’re in…and your skin needs daily love with products that heal + protect, without harsh or toxic chemicals.

I’m proud to share today’s give-away from my dear friend, Britta Aragon, founder of CVSkinlabs!

Her products are clean, lovely, and originally formulated to help cancer patients heal their sensitive skin through their treatments. Britta gifted me some of her lotions for my dear mother, who passed away 14 months ago from liver cancer.

It’s friends like this that have made my 40 years on earth so beautiful!


Celebrating my #20til40 birthday with 20 days of give aways - CVSkinlabs basket of heaven!

Celebrating my #20til40 birthday with 20 days of give aways – CVSkinlabs basket of heaven!


And today I want to share Britta’s gorgeous gift basket with you!

Just enter below, and you could win this lovely $155 basket of love!

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Play like a kid! How to get more fun than just food in your life.

Play like a kid! Play is good for your mindset, mood, and your metabolism. #MindsetMakeover #CravingsCleanse

Day 5 of the #MindsetMakeover = PLAY LIKE A KID!

The 8-week Cravings Cleanse opens in a few days – and I want to share the mindset tools that make diet + food + healing easy.


When you have more #fun in your day, play more, + seek out more pleasure, your body feels great, and food isn’t the ONLY fun you give yourself! CLICK TO TWEET THIS! 

Seriously – you can’t just change your food, right?

You gotta upgrade your thoughts about food, your body, and life – if you want a fun, happy life, its time to start playing more.

That’s why I’m giving you tested daily mindset tools from Positive Psychology to show you the power of your thoughts when it comes to getting the body & life you desire.

Today I want you to play like a kid!

PLAY is proven to boost positive emotions, motivation, curiosity, and the neurotransmitters that help us love ourselves.

Play is a great and free way to feel a sense of joy + delight in what you do – and it’s not just for kids!

My FAVORITE way to play? Wearing my hot pink roller skates and skating with a friend.

Play releases dopamine, endorphins, and helps you get into a state of mental flow where you focus, stay engaged, and learn to manage distraction.

How can you play like a kid again?

1. MAKE TIME: schedule 1 hour today JUST for play time
2. DECLUTTER A PLAY SPACE OR GO OUTSIDE: try not to rely on specific toys, unless you’re going to play an instrument or get into an art project – but make it playful! Let your creative energies flow rather than finish something or trying to master a new piece.
3. FOCUS ON PLAY, NOT OUTCOME: don’t look for results. Play can have a flow/dream-like quality which is good for your brain + body.

Enjoy your play day!
Tag a friend + ask them to come play with you!
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Life before Death. Strength and Courage. Finding Meaning.

Resilience, Rethinking your thinking traps, meaning, Post Traumatic Growth

Resilience, Rethinking your thinking traps, meaning, Post Traumatic Growth

I believe in life before death. 

In my past, I forgot to appreciate what was true and real, and forgot to enjoy the moment, enjoy what I had.

I see in my clients, who I now think the Universe brings to me to mirror my own journey, the same struggles:

We work too much, eat too much, diet too much, deprive ourselves of fun too much, drink too much, shop too much, try to please others too much. And still there’s this hunger inside us that goes unfed.

How are you living your life today, now, in this moment?
What do you desire, crave, yearn for that you could have NOW?

What are you putting off, sweetie pie?
Why wait? 

Life is for YOU. Today. Now.


My mission is to help people (mainly women, but yes, some awesome dudes, as well) accept and love themselves back to health. To help people focus and build on their strengths as a way to heal and find meaning in life. To help us all learn skilled resilience.

To turn away from what I call the “Diet Industrial Complex” which has us hating our bodies, ignoring our desires, and shaming each other.

Join me – www.WomenFoodAndDesire.com