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21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Win A Signed Copy!

Last week I was simply honored and trembling with excitement when I got an invitation to attend Dr. Neal Barnard’s book launch party in New York City.  Held at Kathy Freston’s gorgeous mid-town home, the party featured delicious Gardein “chicken skewers” and organic wine from Frey Vineyards.

After talking with Neal and hearing his inspiring talk, I had him sign a copy of his new book, 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart. The book is partially inspired by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Vegan Kickstart program, in which my recipes have been featured.

Dr. Neal Barnard and Alex Jamieson at 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart book party

Over the last few day’s I have been looking through the book, and am finding myself re-inspired by the information presented. Dr. Barnard provides easy to digest nutritional and medical advice that has been proven to boost metabolism, lower cholesterol, and help people lose weight all without counting calories.

The recipes are easy to prepare, and there are many handy lists of dairy-free and meat-alternative foods that make it easy for newbies to this idea of plant-based eating.

With out current healthcare crises of heart disease and type 2 Diabetes on the rise, this book couldn’t come at a better time.

Do yourself, and your loved ones a favor – get this book! It could save someone’s life.

Want to win a copy?

Go check out PCRM’s Vegan Kickstart page and find 1 new recipe, fact or tip that you found inspiring. Tell me what you found in a comment here on my blog, and you could win a signed copy of Dr. Neal Barnard’s new book, the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart!

Growing Up In The Garden

Some of my first memories are from my mother’s garden. When I close my eyes I feel cool pebbles and dewy grass under my bare feet, hear buzzing bees and chirping birds, and smell a cacophony of scents from roses, lilac, herbs, freshly turned earth, and compost.

Mom and Me, aka "Sasha" (Eve's Organic Garden - mid 70s Lake Grove, OR)

My mom learned gardening from her grandparents in Texas and moist, chilly Port Angeles, Washington. To me, she seemed like Snow White incarnate – mom could bring any dying house plant to life, sprout any seed, and knew where to find the birds, butterflies and interesting spiders. Her decade-long run as the radio host of Eve’s Organic Garden on KBOO in Portland, Oregon proved that her ideas for planting and knowledge of gardening were admired by many.  The local Italian family that ran Ricardo’s restaurant often stopped by looking for fresh herbs and flowers.

As a kid, I enjoyed the rambling gardens around our old farmhouse. Private tunnels of blackberries provided space to daydream, and the Rainier cherry tree offered sweetly blushed gems every spring. I found a lot of pleasure in picking seeds to grow every spring, learning the look of healthy soil, and digging around for bugs and worms. It seemed like magic to discover the nasturtium seeds growing out of the stems where edible flowers of red and orange once bloomed so brilliantly.

While my brother and I grumbled about the inevitable hours of weeding, pruning, hauling, and raking, today we look back on that time as peaceful, formative, and a badge of honor. Now we find that gardening relieves our stress and keeps us healthy. It’s not just the organic, fresh food we can grow. We harvest something more – peace and connection.

Growing up on the west coast, we didn’t know that fireflies were real. My first sighting of these electric “lightning bugs” was actually in Central Park, when I was about 21 years old. I was visiting my brother a few years before I moved to New York City. I excitedly told my brother, then almost 30, “I saw a firefly! They’re real!” He beamed back at me with joy, and it felt like we were kids again, sharing this wonderful discovery.

Now I long for spring planting and have happily settled in a ground floor, Brooklyn apartment with a back yard and space to plant a few pots. Last summer’s freak tornados had the silver-lining effect of creating more sun in my previously shade-choked yard when three neighboring trees lost half of their limbs.

I’m passing on my love for digging, planting, watering, weeding and waiting to my son, Laken. When I discovered kid-sized tools at a stoop sale (we call them stoop sales here in Brooklyn, because who has yards? We have stoops!) a couple of summers ago, I scooped them up and handed them to Laken, who happily took them outside and started digging. Gardening seems to be in our DNA. (You can order a set just like it here!)

Teaching him how to dig a hole, bury a seed, water it carefully and often, and look for slugs feels right. What could be more important than teaching my kid how to grow his own food? We won’t be living off of our harvest any time soon, but being able to grow our own lettuce, a few strawberries, snow peas, and pretty flowers makes me feel capable, and I hope to pass that on to him.

Laken and Roisin plant organic strawberries

This weekend we’ll be putting some seeds in potting soil, placing them in a sunny window, and beginning the late winter vigil over spring’s hopeful shoots of green.

Laken harvests the organic strawberries

My favorite seeds have come from: – The Baby Blue Jade Corn is the only sweet corn that works in containers – just be sure to put bird/squirrel netting over the ears.

Seeds of Change:

This company sells heirloom, organic seeds of all kinds – flowers, fruits, veggies, and herbs abound.

For my favorite books on gardening in containers and small city spaces, look here:

Chow Down Screening in NYC: 2/8/11 at Tribeca Grand Hotel

Come join me and a talented panel of experts for a special screening of Chow Down: Eat Like Your Life Depends On It in NYC  on February 8th:

Hawaiian Tempeh & Spicy Pineapple Recipe From Vegan Cooking For Dummies

I had a blast shooting this cooking video with Haley Platt on KOIN 6 in Portland, Oregon (my fabulous home town) – you can watch demonstration and get the recipe (special sneak peek!) here:

Food Network: Vegan-Free? Isn’t it time for a vegan cooking show? Thanks!

It’s about time someone at Food Network developed a high-end

vegan, vegetarian, and/or raw cooking show.

The good folks at Ecorazzi put together the

Top 5 VEG Chefs Food Network Should Hire

And I’m one of the top 5 vegan chefs on the list! I’m truly honored to be amongst this group of talented chefs.

Why is Food Network Vegan Free, anyway?

Who would I love to see on a totally vegan Food Network tv schedule? The options for great chefs with unique points of view is endless. From gluten-free vegan recipes to raw, ayurvedic healing cuisine to macrobiotics, the world of vegan cookery is wide and diverse. If I were trapped in an elevator with an executive on the Food Network,  I would share with them some of my favorite chefs:

Sarah Kramer: Authoress of How It All Vegan, The Garden of Vegan and many other great cookbooks

Isa Chandra Moskowitz: Author of Veganomicon and many other cookbooks, hostess of the Post Punk Kitchen

Ella Nemcova: The Regal Vegan and creator of Faux Gras (one of my favorite pre-made foods ever!!)

Beverly Lynn Bennett: The Vegan Chef

Kathy Patalsky:

Listen to Alexandra Featured on Live A Damn Radio!

My good friend Michael Parrish Dudell has started an incredible radio show titled

Live a Damn – and I’m on episode 5!

Listen online to the great interviews with the fabulous farmers from The Fabulous Beekman Boys, biking activist Sean Ryan Paris, and me…

“Here at Live a Damn, we’re all about celebrating those who are going above and beyond to make the world a cleaner, kinder, and more compassionate place. And you better believe today’s guests are doing just that!

Up first, from Planet Green’s hit show The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we’re joined by two city mice who’ve turned countryJosh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge. Next, we give our Live a Damn Citizen Rockstar award to Sean Ryan Paris —a real estate broker who’s living a damn by biking 285 milesfrom New York City to Boston to raise money for HIV/AIDS services. And finally, author, speaker, and holistic health counselor Alex Jamieson joins us to talk about her new book and what it means to live a holistic life.

Listen to Live A Damn Radio here…

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