Celebrate & Support Hemp History Week: 5/2-5/8!

I’m honored to be an official spokesperson for Hemp History Week, which takes place for the 2nd time this May 2nd-8th!

Alex Jamieson Hemp History Week

Alex Jamieson Hemp History Week

The point of Hemp History Week is to educate the public about the safety and benefits of hemp agriculture and usage, while renewing support to legalize industrial hemp farming in the U.S.

Hemp has gotten a bad reputation from it’s Cannabis relative, marijuana, and is actually free of psychoactive ingredients. Made illegal in 1957, Hemp is grown around the world for industrial and dietary uses. Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers on earth, and requires no pesticides or agricultural chemicals, unlike cotton.

Why is this movement important to me? Hemp represents agricultural, health, and sustainability issues all in one delicious package.

The U.S. is the world’s largest importer of hemp seeds, fabric, and oils, but farmers who want to grow this crop are still in legal limbo. Canadian farmers earn $200-$400 per acre with hemp crops, while U.S. farmers net less than $50 an acre for soy and corn. Legalizing hemp would be a huge boon to farmers in this country, as well as brining more production jobs stateside for the manufacturing of hemp fabric, seeds, and industrial products that could then be made in the U.S.

I’ll be talking more about hemp and its culinary uses and nutrition next week – and I’ll be giving away a box full of hemp products! Keep your eyes open for the contest on my blog. Also, be sure to come to the cooking class I’ll be co-hosting will Phil Lempert the editor of www.SupermarketGuru.com and The Lempert Report. We’ll be talking all things hemp at the Whole Foods on Bowery and Houston on Tuesday, May 3rd. To sign up for the class, go here:


  1. Mark Osborne says:

    Awesome, I have been including more hemp in my diet recently as it has an excellent Omega-3 profile. I went vegan a year ago and whilst my overall cholesterol is down my HDL/LDL ratio could be better.

  2. dina says:

    love my hempy belt ! hemp protein and milk also.. move over cotton ! and polyster too !

  3. Nelson says:

    Been a vegan over 20 years going strong & have promoted hemp in all forms:clothing, moisturizer, excellent food item. It’s about time to get that bad myth about hemp & get back to basics. Hemp rules!

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