Crave Salt? End Your Salt Cravings In A Shake

I miss my kid.

I’ve had a couple of quieter weeks here in Brooklyn, as my son has been away with his dad

for their summer adventures together.


I feel quiet pangs of missing him, but I’ve been using all this free time to sleep in,

spend time with friends, go to movies, and catch up on TV shows that other people have

been talking about for years. Treme is a favorite, and Parks and Recreation is great for a

fun afternoon pick-me-up.


While my evenings are quiet and more free-flowing, I’ve noticed a few food cravings pop up

during the times that are normally reserved for “bath time,” “play time,” and “book time.”


And I’ve seen that my favorite comfort food cravings for salty popcorn come up a lot more

when I’m alone.


You may notice your own food cravings come up when you’re lonely [and really craving

connection with someone], tired [and your body just wants a rest], or stressed

[and a massage or hot bath would really hit the spot].


Those are some of the common emotional and physical triggers for our food cravings.


There are also biochemical causes to our food cravings.


I know that a lack of mineral rich foods can cause salt cravings.

See, when your body is low in iron, magnesium, or potassium, it may

crave salty food as a way to try to get the minerals it needs.


A diet high in salt can lead to high blood pressure, kidney stones, and

can inhibit your body’s absorption of calcium, which leads to osteoporosis.


If you’ve been craving salt and think you might be lacking minerals,

start adding sea veggies to your diet every day.

Sea veggies? Yup. You heard me. That stuff that washes up on the beach

is some of the most nutrient dense food on the planet, and you can

easily enjoy it in your meals.


My favorite way to get more sea veggies is to use one of these Sea Shakers from

Maine Coast Sea Veggies. It’s just like shaking a little salt on your food –

without all the sodium, and WITH lots of minerals and trace elements.

Order your Sea Seasonings Here:


Shake about 1 teaspoon onto salads, stir into soup, toss into grains or bean

dishes, or even in the layers of your sandwiches.


I’ve been adding shakes of sea veggies to my son’s almond butter and jelly

sandwiches his whole life and he doesn’t even know he’s getting a healthy dose of minerals.


Stay cool, and enjoy your lazy (or crazy!) days of summer.






  1. Aww that must be tough being away from your kid. My 1st baby just turned 1 the other week and we haven’t been away from her even for one evening. It would feel too strange to be apart from her now so when I finally have to I think I will find it tough too.

    Yes I definitely crave salt when I’m run down. I don’t crave refined sugar as I eat lots of fruit but salt is another thing. Sometimes I add celery to my green smoothies to get them to taste a bit salty for a more balanced taste and more sodium.

  2. Jessica says:

    This is timely – thank you!
    Hope the entire family is having a save and fun Summer.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I just started working with sea veggies. I find using them as seasoning has been a great start.
    Cravings for me come when I’m too busy to cook healthy food. When the pace of life gets too busy, my self-care falters.

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