Cravings Type Quiz! Discover Your Type & Get Your Free Report!

For some of us it’s ice cream, for others, salty, crunchy chips. Whatever it is, we all tend to have a “thing”, that one indulgence that we seem to have always had a weak spot for. That thing that we think about, then surrender to, and then often feel guilty about overdoing it on.

For many of us, we consider these things our “weakness”, the thing we feel as though we don’t have power over. While these foods tempt us and make us feel so good in the moment, we also associate them with feelings of regret, guilt, and shame.

Did you ever stop to think that our “thing”, our cravings, may actually have something to teach us? They absolutely do, and this awareness can guide you to greater power over your entire diet and life.

First you need to understand your cravings “type”, and then you can learn how to use it to empower you, rather than letting your cravings have power over you.

Welcome to the Cravings Type Quiz!

elementsMaster your energy and life by discovering your cravings type.

There are no wrong answers, only what is true for you, so be totally and completely honest.

Once you have completed your quiz, I’ll email you a free report revealing your type, and how you can use it in your favor, for greater health, a happier body, and a life with more freedom.

Once you answer each question, you’ll move on to the next. You can’t do this wrong: simply make your best choice.

At the end, you’ll be asked for your email so I can send your report. be sure to check your SPAM folder in case your report doesn’t show up quickly!

If you have any questions, please email me:

How much did you weigh when you were born?

How tall are you?

If you have weighed the same for many years but had a recent change, answer based on your average body type. Recent changes may be due to lifestyle changes.

How much do you weigh on average?

Body Frame

How is your bone structure?


Your knees, elbows, knuckles, etc.


What does your skin look and feel like?

How would you best describe your natural hair color and texture?

Face Shape

What do you see in the mirror?

Eye Size

What do you see in the mirror?

Eyes - Luster

Neck shape

Nose shape



Teeth - If you bleach your teeth, or had them straightened as an adult, answer based on what was true before


I like it...

What temperature do you prefer?

I sleep..

how well and how much do you sleep?

Bowel Movements

How are your stools and elimination?

Activity & Energy Levels


Sexual Juicyness

What is your speech pattern like?

What are your thoughts and thinking like?

Memory - Remember when...


Alexandria Williams

I absolutely love the report. Great insights!

Danny J.

The Cravings Quiz was a lot of fun! The report was very insightful but also gave some valuable advice for me to take better care of my body in different situations. I will refer to this often.

Leslie Jackson-Lanc

This was really fun! I couldn’t wait to get my report….which is saying a lot. I really felt the quiz was valuable.

Suzi Fevens

My results resonated with me so much, and validated things I’ve thought and felt for years! After many years of trial and error with food issues I was shocked at how accurately these results listed foods I can’t tolerate versus foods I can, as well as pin-pointed my personality so well. As a (soon to be) certified nutrition and weight loss specialist this is a quiz I will most certainly be recommending to my clients!