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While I’m not the biggest booze hound around, I do enjoy the occasional glass of “Mommy’s Red Grape Juice” with dinner or while out on the town.

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Enjoying CalNaturale Wines At Celebrate Brooklyn With Friends

This summer I was introduced to a nice new line of organic wines that made hot weather picnics easier and tastier. CalNaturale’s line of TetraPak wines come in 2 sizes, and the grapes are organic. The smaller 500 ml container was the perfect size for my back-packed picnic to the local outdoor music festival with friends and my son. And since that size is worth about three glasses, we weren’t tempted to finish off a larger bottle – you know, just to clean up.

Those TetraPaks are also recyclable so we tossed it in the blue bin on the way out of the music venue, feeling pretty eco-chic about our whole adventure.

This Thanksgiving I’ll be turning to these wines again for my family’s feasting. Not only are they easy to carry around, the wine tasted delicious.

I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay and loved them both. I’m not usually a fan of white wine, as they often give me a headache.

I know, red wine is most often the headache culprit, but my body seems to be sensitive to white. Ever wonder about wine headaches? Turns out no one knows for sure, but the most likely culprit is histamines. Some people lack an enzyme in their intestines that can help them metabolize histamine, and I must be lacking in that enzyme.

If you’re looking for a nice, easy to carry, organic wine for the holidays, try out this line from CalNaturale ~ and don’t forget to recycle the “bottle.”

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