I Can't Believe I Did This – Would you EVER?!

I was getting divorced and my life was crashing around my ears – and I decided to do the unthinkable…

I took 2 weeks off and went to Costa Rica.

Alone. Without my kid. Without my computer. 

Now, this may not seem crazy to you, but for a single-mom, almost divorced, self-employed work-a-holic, taking 2 weeks to just go hang out in the rain forest was pretty far fetched.

But I had support from my community of friends I met through (Ariel & Shya Kane’s workshops) and I took the leap. 

Two weeks away changed everything.

I came home refreshed, grounded, and revitalized – more than that, I was truly in love with my work again, and I was truly in love with my son again.

Yeah, these were tough secrets to admit – that I was losing my passion for my work, that I was overworked and not taking good care of myself, and that I was getting so fed up (especially as a single parent) that there were weeks I couldn’t wait for the Dad to come take over for a few days.

I learned the value of self-care in a way that I hadn’t really understood until then.

Like my family from Texas always says: 

If Mama ain’t happy, no one’s happy. 

In a few days I’ll be leaving for Costa Rica for my second 2-week R&R adventure. With supportive people I like, who are excited to help me be my best self, with no duties or agenda, without my laptop.

And I will come home stronger, loving life, and healthy. Isn’t that what true health is?

(Don’t worry, my son will be with his Dad globe-trotting and learning everything about being a producer/director while splitting his vacation at the BBC in London and Sundance in Utah.)

So here’s the big question for you, dearheart ~

What are YOU doing to take care of yourself?

Are you burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough sleep, sex, greens, laughter?

What’s ONE thing you can do NOW to romance yourself, feel calm, or love yourself more?

Go to my FB page and tell me what you’re doing for yourself -

You might surprise yourself, and you may inspire someone else, too!


  1. Pete says:

    Sorry about your split with Morgan. His loss, you’re a very attractive lady. Divorce is very difficult, but it gets better, and eventually you’ll be much happier. Bless you and thank you for all your work in keeping people helthy!

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