Learning from Divorce about Detox

Going through a divorce over the last few years brought countless opportunities
to see how my mind is set on “self-sabotage mode” to undermine the best
intentions for my life and health.

You’re a failure,” or “I’m doing it wrong again” were favorite put-downs of my

(I’ll bet you have something similar on endless repeat!)

While running a business, learning to be a single mom, and trying to figure out
how to date again after 10 years, I was constantly battered by my own harsh

Then I saw that I (or my mind) was the only thing holding me back.

I wanted to create a new, productive, healthy lifestyle, but I was getting
sidetracked by complaints and self-created drama.

Sure, there were plenty of chances to blame outside forces, to place all
responsibility on the world, my ex-, the weather – anything – but that way of
living wasn’t getting me anywhere.

There were times when life was starting to feel sweet again, when the light at
the end of the tunnel looked close, and my life was finally feeling like my own
when my “you really aren’t worth all this happiness and potential” thoughts
would kick in…

You’ve been there, I know.

You start getting a hang of a healthy way of eating, and start to see some
positive results of going to they gym, and then your best intentions get shot
out of they sky by the “b!tchy-bullets” from your harsh, criticizing mind.

Negative self-talk is a big part of whether you feel willing, ready, and able
to finally eat better, take care of yourself, and make the moves to drop the
muffin top.

I’m here to tell you there is a better, easier, fun way to make your wellness
goals happen ~

I found support.

I reached out and gathered people into my life who gave positive reinforcement,
crystal clear vision for what was really true (you know, friends and experts
who can tell you your BS thoughts are just that – total bull!?), and who I felt
drawn to supporting in return.

It’s a two-way street, this supportive and positive lifestyle – do you have
something to offer others while getting the encouragement you need? That’s
where the real magic happens, believe you me!

Your thoughts don’t have to rule your life, and you can keep on track to create
a healthy, deliciously vital life.

This is your chance to make 2012 a healthy, happy year, without all the drama
of harsh, criticizing, self-talk ruling your life.

What made the difference for me was a supportive community. You can get that
for yourself by joining this program and starting today.

(Yeah, the program kicks off on 1/5, but as soon as you join, we’ll get started
– no waiting!)

Get the support you need to make your life healthy & amazing -

Ready to join my 8-week Delicious Detox program?

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Got any questions?

Shoot me an email at alex@deliciousvitality.com and I’ll be happy to offer you my thoughts.



  1. Karen says:

    Alexandra, I found that MY negative self talk went away when I realized it was the internalized voices of the family members I was raised with. Once I saw that those negative thoughts didn’t actually reflect my own flaws, but rather reflected the fact that those people were asses, I was free to form my own opinion of myself. Now instead of dwelling on “I’m doing it wrong again”, I can see that, actually, being willing to fail and make mistakes allows me to do much more in my life than if I restricted myself to only those things I can do perfectly, which is what the asses did. Glad you found your solution, too.

  2. SCY says:

    Sorry to hear of your divorce…marriage isn’t easy (living with anyone isn’t easy), sorry you two couldn’t over come those obstacles, hope all will be well for you in the future

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