Osteoporosis Fears? Win "The Whole-Food Guide To Strong Bones"

When I discovered my health was dramatically improved by following a dairy and meat free diet, I realized I had to learn how to cook all over again.

I fumbled along experimenting with recipes, searching out cookbooks, and seeking teachers. I discovered a strong passion for cooking and health-supportive foods that I didn’t know existed, and wanted to make it a bigger part of my life. I was lucky to find a world-renowned culinary school right in my backyard; attending the Natural Gourmet Institute, founded by Annemarie Colbin, in New York City marked the beginning of my culinary and health counseling career.

Annemarie Colbin’s newest book The Whole-Food Guide To Strong Bones is a treasure trove of tested information and recipes that guide the reader through learning about body chemistry, supportive foods for building a healthy skeleton, and foods that can actually destroy your bone health. If you are at risk for osteoporosis or other diseases of the bones, you must read this book.

Women’s modern lifestyle habits are often dangerous for our bones. This book offers easy to understand recipes, tips, and lifestyle suggestions for how to make your skeleton strong.

Colbin’s book brings together decades of holistic teaching and cooking knowledge to offer a complete program for stronger bones. You’ll also discover how exercise and finding personal balance can improve your health and prevent fragility fractures, menopause-related bone loss, and osteoporosis. The book also includes many real-life examples and personal stories that help bring the information to life.

This book offers a holistic approach to understanding:

  • What puts you at risk for bone fracture
  • Why medication and estrogen therapy may not work for you
  • How the nutrients in whole foods build bone mass
  • That your bones are living parts of your body, affected by what you eat

I reached out to Annemarie recently, and she was kind enough to offer a signed copy of her book to one of my readers!

I’ll be choosing  a winner on Friday, October 1st, so leave a comment here on my blog about why you need to own this book!

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  1. Julia says:

    I’ve struggled with Osteopenia since at least my early 30s (when I was disgnosed) and now at 42 and not even near menopause yet, I’m scared for the future of my bones. I also refuse to be a slave to hereditary with osteporosis affecting both my mother and my grandmother. I’ve also realized that my doctor doesn’t have all the answers either. This book would be a wonderful resource to help me!!

  2. Deborah Saas says:

    I would LOVE to win a copy of this book. After badly spraining my ankle, the X-rays my doctor ordered (to make sure it wasn’t really broken) revealed that I had “osteopenia”, apparently the precursor to osteoporosis. I eat plenty of calcium-rich foods, take a calcium and strontium supplement every day, but guess I still didn’t dodge this bullet! Winning this “How To” book would be such a blessing!

  3. Nancy Spivey says:

    I started following a meatless and non-dairy diet last winter, and I felt so much better! But lately I’ve been slipping back, and, man, do I feel it. Not good. I’m back on it today, and would love to read this book so I can make my bones healthier as well! At 59 years old, I have no time to waste!

  4. Kelly says:

    I would LOVE a copy of this book, my mother has osteoporisis, and I would love to find out how I can prevent it and save my health!

  5. stampmonkey says:

    My mom has osteoporosis and has been taking meds for her condition –something I’ve been trying to get her to STOP doing. I would love to win this book to give her some proven natural remedies to use instead. In addition, I would love to read it to see what I might do to prevent getting osteoporosis myself. Thanks so much for giving us the chance to win what looks like a wonderful resource.

  6. Ashley Mauceri says:

    My grandma had severe osteoporosis and it’s inspired me to do everything I can to avoid the same fate. I would love a copy of this!

  7. Lisa says:

    I would love a free copy of this book! I so much enjoy reading real health books! My mother has osteoporosis so more aware and incorporating more and more calcium rich foods into my diet – staying away from dairy products.

  8. Jane Jacobs says:

    I have Osteoporosis. I’m always reading about Osteoporosis and teaching my doctors about it and researching Osteoporosis. Also I teach my doctors about a Plant Based lifestyle too. I have the books: Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis and The Myth of Osteoporosis. I’m 55 years young. I’m always learning about a Vegan lifestyle. Thank you, Jane Jacobs

  9. Ok, I have called myself “Healthy” for about ten years and six years ago I added “Vegan” to the list. I am the resident “Health Guru” at work. I recommend people to this site all the time. I believe in the power of food, not drugs/supplements to heal. My recent favorite quote is: “I would rather pay the farmer than pay the hospital.” Birke Baehr (age 11). I am 47 years young and recently my bone scan showed osteoporosis in my spine, femur and hip. Osteopenia everywhere else! Ok, I am on a mission! Everyone knows now that I am not perfect and I want to prove I can heal my bones. Having a signed copy of this book will just further my cause to continue to help everyone I know acheive optimum health without drugs! (Funny,I was just writing to a friend/a health guru in her own right asking her what shall I do about my diagnosis when your contest came up, Alex! Wow!)

  10. Caroljean says:

    I would love to win a copy, I have been trying to improve my diet for years. It has been a work in process and this book would help.

  11. Tracy says:

    I just finished reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell. Amazing healthy info regarding the pros of living a dairy-free, egg-free and meat-free lifestyle. I’m finishing Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. These books have changed my life, for the better. I made the decision because of what I read that choosing to be vegan is the right and best decision for me. I would love to add this book to my library to learn more!

  12. Bonnie says:

    i have reversed most of my oste0porosis through exercise, supplements and diet. I am currently trying to go Vegan and could really use a cookbook with recipes. I have slight oteopenia in three vertebrae. The doctor gave the big pharma speech which I more or less organized. I did give statistics on the dangers of bisphosphates and she seemed to listen. I am looking forward to the possibility of a Vegan diet which will also give me stronger bones.

  13. I’ve been mostly vegetarian most of my life but a doctor recently told me I should be eating more dairy for my bones. I’m in a wheelchair so I don’t have the benefit of weight bearing exercise to keep them strong. Even if I don’t win this book, I’m going to have to read it so I can improve my bone health!

  14. Gerry says:

    I an borderline Osteoporosis and would love this book very much. I am a vegan and it is the best diet on the plant. I am always looking for ideas to improve a healthy diet.

  15. amanda says:

    My grandmother has osteoporosis, and my mother is in the early stages. I fear that I will get it too, but even more than that I want to know what we can do to control our current situation. I want to be able to help the women in my life who mean more to me than anything!!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I am a registered dietitian and recently transformed vegan (sometimes vegetarian) dx with osteopenia at age 30. Most of my clients want to run away when I encourage them towards a plant based diet so I hope to win this book to share with them the true and lasting benefits of whole foods.

  17. Donna B! says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and the information that you present. It makes a difference.

  18. Beth Grabowicz says:

    Hi Alexandra.

    I would greatly appreciate being the recipient of your book. Four years ago I developed a funky autoimmune disease called polymyositis and was placed on several medications; one being prednisone. As most would know, prednisone is nasty for bone health. It took me three years to finally get off the prednisone. I also took fosamax while being on the prednisone, to help counteract the ill effects of bone destruction. On top of all of this there is maternal history of osteo -penia/-porosis. Bottom line, each one of us must be our own advocate when it comes to our optimal health. I suspect that your book is chock full of resourceful information and insight. From reading this comment board, it is apparent that all of us women are pro active with our bodies and own health. Kudos to all of us.

  19. Joy Sacalis says:

    My Mother developed a precancerous esophagus and deteriorating jawbone from the medication used to treat osteoporosis. It was hard for her to find a dentist that would even treat her. My sister was diagnosed in her thirties and takes infusions. No drugs for me. I’m a natural girl Alex, and would like to help myself and share this information with my friends and loved ones, and heck, anyone who will listen. I really, really want this book. Thank you so much for offering this. And how special, a signed copy! I just love Annmarie Colbin.

  20. Joyce says:

    I also have osteopenia and my mother definitely had osteoporosis. I have just recently become aware of the benefits of a vegan diet. I feel that I have so much still to learn. I would love to win this book and learn how to prevent any further osteoporosis and perhaps reverse what I have already. Thank you, Alexandra for all you do to help us improve our health.

  21. Christine Boutross says:

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I try to eat very healthy. Anne Marie’s book would help me to continue to even eat healthier and cleaner. I cook all my own meals and I am always looking for additional recipes and foods to help me with maintaining bone health. A copy of Anne Marie’s book would be just what I need at this time.

  22. Daria says:

    You are such a terrific motivator, thank you for all your fantastic energy!

  23. sharon says:

    Hi Alex..first of all, thank you so much for all your awsome advise and website. Love it! As a recient (5 months)60 year old vegan I’m nervous about bones and no cheese. Would love to win anything that can help.
    Sharon from New Jersey

  24. Leslie Elia says:

    Dear Alex,
    I would LOVE to win this book becuase I am a soon to be graduate of your old school, IIN, and I am actively adding to my lending library.
    What an asset it would be to add another healthy book to my library.
    Leslie Elia

  25. Jill Cormier says:

    I would REALLY love and use this book both PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY. On a personal level, I’ve been battling with Osteopenia since the age of 35, even though I’ve worked out my whole life and ate pretty well (obviously something wasn’t right). Now I’m 42 and just changed careers to become a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach (through INN – just amazing!). As I begin to council my clients I would LOVE a resource for those clients looking to eliminate [or at least reduce] their dairy and meat intake. I’m also helping to improve my 2 pre-teen’s food intake and teach them various food theories. It’s so cool how open they are to trying new foods and I would truly love for them to try these types of recipes on their own!! I’m hoping to CHANGE the lives of the next generation, as well as IMPROVE/ENHANCE those of our current generations. :-) Many bright blessings to you Alex and thank you for all that you do!

  26. Sarah Jones says:

    I am so excited to hear about this book. My mother has been diagnosed with osteopenia. As I have gone on my own journey to a healthy vegan way of life I have encouraged her to make small changes as well. She is a bit skeptical about cutting out dairy especially with her diagnosis of osteopenia, this book would be very eye opening to her and a great resource.

  27. Carla says:

    This sounds like a great book! I am always looking for new ideas to add to my vegan lifestyle. I have had 2 stress fractures in my foot and spent many months in cast and on crutches. All of my tests were normal so to this day I don’t know “why”, but I’m wondering if the answer is in the book? I am also a chronic conditions case manager and much of what I do teaching sick patints better nutrition. Many of my patients have osteoporosis so I would love another resource to share with my patients.

  28. Brooke says:

    Annemarie Colbin is wonderful! I use her Healing with Whole Foods book all the time. I would love to check out her new publication!

  29. Ami says:

    I have had to be on HRT since I was 16 and I am nervous about my bones future…this book would be awesome!

  30. Oh man, let me count the reasons why. Besides the fact that every woman on both sides of my family have osteoporosis, I was on prednisone for two years so I already have bone loss at 33. :(

    • Alexandra says:

      Congratulations Stephanie!
      Your the winner of Annemarie Colbin’s book! Email me with your mailing address and I’ll have the book sent to you on wings! Be well, and be sure to thank Annemarie for her book once you read it~

  31. Aida O says:

    I was diagnosed w/ Osteoporosis,so I would love to win this book! I bought vitamins, and try to get as much calcium as I can, but it would be nice to have a book that will educate me on it!

  32. Migdalia says:

    I would love to win this book, I am in my late 40′s and I am very concern about osteoporosis, my mother has it and I know I can get it also. Thanks for the opportunity, blessings.

  33. I enjoyed hearing Annemarie speak at Lincoln Center during Integrative Nutrition’s live classes. With a grandmother who suffered from a hip-fracture and a mother who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you can bet I’m interested in her book.

    Be Well,

  34. Karin B. says:

    Dear Alex,
    I need to OWN THIS BOOK in particular, because I LOVE AUTOGRAPHED HEALTH BOOKS–I really treasure the few autographed books I have in my personal library of books and DVD’s. I am passionate about healthy food (and I was a junk food junkie most of my life). A year and a half ago I took a class and became vegetarian and it changed my life…a couple months into it, my young children wanted to do the same and have stuck with it. I won’t say I’m vegan because on occasion if something has dairy or an egg in it, it doesn’t make me vegan anymore–but basically I’m vegan. I recently had a Nutritional Evaluation (bloodwork) to see if I had any toxicities or deficiencies and now I’m on a lot of vitamins and I thought I was doing this right. I want to get most/all of my nutrients from the food I eat. I recently purchased your Living Vegan book and it has helped tremendously. With my children being so young, I want to make sure they have strong bones as they grow and since I had nutritional deficiencies showing up in my bloodwork, I have concerns for them. I am continually seeking knowledge about health for myself and my children to make sure we are getting the nutrients we need. I am proud of my children’s knowledge about health at such young ages and what I learn in the book will be shared with them as I continue to empower them about being in charge of their bodies, so think of it as making a positive impact on the next generation by selecting me as the winner!

  35. Cheryl says:

    I would love to have this book to give to my mother. I worry about her because she doesn’t eat a lot of raw veggies and she’s often confused about how to eat right. I feel that she will eventually come across some kind of issues with her health. Maybe this book can give her some useful information and a new perspective on healthy eating.

  36. Mickey says:

    I attended the Natural Gourmet School and love Anne Marie Colbin’s teachings! I would love to win this book and give it to my mother (and hopefully borrow it to read myself after!), she’s in her early 60′s, and i’m always trying to help her improve her diet and eat more veggies and coach her on doing cleanses with me. I think she’d love this book! If I dont win it, I’ll probably buy it for her, I’m glad you mentioned it! Thank you Alex!

  37. Amy A. says:

    I need this book! I have four kids, ages 13, 10, 8 and 10 months. My three oldest kids have dairy allergies (eczema and nosebleeds). I have been a vegetarian for three years, going back and forth over those years between veganism and eating dairy/eggs. I feel yucky when I eat dairy, and hate how it affects my children as well, but I am at a loss when it comes to choosing bone-building foods for our family.

  38. Ann Haman says:

    I want to have strong bones so I don’t break a hip when I’m older or end up like a hunch back. I’m trying to omit dairy and learn other things to eat to make my bones strong.

  39. Jenni Black says:

    I have been changing my diet since April this year and am on the lookout for books and people that tell the truth!! Bring it on!!!!

  40. Emily says:

    I am a graduate of IIN, and I took classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute (a few with Annemarie Colbin herself!) for many years. My father has horrible osteoporosis, and my mom is at the age where she is becoming concerned about bone loss. I would love to give this book to them as a gift, so that they both can improve their health.

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