Warming Foods For Winter Weight Loss

Support your body this chilly season!

Instead of cooling your metabolism with summer fruits and berries, focus on naturally warming, seasonal foods, and your weight goals will be easier to reach.

Anise Basil Bay leaf Bitter orange Black beas Blackberry Brussels sprouts Butter, salted Caraway Cadamom Carob Cashew Chestnut Chile pepper Cinnamon Citrus peel Clove Coconut Collards Date Dill Fat and oil Fennel Fenugreek Garlic Garlic chive Ginger Kale Mace Miso Molasses Mustard [...]

Do you act how you want to feel?

I hope your autumn is cozy and bright. The last two months have been incredible. I’ve been writing my next book, preparing for my first TedX talk, and have partnered with three amazing organizations for my big spring program (more [...]

Winter Whites: Celery Root & Cauliflower Soup

Winter Whites: Creamy Celery Root & Cauliflower Soup

You may have passed by the celery root, also known as celeriac, because it looked scary and you couldn’t image what you’d do with that giant root. 

Fear not! That big bulbous root is just the [...]