Sodas don’t kill people, straws kill people

This week our fearless leader, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, announced a proposed ban on sodas over 16-ounces.


And as “the vegan girlfriend from Super Size Me” you’d probably expect me to be jumping for joy, pointing my finger , singing “Nya [...]

Food & Eating Breakthrough Questionnaire


Thanks to the 120+ readers who submitted the questionnaire this week – I’m so excited to start creating your personalized reports.

Due to the overwhelming demand, and my already busy coaching practice, I’m taking the questionnaire down for a while until [...]

The Blu Premiere: NYC

Sharks were splashing down Broadway last week, and I don’t mean the normal financial executives from Wall Street.

It was actual sharks. launched last week in New York City, and the sky-high screens of Times Square lit up with blue water, [...]