What I NEVER do & what I ALWAYS do

The snow is melting here in Brooklyn, but I made sure to fill up the birdfeeder today. Those little birdies need some human support in the winter, and they even eat some of the same stuff I do! You know, [...]

Baking as Healing: Sweet Potato Bread

Baking is one of those healing practices I love.

From start to finish, the process feels like a ritual dance:

walking to the book shelf and choosing a cookbook…

sitting on the couch with tea, and leafing through the pages…

choosing a recipe…

placing the [...]

USA Today got this wrong

I helped Morgan Spurlock create Super Size Me and was his co-star and nutritional “voice of reason.”

USA Today recently profiled John Cisna, a high school teacher in Iowa, who tested out an experiment with his students to eat nothing but [...]

Client Review: Winter Cleanse with Alex

Don’t start another one-size-fits-all diet plan this January 1st… Join up for my Winter Cleanse and find out what works for your unique body!

Watch my past group program member, Galit, share what she gained…and lost…in my program:

25 pounds! That’s so awesome. AND [...]