00 About Alex Jamieson and the Crave Cast

This Crave Cast is a place where you can come to find the nonjudgmental support to help you sift through and discover what your cravings mean.

This crave cast is my effort to bring the conversation forward that we’re all unique, [...]

An open breakup letter to Dairy

My good friend Jeannine wrote a post on Facebook this week:

“what is the meaning behind craving savory creamy flavors and textures ALL THE TIME? What do I REALLY need? Alexandra Jamieson, you are the cravings whisperer! You must know.”

I totally feel her [...]

How do you manage cravings?

I was recently asked where cravings come from, and how to “fix” them.

I thought it was interesting to be asked to fix something that I don’t think is broken.

See, I don’t think cravings are bad or that they make you [...]