Writing Is Healing: Write Your Story

Writing has changed my life, over and over again.

From sorting out my feelings in “dear diary” style countless nights over my life, to writing through the pain of losing my mother, to exploring what my cravings were telling [...]

Win a $100 gift basket from me + Barlean’s!

I’m on the look out for great supplements that keep my knee joints and skin looking and feeling good.

So when Barlean’s oils came on my radar, I had to give them a try.


They taste good, and they have super high [...]

30 – Fifty Questions to Ask Those Cravings

Today’s episode is fueled by you.

Since we published Women, Food and Desire, I’ve been flooded with even more questions about how to understand cravings.

I’m here today to provide answers to your questions so you can start working with your cravings right NOW!

Also, I’m excited to share with [...]