41 Sneaky Names For Sugar

If you’ve ever been on a cleanse or detox diet, you were probably told to stop eating sugar as part of the plan. If you’re trying to clear up yeast or acne, you may have been warned to avoid sugar and [...]

3 Ways Dessert Destroys Your Desire: [sugar + hormones]

Did you know what you eat has a huge effect on your libido? That red velvet cupcake is more dangerous than the Red Room of Pain…

According to the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM-5, 2013), the American Psychiatric Association’s [...]

Sober, With The Lights On [Love Yourself]

It’s time to turn on the lights + get clear, sweet ones. It’s time to love yourself well.

May is National Masturbation Month: It’s time to get clear + sober about our physical cravings! http://bit.ly/lovesoberpleasure

I’m going to talk about some stuff [...]

37 Candida – Demystifying Bacterial Imbalance

Would you like a boost in energy?

Are you looking to relieve your digestive symptoms or headaches?

The good news is you’re not the only one!

Bacterial imbalance is frequent amongst both men and women, and it’s also commonly found in people with an [...]

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