Soy Myths Debunked – Enjoy That Tofu

Every week we get a different story from the mainstream media about the safety of soy – so is it safe or not?

(The bigger question is: is it safe to get your health and medical information from the mainstream media?)

A [...]

Cereal Boxes May Be Toxic

My favorite part of visiting my grandmother’s house was her cereal selection. She would stock little boxes of Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, and Fruit Loops for our yearly visits, and I dreamed about those hyper-colored bowls of sugar all year.

Eating [...]

US Dietary Guideline Experts Rec Move to Plant Based Diets!

It’s a miracle, and a move that will save countless lives.

The new “Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010″ recommends shifting American diets to be plant-based.

I couldn’t be more pleased! If the government actually [...]

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