And The Winner Is….(Moon Cup Contest)

Thanks to everyone who threw their hat in the ring to win the Moon Cup from www. – so many great comments and questions! I’m glad to have offered a bit of useful advice – there were several women [...]

If you love 80′s heavy metal, go see Anvil!

One of the most inspiring and funny documentaries I’ve seen in the past ten years, ANVIL! The Story of Anvil, brought to light the incredible journey of the “real life Spinal Tap” from Canada. I was lucky enough to see [...]

More tips for keeping your cool without ice cream this summer!

I had a letter from a reader in response to last week’s post on naturally cooling foods:

G.M. wrote: “I live in Houston, Texas, work in an office and with 100-degree weather, ice cream is tempting! What can we do to stay [...]