Inspiring women to learn from

My night stand is piled high with books. Always has been. My parents were teachers and my aunt is a librarian, so I guess it’s genetic.

Lately I’ve put aside the health books and cookbooks to focus on an entirely new [...]

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Kids of all ages will love this recipe – another winning way to get healthy veggies into American tummies!

Serves 6

2 large yams, washed and dried 3 Tb. extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp. sea salt 1/2  tsp. [...]

Falling in love with Cranberries

Cranberry Relish (aka “most delicious think you’ll put in your mouth for Thanksgiving”)erry Relish

3 cups pure maple syrup  1 pkg. fresh cranberries  1 ½ c. white/golden seedless raisins  ½ c. apple cider vinegar  1 Orange (Juice, pulp and [...]

End of season Peaches? Cobbler-ific!

Staring at a huge bowl of peaches, I am dismayed to find that half are perfect, half are mealy. What’s a girl to do? Inspired by Sarah Kramer’s recipe from her amazing cookbook La Dolce Vegan (Arsenal, 2005) I made [...]

Tofu Toast

Missing eggs in the morning but want to avoid the cholesterol? Try this easy, favorite recipe of mine:



1 pound firm tofu, drained

2 pieces Ezekiel bread (made from sprouted whole grains!)

1 TB olive oil

1 tsp naturally brewed soy sauce (shoyu, tamari [...]