WebMD Recommends Suspect Foods for Weight Loss

In her article titled “13 Diet Foods Worth Buying” Elaine Magee, MPH, RD offers her topsuggestions for low calorie foods to use for weight loss.  As I read the WebMD expert’s list and saw that, as she described,  “all [the [...]

Daycare Dilemma: Food Coloring Crisis

My son Laken attends a wonderful daycare here in our Brooklyn neighborhood. The teachers are kind, fun, and attentive, the director is hands-on, creative, and energetic. I enjoy the other parents and kids, and I’ve even stopped by the 3/4’s [...]

Dairy-free, but miss the cheese? Try Daiya!

I’ll admit it – I sometimes miss the melty, gooey texture and taste of cheese. Still, I’m not interested in the cholesterol and heart-clogging ingredients found in animal cheese – and I know I don’t like how dairy makes my [...]

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