What Are My Detox Members Are Saying….?

My January Detox Tele-Group is nearing the end of our 8 week course. Checking in with my members has been great – everyone is working towards their goals and learning deep insights about how their individual body reacts to food [...]

Skin-tastic Juice for health and beauty

I love vegetables in all forms. Steamed, raw, baked, naked and smothered in vegan mushroom gravy. I also love a huge heaping glass of fresh vegetable juice. Nothing makes my body light up with energy like the easy healing from [...]

Daikon: The Fat Flusher

Daikon radishes have been used in traditional Japanese and Macrobiotic cooking to heal the body and to help it discharge fat, excess fluids and old animal foods lingering in the intestines. This “really big radish” has huge amounts of digestive [...]

Is your tap water safe? What to do if it’s not…

Drinking water is one of the first steps towards helping your body detoxify nasty chemicals and years of abuse. The members of my 8 Week Detox Tele-Course have noticed great improvements in their digestion and skin health just from increasing [...]