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“I just wanted to say thank you. A few weeks ago I started reading your book The Great American Detox Diet and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

I used to have back & neck pain everyday, migraines every couple of days, indigestion daily, and my skin was a wreck (awful painful acne on my chin.)

I’ve been on the program for 24 days now, back and neck pain have all but disappeared.  I’ve had one migraine this month (and that one was minor, not the horrific ones I used to get.)

My skin is totally clear and I’ve lost 10 lbs. Now I am halfway thru the detox and I can’t imagine going back to the way I was eating before.  Also, I never thought I’d give up sugar and sweets.  My father died from diabetes at 60.

Your book really opened my eyes to what sugar does to the body, what it did to his body.  You have helped me not follow that same path.  Thank you Alex.”

Forever grateful,

Debra Hartsgrove

“I’m 6’4” and that’s a lot of human acreage to seed and harvest day after day. Also, I’m very active so when I get hungry I need options that fill me up and taste like food, not the box it came in.

Oh, and I’m an actor and the camera really does add ten pounds – which is more or less a buttock. I tend to gain in my face, so if I’m not careful things get weird.Alex asked what I liked to eat, how hard I was willing to work (not very, if possible) and then suggested healthier variations along with practical advice that suited my lifestyle, not someone else’s.

Everyone knows that eating healthy food is rewarding. It can also involve a little preparation – which is okay because Alex showed me how to make a reward that actually tastes like one.”

~ Craig Bierko, Actor,
known for many TV and film roles including playing
Max Baer in the Oscar nominated film
The Cinderella Man

“Alex, I can’t thank you enough for this plan. I already feel so much better, have already lost weight, and it’s the only “diet” I have ever done that isn’t torture, and that I actually enjoy!This morning my coworker told me I was “glowing” and asked what I’m on. I said, “I’m OFF animals!Thanks, Alex! Yes, I’ve been a stand up comic and worked in the entertainment industry in L.A. since about 2004. I actually moved out here from NY, went to NYU for college!It’s interesting you ask that, because I never pursued this or desired to detox. It was New Years Day, this year, and I was sitting at my parents’ house watching TV and my mom had your book on the coffee table. She’s tried a million diets in her life and when I saw it I was like, “Oh God, here we go again…” I asked her what it was and she said she had just started reading it but hadn’t begun the diet yet. I sat on the couch the rest of the afternoon and read your book and was FASCINATED. After about 4 hours of reading through it, I said to my mom, “Let’s do this together!” And on January 2, we both started!

I dove in head first and already cut out the dairy, meat, etc even though I’m only on week 2. The only thing I haven’t completely cut out yet is caffeine. I was a coffee/latte JUNKIE and now I’m just drinking 2 cups of masala chai tea in the morning (way less caffeine) but I love the ritual so much, it’s like meditating to me. My husband is Indian and his mother taught me the most gorgeous recipe for it, with fresh lemongrass, ginger, mint. It smells incredible and I just enjoy it too much!!!

I’ve never been obese in my life, but have always been a little more “curvy” than my friends. I’ve been on a “diet” of some sort probably since I was 8 years old and told by my ballet teacher that I looked “too fat” in my leotard. However, right before Christmas I joined Curves and when I stepped on the scale, I was astounded. I weighed about 10 lbs more than I thought I did, and just felt so disappointed with myself.

In addition to that, I just haven’t been feeling well for months now. Constantly fatigued, horrible gas, etc. The doctors kept telling me I was fine, but I didn’t feel fine.

Already on your plan, I feel SO much better and have dropped about 6 pounds more easily in my life than I could have ever imagined. And I feel happy! My husband is thrilled. He’s never seen me stick whole-heartedly to a plan in my life. I have always tried (Weight Watchers, My Calorie Counter, South Beach, you name it) and have always disappointed myself because I couldn’t stick with it. That’s because all those plans were torture.

But your plan has been so EASY… and ENJOYABLE. This is something I can stick to for life, I just know it. I feel lighter and happier too, less depressed! I read recently that when we eat meat, we eat the anxiety the animals produce before being slaughtered. I’m starting to think there’s a lot of truth to that.

It’s funny to me how life can throw such surprises at you. Even a month ago, I would have never dreamed of doing something like this, or going on a vegan journey. To be honest, I probably made fun of vegans a thousand times…. and now I’m doing it! Your book was staring me in the face on the coffee table, and I think it was there for a reason. I don’t think anything is “coincidence.”

So thank you for your work, Alex! I feel so rejuvenated and for once in my life, I feel empowered that I can stick to something!!!”

~ Molly Harper

“Alexandra worked with me personally, before, during and after the making of the movie “What Would Jesus Buy?”

which is now on the Sundance Channel.  Alex entered effortlessly into a role that I’d never permitted anyone before.  I am not a methodical pursuer of better health, and have never really adopted much of a dietary regimen.  As a result of the ease and grace of Alexandra’s approach, I adjusted my meal habits to energize me in a high-tension performance life.  There were clear results, from stamina to the ability to deal with anger.  I am grateful especially, looking back across the three years since she decided I was OK on my own –  for how she talked straight to me, identifying certain processed food with the appropriate judgment, but never judging me.

Thank you Alex.”

~ Reverend Billy Tallen, Founder,
The Church Of Stop Shopping at

“Making sure to eat well and get enough sleep has made ALL the difference in my creativity and ability to write my books.

Thanks for starting me down this path of vitality!”

Karen Benke, Author 'Rip The Page!' I was yo-yo-ing on sugar after giving birth to my son and didn’t know how or what to eat to feel better.  Sleep deprivation makes e v e r y t h i n g hard!  Resuming a teaching and writing career and being a Mom made me want to get off the sugar ride.  It just wasn’t fun anymore.

Now I have A TON of energy.  I’m more productive and creative—had a book published and am completing two more manuscripts.  I no longer crave sugar…or know what to eat instead if I do.

I’m happier, more grounded and grateful, and feel sane.  Plus I cook more vegetables and tasty meals for my family, including gluten and sugar-free baked goods which my nine-year old loves.

I’d recommend anyone suffering from sugar cravings to simply set up a chat with Alex.

~ Karen Benke, Writing Guide and Author
“Rip The Page! Adventures in Creative Writing”
Mill Valley, CA

Great Results!” 

I started working with Alex in January 2011 and she was able to assist me in ‘detoxing’ my life, my diet, and assist me in creating a scalable nutrition plan for my toddler. Since working with her I have lost over 25 lbs, reduced severe allergy issues, and have introduced a host of foods and suppliments that have revolutionized the way my son and I eat. Alex treats the whole person and creates realistic, actionable plans for even the busiest of people. I highly recommend working with Alex and would work with her again at any time. Thank you Alex!

~ Alexis Willard
Strategic Accounts Manager at Barcoding Inc.

“I contacted Alex at a low point in my physical and mental well-being – I was pretty much living on coffee, diet sodas, donuts and cheeseburgers.

Martin Kihn, AuthorMy energy and mood seesawed throughout the day, my skin was splotchy, and I was very badly informed about nutrition.

Alex gave me exactly what I needed: gentle but firm guidance over 12 weeks, during which I gradually changed my eating habits, not by banning “bad foods” but by discovering better ones. Without being preachy or judgmental, she provided me with a practical plan that involved substituting delicious whole grains for donuts, getting better hydration and more sleep, and finally kicking the diet soda habit.

She helped me rediscover food groups I’d forgotten, like leafy green vegetables, nuts and berries, soy and fresh fruit. Now they’re old friends, a part of my daily routine.

In just a few months of working with Alex, I turned my health and mood around so I can put my energy where it belongs: into living a better life.

I contacted Alex at a low point in my physical and mental well-being – I was pretty much living on coffee, diet sodas, donuts a cheeseburgers. My energy and mood seesawed throughout the day, my skin was splotchy, and I was very badly informed about nutrition.

Alex gave me exactly what I needed: gentle but firm guidance over 12 weeks, during which I gradually changed my eating habits, not by banning “bad foods” but by discovering better ones. Without being preachy or judgmental, she provided me with a practical plan that involved substituting delicious whole grains for donuts, getting better hydration and more sleep, and finally kicking the diet soda habit.

She helped me rediscover food groups I’d forgotten, like leafy green vegetables, nuts and berries, soy and fresh fruit. Now they’re old friends, a part of my daily routine.

In just a few months of working with Alex, I turned my health and mood around so I can put my energy where it belongs: into living a better life.”

~ Martin Kihn, advertising executive and author, New York, NY,

I feel healthier, more alert, my skin cleared up and I have much more stamina!

I just finished up my class with Alex and I am bursting with joy inside – I feel as if I have accomplished a degree or something of that magnitude.  I normally don’t spend money on myself – it goes to the house, dog or car but not on me – oh sure clothes and personal items yes but it has been such a long time when I spent money on myself to try something new.  Well I did it 8 weeks ago and felt guilty at first for spending the money and wondered if I would make it through all 8 weeks but I DID and I feel great.  I did not have any expectations going in but as soon as I spoke to Alex I KNEW this was going to be “good”!  I enjoyed every milestone I have accomplished with her – when she writes on her website “empowered woman” I am right now – I feel healthier, more alert, have much more stamina, sustainability and focus on projects.

This program exceeded my expectations – it goes so far beyond what I anticipated!

I would recommend and have recommended this course with Alex to family and friends.  Alex is delightful, funny and non judgmental!  The information provided by Alex has guided and given me the confidence to walk into a health food store and not be intimidated by the various choices one has for “healthy” food and to make clear choices that work for me.  I am thrilled that my skin has cleared up, I sleep better and the overall excitement of completing something totally for my well being has made me become an “empowered woman”.

~ Susan H., 58
Vice President, Water & Wastewater Equipment
Herndon, VA

My stomach pain is GONE and thanks to the dairy-free experiment, my skin is nearly clear!

Before I started working with Alex my day to day energy levels were not consistent, which directly affected my training.  I am active in both running races and triathlons.  I also was experiencing stomach pain on a regular basis and had acne that just wouldn’t go away.

What I love about Alex’s approach is that I never felt overwhelmed by the suggestions that she gave.  Alex offered up opportunities to incorporate, better, more nutritious foods and made it fun.  The breakfast experiment was awesome!  I can’t tell you how much fun I’m still having experimenting with new foods and finding out how many delicious, healthy options there are out there to enjoy.

Since working with Alex, my energy levels have been great and much more consistent.  I’ve experiences much higher quality run training.  My stomach pain is GONE and thanks to the dairy-free experiment, my skin is nearly clear!  I never would have thought to consider that all that cheese I’d been eating was keeping my acne in place!

Our work together has made me so much more aware of what I put in my body.  I never really understood the idea of “you are what you eat” until now.  I clearly see how what I eat will affect how I feel later in the day and have been using this knowledge to make better food choices.

I can’t tell you how much fun this experience was for me.  Alex, you really are amazing and it’s so clear how much you love what you do.  Thank you so much.  Your smartness around nutrition has made me smart too!

~ Pamela P.

Certified Public Accountant, New York, NY

The great thing is, I see food in a whole new way now

I’d recently had breast cancer, and I’d started to make changes to my diet, but I was doing it without any guidance. For instance, at the hospital, a nurse-practitioner asked me about my diet, and she wrote it down, and a research doctor asked me about my diet, but no one was giving out advice.

I found Alex’s website and I was intrigued to read she was using food as medicine to heal the body. I signed up for her detox program and weekly phone classes, and was immediately impressed by her breadth of knowledge and easy-going manner. Many of us had a lot of questions, and Alex listened and responded with the kind of expert guidance I was looking for. She taught us about new foods I’d never tried before, and she gave us recipes that were so surprisingly delicious, they’ve become my new comfort foods.

Losing weight had not been my primary goal but four months later, I’m down to the right weight for my height. I feel fitter and healthier than ever. The great thing is, I see food in a whole new way now. I think before I eat. I plan ahead. I read food labels, and I ask myself, ‘What’s this going to do for me?’ I have Alex to thank for that.

~ Julia M., Canadian Journalist

My cravings are greatly reduced and I enjoy preparing 90% of my meals!

I find myself taking the time to perform tasks, rather than rushing through them or resenting having to do them. At first, I started by adjusting my attitude to preparing meals, but I found myself taking the same approach to other aspects of my life. This makes me feel like I’m actually living those moments.

I’ve really enjoyed the detox sessions and sharing with the women in the group. This course has started me on a path, andmade me re-evaluate the way I take care of myself.

~Mariel, Arlington, VA

Within one week of working with Alex I began feeling dramatically better.

After spending several months at the Mayo Clinic without finding answers regarding why I had no energy,felt sick much of the time and had developed a chronic problem with intestinal distress (diarrhea), I contacted Alex.

Within a week, she identified the root-cause issue, made small changes to my diet, and I began feeling dramatically better. My intestinal distress stopped immediately, and over the first month, I lost 15 lbs, my energy level increased and the nausea and dizziness went away.

Stated simply: Alex gave me my life back. The Mayo Clinic and their doctors are wonderful – but unfortunately, doctors are taught a lot about disease and very little about nutrition and how our bodies respond to what we eat. The doctors found nothing because I did not have a disease – the food I was eating was making me sick.

Alex is a wise, knowledgeable, gentle soul who taught me about my body and food that I needed to know. Drastic changes were not required – she taught me small and simple ways that I could easily incorporate living, eating and being healthy into my daily life.

I cannot say enough good about Alex and the way she has touched my life.

~ Kathleen, age 54

Co-founder of Professional Services Group, FL

Working with Alex has been a sea change for me.

I never felt intimidated. I really liked that each session I walked about with several concrete ideas of how to deal with whatever health issue I was tackling at that time.

The 3 most significant improvements I’ve noticed as a result of working with Alex are that my sleep is much better, I have healthy food in the fridge and on my plate and my energy is much more balanced throughout the day.

I feel like I’m back on the path of healthy eating and it is part of my whole life! My family noticed a big difference in my health.Working with you, Alex, has had a wonderful impact on my whole family! THANK YOU!

~ Heather Lester, writer/teaching artist, Brooklyn, NY

I lost weight, feel more energized and genuinely have a more positive outlook on life.

Since starting holistic health counseling, I feel more energized, have lost weight and genuinely have a more positive outlook on life.

Alex’s caring and non-judgmental approach, coupled with her knowledgeable perspective, makes her the ideal person to work with in trying to make significant life changes.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to improve their mind, body and spirit.

~ Ana H.

Alex guided me through an easy transition. I lost 15 pounds, I now sleep remarkably better and my energy is soaring!

Before I started working with Alex, I was tired. I had no energy. I also felt frustrated. I was not sleeping well. I felt, having been a Vegetarian for over 20 years, I knew how to eat – wrong! I was not making proper food choices. I would eat Vegetarian, but not wholesome, healthy choices.

Alex showed me an easy way to transition into making healthy changes in my eating and lifestyle patterns. With Alex’s expertise in introducing me to many food options, I had no problem expanding my Vegetarian diet to include whole grains and many other healthy choices.

The results were amazing! My energy level immediately started to soar. I became more in-tune with my body’s demands for whole foods, not junk. Even before Alex would call me I would crave a certain food (whole, nutritious), and I was constantly amazed at how she knew what I would experience, feel and demand. I started to sleep better. My weight also started to change. I have slowly – which is better than quickly – lost approximately 15 pounds. Since working with Alex for these past six months, I have decided to become Vegan, and my energy level is great.

I feel anyone that wishes to better their lifestyle, be it through nutrition or body and soul, should definitely sign up with Alex. You don’t need to be a Vegan or a Vegetarian. I was totally impressed with her knowledge. Any time I have had a question, she immediately had an answer or a suggestion for me. She has introduced me to another level of thinking, cooking, learning and realizing that my body is a machine that needs to be fed properly in order to function. Not only do I have this knowledge, but I now am sharing this with my family and friends.

~ Lucy B.

I finally feel like my life is back on track.

I was at home suffering for 3 weeks with a herniated disc in my back. About a week prior, I had also been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I was very emotional, tired and had plenty of time to reflect on my life at that point.

It became clear to me that I needed to change my health,and the first step was contacting Alex. I felt that eating better was just what I needed to bring me back in balance.

The first time I spoke to Alex was like chatting with an old friend. She was very warm and cared about helping me get better. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. As a mother of 2, people (myself included) forget that even mom needs a little TLC. Alex gave that to me. She showed compassion for all that I was going through and made me feel “normal” again. She helped me understand that I needed to nurture and care for myself.

In the weeks that I have worked with Alex I have changed my diet. It was not a radical change but slowly I started to feel better. The most significant was kicking my soda habit. I loved soda. I could drink it all day long. I kicked that cold turkey and have never looked back. I eat more whole grains and veggies. Drink tons of water. I even try to walk more if not for the exercise aspect but for the fresh air cleansing my soul.

The difference with Alex is that she explains the ideas about eating well and she does it in a way that makes you feel like you definitely can do it. She also gave me great ideas to get my whole family in better health. She suggested easy ways for me to incorporate changes into all of our lives.

Gradually I had more energy, started taking more time for myself. I finally started feeling like my life was on track. I am convinced that I would not have learned that without Alex’s help. She was very instrumental in changing my life for the better. I will always be grateful to her.

~ Wendy Almodovar

Executive Assistant, Bayside, NY

My energy nearly doubled, my junk-food cravings disappeared for good and I seemed to be immune to all the nasty flu bugs.

By following the small, easy and simple “tweaks” Alex made to my diet, my energy nearly doubled, my junk-food cravings disappeared for good, and I seemed to be immune to all the nasty flu bugs making everyone else sick. But the best part was how fast these changes took place. I felt the difference in just days. Working with Alex is like being with an old friend … and the results are truly remarkable.

~ Dave K.

Alex made it easy for me to become a healthier and happier person!

I was feeling terrible after yet another fad diet had failed. I wanted to make the change from dieting to a healthy lifestyle. After watching Super Size Me, I was inspired by Alex’s Detox Diet and contacted her through her website.

As we began our sessions, I felt relieved that I had Alex to gently guide me out of my life-long eating habits of fast food. It was so easy to be motivated by her real-life experiences and brilliant lessons. She taught me how to listen to my body and how to nourish it. I was afraid to go anywhere near the kitchen, but Alex demystified shopping for healthy foods and taught me to enjoy cooking.

I am grateful to Alex for how much she has taught me about myself and for making me a healthier and happier person!

I would recommend Alex to anyone who is searching for the answers to making positive healthy changes for their family and themselves.

~ Stephanie H.

Human Resources Manager, Las Vegas, NV

I feel completely confident that I can continue on this healthy path!

I started out on a journey about six months ago, searching for the keys for a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. I was online every night, looking for any information possible. Then one night I found Alex’s website.

Finally! Someone who seemed so educated, passionate, and practical, and, of course, she is! I knew from the first phone session that my life was about to change.

I began to learn about all different kinds of food and which foods were more beneficial for specific needs that I have.Alex graciously listened to my every woe about my learning process and continued to be so encouraging.

Although my time with Alex has ended, I feel completely confident that I can continue this journey much more informed and prepared.

I have lost about 10 pounds and have gained more than I ever thought possible.Thank you so much Alex!

~ Larissa N.

Designer for Rejoice! Bags, CA

My relationship with food and my body has made a complete turn around!

I feel so blessed to have been able to enjoy Alex’s wisdom and insight about nutrition and realize that it will be with me my entire life. She helped me build a strong foundation about my body and how my nutritional habits affect it.

She individualized every session, and we would talk specifically about MY body and how it reacts to certain foods at different times. Now I know the signals that my body is giving me, and I now honestly listen and respond appropriately.

I now can cook things other than cold cereal and toast and have been buying and eating vegetables I never even knew existed! I am forever grateful for Alex’s program leading me into this healthy world. My relationship with food and my body has made a complete turnaround and now I’m looking forward with confidence to living in my body every single day! Thank you Alex!

~ Sadie S.

RN, Pediatric Nurse, WA

Alex brought a healthy focus and positive change to my life.

Dear Alex,

I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. When I saw Super Size Me, I sat thinking that the most interesting parts of the documentary were Morgan’s Vegan last supper, the detox planning and any scenes where you were cooking in the background. My mind fluttered with curiosity about what you were cooking and what went into that detox plan. After seeing the film, I discovered your web site through the links on the Super Size Me site. That’s when my life changed.

During the past year, I became a Vegetarian and interested in how health is affected by food choices. This seemed like an amazing position to me, and I read whatever I could get my hands on about the subject. On your site, I found the link to the Natural Gourmet Cookery School and was astounded that there was a school dedicated to healthful cooking. I have always loved to cook, and with my newfound love of nutrition, I knew that this was the direction I wanted my life to take.

So now I’m a student at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School with future goals of further studying holistic nutrition and eventually becoming a personal chef focusing on special dietary needs. As indirect as it may seem, you have change my life and brought it into focus. Recently, I purchased your book with aspirations of detoxing my own diet. I have tried several of your recipes (as I write this, I just finished munching on a chocolate anthill) and I must say they are delicious.

You are making positive changes in people’s lives and I hope you know just how special you are.

Thanks again,

~ Kimberly Amico

In just a few months of working with Alex, I gained more insight and knowledge than in the few years I spent in therapy trying to “fix” myself.

Alex Jamieson is an incredibly gifted person. Before I began my 6-month stint with her, I was a little heavier, unhappy with my body and burned out in my job. In the six months I spent with Alex’s program, I gained more insight and knowledge than in the few years I spent in therapy trying to “fix” myself.

I ended up changing more than just my eating habits. I finally became self-employed, began cooking my husband insanely healthy meals, and more or less figured out how to balance life, work, and play, especially during my husband’s busy season at his work, which can be really tough to do!

Slimming down ended up being a pleasant side effect, as I had no idea that my bad body image was just a signal that other areas of my life needed tending to. Alex is forever my “guru”!!!

~ Jen Z.

Esthetician, IA

I am stronger, in better shape, healthier and feel better than I have in my entire life.

Alex treated me as a distinct individual with a unique set of problems to tackle rather than another person with weight issues. I was severely below the average weight for my age.  I could eat anything, but could not manage to gain weight.  I tried a variety of foods, diets and even protein powders, but I could not gain weight.  I am an active athlete and I was getting into the risk category for low body fat.  I wanted to gain weight, but wanted to do it in a healthy way.

Alex’s caring approach and attitude for my health helped me open up and discuss my health in ways I never thought of before.  Through our discussions, we were able to discover that there were additional problems I was not aware I had that were causing my health issues.  Once these issues were out into the open Alex worked with me to develop a systematic plan to work on all of them.

I liked the building approach where we focused on adding only a couple things to my schedule at a time.  I enjoyed learning about different aspects of how food directly affects so many areas of our lives.  I was amazed at how minor changes can have such a dramatic impact on my life and well being.

My original desire was to gain weight in a healthy way.  I succeeded at that, but several other additional benefits outweighed just simply gaining weight.

  1. I no longer have headaches
  2. I feel better mentally and physically
  3. I have much more energy

I was able to let go of bad habits that were affecting me mentally and physically creating a much healthier me!  I struggled for so long with my weight and was amazed how your simple steps helped me achieve my goals.  I did not realize how much my headaches and poor health were affecting my life.  I am now at a much healthier weight.  I am stronger, in better shape, healthier and feel better than I have in my entire life. You helped me achieve my goals and so much more!

Alex, you are an amazing person!  I feel very fortunate to have had the incredible opportunity to work with you.  You changed my life and I do not know how I will ever be able to thank you enough!

~ Jaes W Overley, Sr Analyst and Open Water Swimmer,

Kansas City, Missouri

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