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Here’s A Quick Way To Kick Your Caffeine Cravings

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It’s summer and I’m thirsty and hot – a lot. New York City can be pretty sticky, and I need constant refreshment to get through a day. Try my favorite mid-day caffeine-free latte recipe!



Back in the day I would cool my afternoon energy lulls with an iced latte or frozen coffee drink from that place that rhymes with “Blahr – ducks.” Since detoxifying my body over a decade ago, I find that I don’t like or want as much caffeine, dairy, and sugar as I used to. Actually, I find that I feel even worse if I have them!


What’s wrong with a little caffeine you might be asking? Well, if you’re drinking several (or even one, for some people) servings of coffee, tea, cola, or “energy drink” a day, your sleep can be effected no matter how early in the day you drink it.


Your morning cup of tea or coffee can also dehydrate your skin making it look older than it is (horrors!), and makes you urinate more, leading to overall dehydration.


If you remember your high school chemistry, you might recall that calcium (from your bones) is an alkaline substance.


If you’re drinking caffeine (along with sugar and diary, especially) you can change the pH balance of your body to be overly acidic. There are strong links between regular caffeine use and osteoporosis, because of the acidic nature of many caffeinated beverages.

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Still, I like to enjoy a yummy cold drink, especially in the afternoons, and here is one of my favorite recipes:


1 cup iced Teeccino

½ cup MimiCCreme

Serve over ice


Teeccino is an herbal coffee-replacement that offers a roasted aroma, look and taste just like coffee, without the caffeine. Or the caffeine crash a few hours later.


MimiCCreme is a line of non-dairy, soy-free, gluten-free nut creams that make any cream recipe totally amazing. I like the unsweetened version for my iced teeccino in the afternoon, but the sweetened versions are great for desserts, baking, smoothies and breakfast recipes.


Enjoy your caffeine free latte!


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Hemp Recipes That Adults & Kids Will Love!

This year’s Hemp History Week has been full of fun events and I’m hopeful that the support for legalizing this useful, safe agricultural product will grow like a weed:

– Tuesday night I co-taught a packed class at Whole Foods with Phil Lempert of fame. We shared the delicious and healthy ways hemp can be used in cooking, along with recipes and free goodies from the Hemp History Week supporting companies. (Some of my favorites recipes are below!)

Hemp History Week Alexandra Jamieson and Phil Lempert

– Wednesday brought rain and a gorgeous luncheon hosted at Candle 79 in New York City and created by Chef Angel Ramos. The meal was filled with hemp ingredients and I was blown away. The media and blog writers I sat with had never eaten at Candle before, and they couldn’t believe how good the hemp-centric menu was! I’m sure they’ll be back for more.

Hemp History Week Endorsers Phil Lempert Alexandra Jamieson Eric Steenstra, President Vote Hemp, Musician Dar Williams and Ashley Koff R.D.

Hemp History Week Endorsers Phil Lempert Alexandra Jamieson Eric Steenstra, President Vote Hemp, Musician Dar Williams and Ashley Koff R.D.

Hemp History Week Candle 79 Joy Pierson

Hemp History Week Candle 79 Joy Pierson

– Thursday I was invited to speak at Hunter College for students in the health and biology departments. I presented information about about plant based diets and how they can be used for healing, and I also gave out products from Manibota Harvest, Living Harvest, Dr. Bronner’s, and The Merry Hempters, all sponsors of Hemp History Week. The students loved the information and loved the goodies!

– Today I got inspired to whip up a couple of easy recipes that both my son Laken and I would enjoy. For an after gym treat I made this amazing smoothie:

Hemp History Week Protein Rich Hemp Cashew Cacao "Milkshake" Recipe

Hemp History Week Protein Rich Hemp Cashew Cacao "Milkshake" Recipe

Protein Rich Hemp Cacao “Milkshake”


1 cup cashews, soaked overnight and drained

3 Medjool dates, pitted

1/4 cup Manitoba Harvest hulled hemp seeds

2 tablespoons raw cacao powder

2 cups unsweetened rice milk

Blend until smoooooooth…

Hemp History Week Hemp Cashew Maple Ice Cream Recipe

Hemp History Week Hemp Cashew Maple Ice Cream Recipe

Cashew & Hemp Seed Maple Cream


2 cups cashews, soaked overnight and drained

1/4 cup shelled hemp seeds

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch Himalayan pink salt

1/4 cup rice milk

Blend all until smoooooth….

Natural Sodas? Taste Test Challenge: Zevia!

I admit it – I sometimes crave a soda.

It usually comes over me when I pass by some fast food outlet and smell the fried food aromas drifting through the air. It’s amazing how long that food-programming lasts, considering the last time I really ate fast food was in high school. Sometimes when we’re having pizza and movie night on Friday’s at home (yes, I eat pizza and I love it! Pizza Plus in my Brooklyn neighborhood delivers the best whole wheat pie with Diaya cheese and zucchini slices you can imagine!) I’ll indulge in a frosty beverage, but it’s not the iconic red cans of dark cola I used to enjoy.

Coke, Pepsi, and other major colas aren’t part of my diet anymore. I learned that most sodas contain phosphoric acid, which can cause your bones to lose calcium due to the high acidity. Back in high school and college I would drink a Super Big Gulp from 7-11 several days a week, and most Americans can relate. Sodas sweetened with high fructose corn syrup make up the majority of American’s calorie intake.

I get a lot of questions from friends about whether they should avoid certain foods, and soda tops the list. Diet sodas seem to elicit the biggest worries, because they might have heard about studies linking artificial sweeteners to cancer, Alzheimer’s, or other health concerns.

I never liked the taste of diet sodas, and still find artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Equal to leave a funny after taste. My friend Val, belly dancer extraordinaire, described it perfectly: “This tastes like toothpaste!”

So I’ve decided to do a little experimentation and test out the new range of naturally sweetened sodas that are lining the shelves of health food store aisles these days.

My first taste test brings us to the world of diet sodas: ZEVIA.

Including stevia, erythritol (a natural sugar alcohol that, like xylitol, doesn’t contribute to dental decay), natural caramel, natural tartaric acid, citric acid, kola nut extract, natural caffeine, annatto, and ginger root, Zevia offers several flavors including ginger ale, orange, cherry lime, and cola.

ZEVIA is sweetened with non-caloric stevia extract, which is derived from a South American herb also known as sweet leaf. Although it appears to be a new trend, use of stevia is not new. South American tribes have sweetened their diets with with leaves from the sweet leaf plant and attribute medicinal properties to the herb. Stevia has been used in Japan since the 1970’s when sugar-free sweeteners began to grow in popularity.

Stevia has been banned in Europe, and has been labeled as a dietary supplement, but not as a sweetener, here in the US for decades. It is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and truly has virtually no calories.

MY TASTE TEST: I tried the cola, ginger ale and orange flavors from Zevia. The cola tasted exactly like my memory of Diet Coke! I have to say I haven’t had a Diet Coke in at least 12 years, so my tongue might have a different opinion from a regular drinker. The ginger ale flavor tasted more like tooth paste (thanks Val), and wasn’t very gingery. In fact, we realized that Tom’s of Maine ginger toothpaste has more ginger flavor than this soda! Finally, the orange soda was my favorite, which was a total surprise. I grew up playing soccer and our coach always had orange soda for our half-time beverage. Even as a sugar-a-holic young kid, I didn’t like orange soda because it tasted so thick and unnatural. But Zevia’s orange soda was lighter and clean tasting without being overly sweet.

So, if you like diet soda but want to move away from the artificial colors and artificial sweeteners, try ZEVIA. You can also try these packets of Stevia to take in your bag, car, or to your office – they’re just like sugar packets, without the sugar!

Next time I’ll talk about another brand of soda and how to make your own at home!

Announcement: Red Hot Hearts – Women’s Cardiovascular Health & Detox Tele-Series Begins 2/15/11

“Create delicious vitality every day and heal your body with Alexandra Jamieson”

Your New Year’s Resolutions are right around the corner –

Are you promising yourself you’re going to eat better? Save money? Read all of Shakespeare’s sonnets? Join a gym? Give up smoking? Are you going to take care of your cardiovascular health so you can avoid the #1 cause of death of women in the Wester World?

Wait – what was that last one?

It’s true – heart disease is still the #1 cause of death for women, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Most of the contributing factors to heart disease are lifestyle and diet related – which is good news! We can change things and heal ourselves. Just because your family has a history of heart disease doesn’t mean you have to suffer the same fate. To borrow a line from the Terminator movies, “No Fate But What We Make!”

That’s why I’m offering this special tele-class for women’s cardiovascular health. It’s called Red Hot Hearts for a few reasons:

1. We’re kicking it off the day after Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 15th.

2. Women are born with a need to be loved and never outgrow it – and by loving your body and feeding it foods that heal, support, and strengthen it, you will go on to create amazing things.

3. Improving a woman’s heart health has incredible side effects including, but not limited to, weight loss, increased energy, clear skin, better digestion, stronger hair & nails…

4. I adore working with women who are up to something. They have a feeling that there is something more, that their brilliance is lurking just below the surface, and they just need help finding a way through the layers to discover their true power. Women love fiercely when they aren’t blocked from their inner strength. Getting healthy, including foods that will heal and removing toxic foods that drain their energy can, and will, empower these women to grow their hearts red hot while losing weight, improving their sleep, reducing pain, increasing circulation, improving their skin quality, and healing their cardiovascular system.

Over the course of 8 weeks, beginning the day after Valentine’s day,  I’ll be leading a group of 20 women via telephone through a transformational, fun, and delicious program.

Not only will I be offering this tele-course to 20 women, but I’ve decided to reduce my normal price in half so that I can work with women who really want to feel better and heal, but haven’t been able to afford my, or other holistic, services before. This program will be offered for $348 for the 8 week program.

I’m passionate about helping women to transform their health so they can take back their natural power and go on to create great change in the world. When you get a group of women together to focus their energy on a specific topic, issue, or problem to overcome, watch out! Magic can happen and mountains will be moved.

The program will include a special members-only online classroom, an e-group for member’s questions and comments, as well as recipes, menu planning, and materials.

As a special bonus, I’m offering my famous Detox Box which includes signed copies of my book The Great American Detox, CDs covering holistic health topics, and special natural health products to anyone who signs up before February 5th! This box is worth over $100, so you’ll be getting a great deal.

Ready to sign up? Go here now…

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“Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.”  ~Jean Anouilh

Heart Disease: Women Should Know These Foods

Heart disease is still a major killer of American woman, and for the most part it’s a disease of diet and lifestyle. Cathy Elton, food blogger extraordinaire, and I connected through the International Food Blogger’s Conference in Seattle, and I saw that she is an expert on helping women avoid heart disease.

Why? Because Cathy was diagnosed with blocked arteries at the tender age of 44.

Read her article and protect yourself with these easy tips:

“People concerned with heart health (or who are cooking for me!) often ask me about which foods to avoid. So it seems like high time for my personal list of top 10 foods to stay away from. I’m not including obvious things like heavy cream, cheesecake or bacon. Instead, my list includes common supermarket foods that many people buy without considering the health consequences. I know I did, before a 90% blocked artery quite literally stopped me in my tracks.

10 Supermarket Foods to Avoid for Heart Health…”

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