Top 3 Tips To Go #2 (Win a Go Stool!)

If you deal with constipation, you’re not alone.

Most of my clients have trouble in the bathroom, and smooth elimination is just a dream.

This can be caused by stress, diet and …how you sit in the bathroom.

The human body is built to squat, and our modern bathrooms (and creaky knees like mine) don’t allow us to get into the natural squat spot that makes elimination easy.

My top 3 tips for making your movements easy:

1. Stay hydrated! Yes, you need lots of water on a daily basis to make your bowels work properly. Drink 1 big 16-oz. glass in the morning when you wake up to get things going. (You’ll need less caffeine to feel awake, too – bonus!)

2. Add flaxseeds seeds in the morning: Grind 1 tablespoon of flax seeds in a spice grinder (AKA coffee grinder) and swirl into 8-oz of water or juice. Drink this before breakfast, or add it to your morning smoothie or mix into your oatmeal. The flax seeds are a gentle fiber that also provide excellent Omega-3’s.

*BONUS: Removing dairy and wheat containing foods like bread can un-clog the works in your intestines – start there! 

3. Try the Go Stool! This incredible handmade stool fits around the base of your toilet and puts you into a supported squat easily.

Assembled Go Stool

It’s easy to put together (took me 20 minutes and a screwdriver), and my kid loves it too!

You can win your own Go Stool!

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