Little Known Ways To Cure Pain & Carpal Tunnel

Watch my quick video (less than 3 minutes) here that shows you how to effectively and cheaply handle your carpal tunnel pain without drugs.


Here’s a familiar story, from a woman afflicted with carpal tunnel pain:


“I first went to the doctor because my wrists hurt and I couldn’t get through a day of computer work at my office. She immediately offered me prescription painkillers, which I declined. Instead, I took her suggestion to try daily doses of ibuprofin.

What I didn’t know was that I was endangering my liver and stomach. One month later, I was back at the doctor with stomach pain that came on after every meal. Then she recommended another prescription to protect my stomach lining.

If you have to take a pill to counteract another pill, and my wrists are still bothering me, why not just cut them out altogether?”


Sometimes modern medicine relies too heavily on medications and extreme measures to problems that have simple, and safer, options.


Watch my quick video (less than 3 minutes) here that shows you how to effectively and cheaply handle your carpal tunnel pain without drugs.


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Alex’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide & Natural Living Catalogue

Welcome to my first ever Healthy Holiday Gift Guide & Natural Living Catalogue! Just click on the image at your right to get started!

This is a collection of my favorite products and services for a joyous, healthy life. These offerings are what I consider to be the best in their category.

Gift giving can take on hectic overtones as the year draws to a close. My hope is that this catalogue will guide you towards goods and services that offer long-lasting benefits to your loved ones, or even yourself. My aim was to provide excellent values and unique gift ideas for those who enjoy giving meaningful presents. (Have a cook in the family? Look for the perfect kitchen gifts here!)

I also love to promote companies that focus their energies on creating something great rather than hyping something expendable and disposable.

This gift guide gives one pick for the best product, care provider, or service in a category, rather than the “top 20 pain relief products” or “101 holiday gift ideas!”

My intention is to save you money and time while offering outstanding methods to feel better and ways to create a rich life without creating more for you to do.

These recommendations are based on my experience and my searches for the best in life. There are no advertisements in this catalogue, and I don’t charge for any part of this. (But feel free to share with your friends and family!)

So why am I doing this? Because I love sharing products and resources that I know might help someone feel better or satisfy their craving to try something new.

All my best wishes for you and your families~


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FDA may ban Vicoden, Percocet while reducing allowable Tylenol doses

The FDA is considering sweeping changes to allowable Tylenol doses, as well as possibly banning Vicoden and Percocet. According to The Associated Press:

“The Food and Drug Administration assembled 37 experts to recommend ways to reduce deadly overdoses with acetaminophen, which is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S. and sends 56,000 people to the emergency room annually. About 200 die each year.”

Read the full article here:

Alex Comments:

While access to relief-giving medicine is important, the fact that many medicines do more harm than good is unavoidable. Much pain in the body is caused by an unhealthy diet full of refined sugars, preservatives, chemicals, dairy and meat. Cleaning up your diet will automatically reduce a lot of discomfort including headaches, relief from arthritis and joint pain. 

A wonderful book to read on natural pain reduction techniques and a revolutionary dietary program is Dr. Neal Barnard’s Foods That Fight Pain.

Here’s to your health,


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