“We Are Hungry” video – the kids are alright!

Some new school lunch calorie-limits are upsetting the youth – and they’ve taken their anger to YouTube.

Students at Wallace County High in Sharon Springs, Kansas filmed a parody video called “We Are Hungry” – a spin-off of the song “We Are Young.” The video cleverly conveys that the 850 calorie lunches are leaving them hungry.

Check out the YouTube video that’s already received over 600,000 views.

I love the video – kids are taking a stand for what they want in a clever way that’s getting attention.

I wonder what they would do if given the resources and power to change the obesity-inducing behavior of their peers?


Check out the chatter on Twitter by searching for #WeAreHungry – this could be the start of something great.

Or just a budding film career. You never know – the jokers often make the biggest impact.

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