What Will You Do With Your Day?

What Will I Do With My Time Left?

What Will I Do With My Time Left?


  1. Fernanda says:

    wow!! so very true. seize the day. I had a simliar realization (but love your chart!!) the other day at a b-day party, thinking it is really unknown-and limited the amount of days we have here, so better treasure them and make them worth-while, realize our dreams, and missions, do everything we can about our passions every day…

    thank you Alex!

  2. It’s funny I was just thinking that myself recently. My first baby is now 1 and it’s crazy how quickly time goes when you’ve got a baby. I guess it’s about trying to enjoy the small things along with the many chores each day and to realise that each phase of life gives you different time challenges. I guess this is my time for family at the moment. Many thanks


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