What's a Fit Bit? You Could Win This Cool Gadget!

My first introduction to the Fit Bit was when I met up with an ex-client for tea. She took it out of her pocket and said “Have you seen the Fit Bit yet?” She explained how she had been using it as a podometer, but that it also tracked her sleeping patterns and food intake. After using it for a few weeks and using the website to log her food intake, she finally saw that drinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine was causing her sleep disruptions. We had talked about alcohol being an issue when it comes to truly restful sleep, but the non-judgmental facts of her patterns were illuminating for her.

I thought, now this is something I can get excited about! I got in touch with the company and they agreed to let me try the Fit Bit. I’ve been wearing it for about 2 weeks now, and I’m going to share my experiences via YouTube videos so you can see how it works and what I discover. Watch the first video here:

I’m announcing a special contest to win this awesome new gadget on my blog: Just leave comments here on this post about why you think a Fit Bit would help you reach your health and wellness goals by 5/14 and you could be chosen to receive your own device!


  1. Alicia says:

    What a cool little gadget. It would be really beneficial to see what kind of sleep you are getting and how that relates to what you do during the day. I would love to have one of these. Thanks Alex for trying this out for us.


  2. So cool! I want one. :) I think it would really help me track the quality of my sleep. I have a 16 month old and I don’t think I sleep soundly every night.

  3. Carla says:

    I think it would help as it would fit right into my busy life! everything in one place, and easy to use. Great give-away!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I would love something that could track how I sleep. I know I don’t get enough, but I am always trying.

  5. Tara says:

    I tink something like this would be awesome for me. Trying to manually log all my activity and sleep is nearly impossible between work and chasing after three small children. I am trying to reach a couple of fitness goals, and this would really help me focus where I need to focus.

  6. kelly says:

    Cool, I want one. It would help me with all of my health goals. I am always trying to get more (effective) sleep.

  7. Lynn says:

    I’d love to give this fascinating gadget a whirl! My life is so busy that I rarely remember to write down my meals, exercise, etc., even though I have great intention to. Maybe this will give my brain the help it needs to get my health on track!

  8. Lori says:

    I would love to try one of these because I feel like I never get enough sleep. It would be interesting to see why!

  9. Vicki Lewis says:

    What a helpful gadget! This looks like a fun way both to keep track activity and inspire people to be more active. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Deborah Saas says:

    This seems like a wondeful gadget. Thanks to be in menopause, sleep is a rare commodity… either I can’t go to sleep, I can’t wake up, or I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Sounds like this gadget could help me figure out a pattern and then do something about it. Yawwwwnnnnn…

  11. Mara Grigsby says:

    OMG…pick me, pick me! In the last year I have had such problems with sleeping and I can definitely tell if I eat sugar it affects that. I also am having a huge struggle (and have been for years) getting off my extra 20 lbs. I think this gadget would totally help me see how much activity I’m getting-probably doing a lot less than I think. I would be truly grateful to receive one of these. Thanks, Alex.

  12. Bett says:

    Alex, this is very interesting indeed. I have found sleeping difficult since I was very young, and finally resorted to a prescription sleeping aid. Several years and a serious health scare later, I would really love to get rid of this drug that is really the only way I can get to sleep.

    I think that this device might help me try different routines and times for food, exercise, meditation, and other variables, and develop a daily structure that supports getting enough sleep without taking this drug that could be harming me in ways I don’t see.

    I do know that there are times when I can get to sleep without the drug, and I always wonder what was special about -that- day. I think that tracking the variables – especially the data I can’t track by myself in a journal – is a great idea and might help me figure this all out.

  13. Heather King says:

    I would love to have a fit bit gadget for a number of reasons. Chief among these is that I am a breast cancer survivor and as such, am doing everything to maintain a healthy diet but sometimes I fall short of my goals. In addition, I put on weight as a result and would love to get an accurate read of the calories of expending. Finally, I have sleep apnea where I hold my breath at night. I’d love to know how this is effecting other areas of my health.

  14. Annina says:

    I would love to have. I have a strong suspicion that my eating (what and when I eat) is strongly influncing my sleeping behaviour, and I would like to know more about this connection.

  15. Whitney says:

    What a cool gadget! This would be great to add to my bag of tricks. Thanks for showing us how cool it is.

  16. Mia says:

    Seems like the perfect companion: discreet, reliable, motivating, honest and full of useful infomation! I could use one of these little guys to help create a better routine for myself and this could provide more accurate info for my doctor, as I’m currently going through some diagnostics. Working irregular hours with lots of late nights makes it difficult to get past the gestalt of my state of being and pay attention to the important moving parts that play a role in my overall wellbeing.

    Thanks for testing this out and sharing your feedback with us!

  17. Laura says:

    I would love to have one of these! I have just moved back to America from living abroad for 4 years and even though I am a vegan I have gained 10 kg just from moving back and not walking to work, to shop… just everywhere! I live in Oklahoma City now and it is very spread out where you have to drive everywhere and with being back into the US work week, I feel I hardly have any time for myself. I just started a 8 week boot camp and this would fit perfectly with trying to get off these extra kgs and to get back fit and healthy.

  18. sheree says:

    This would be wonderful. I have not had a full nights sleep in years. I am lucky if I get 3 hours a night. I know this is not good for me, but have not found the reason or solution as of yet. I am exhausted all the time, I am a vegan, but an overweight one. Some days I am in such a fog due to this. I do need a change in my life and if this can help me I so need this!!!

  19. Jennifer says:

    What a great idea! I am a pretty active person, and try to keep track of what I eat and drink, but having a device that measures my activity exactly and how well I’m sleeping– that’s even better. Thankfully, I sleep well, but my husband has a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. I’m excited to see what the FitBit can teach us about his sleeping habits. It’s amazing how new technology can help us learn to be healthier everyday. Thank you for turning me onto this new device!

  20. marlene ocampo says:

    This would really come in handy for me because I’m attending culinary school and working full time. I havge been consuming more calories than necessary (gained some weigh) and my sleep is not enough to keep me energized.

  21. OrganiKooK says:

    I think it just looks like fun!

  22. Gerry says:

    What a cool thing to have handy and be helpful for my heath and lifestyle. I really do hope I win this gadget!!

  23. Clare McNally says:

    Since first trying to become healthy, starting with your detox diet in 2009, I have remained dairy and meat free and have incorporated a beautiful array of new foods into my diet. I read constantly to try and make sure I am on the right track nutritionally and perhaps this device can help me further. Also the one habit I have not completely kicked is alcohol. I realise the problems it is causing me, as you say particularly with sleep. So again would be interested to try out the FitBit, perhaps then my husband would be supportive of my desire to kick alcohol from the house!

  24. Erica says:

    I think this would be a great tool in tracking my eating and sleeping habits to help me figure out a healthy way to control my Crohn’s Disease. Western medicine hasn’t found an answer yet so I’ve started sleuthing on my own to see what I can do to nib it in the bud!

  25. Conny says:

    Fit bit would help me track not only my sleeping patterns and my food habits but hopefully it would help my family realize the wonderful results from a lifestyle change and want to change for the better too. I am vegan and sugar free but it is hard whrn I am the only one of the six of us in my house doing this.

  26. susan says:

    Hi Alex!

    Very cool gadget & video- really look forward to following your video diary & checking out fit bit. I think Mike is going to like it too! Will share w/him now. Also like your new name :)


  27. colleen r. gray-mackey says:

    I have been struggling for years to control my weight and be able to get a good night’s sleep. I have tried various methods & nothing seems to work. Maybe an integrated tool like this could finally be the key to me getting a good night’s sleep and finally achieving my desired weight. I would love to have an 8 hour night of sleep.

  28. Karin says:

    I need the FitBit device to monitor my eating, exercise and sleep habits so I can make changes to make each day more successful toward trying to find balance. A must have for Gadget Girl.

  29. Lisa Wiegand says:

    What an awesome little gadget. Technology that could be very helpful – especially the sleep part of it. I do okay with getting my 10,000 steps in per day, not sure about my overall activity level. It would be very interesting to see how activity level and food and drink affect my sleeping. Pick me, pick me.

  30. Jill says:

    Thank you for sharing this product. Can’t wait to read more about it. I have been really making a push to be more healthy and green but find it very difficult in a small town. So many people just focus on being thin and forget to think about what they are putting there bodies through to get there. I would like to be thin but more so just eating healthy and natural. This would fit my new lifestyle nicely.

  31. Alanna says:

    Wow this would be perfect for me! I’ve been having a lot of food allergy issues and a ton of sleeping issues and I would love to see if they coincide! I am incredibly curious about this gadget. I’ve been really wanting to get back on a better healthier diet and lifestyle and this could definitely jumpstart that!

  32. Gaye McKim says:


    This is a very unique gadget I think it would really help me I am a type 2 diabetic and I have made a decision to change my life around. I started Dr. Neal Barnard’s diet 28 days ago and I have lost 16 lbs on the plan so far and my blood sugar levels have been seriously under control now. I took my blood sugar level tonight two hours after eating dinner and it was 80 I cried I have not seen those number over 18 years ago before I was diagnosed with diabetes. My goal is to lose a total of 50-60 lbs and I am on my way for the better. Thank you and Dr. Barnard for looking out for our health.

  33. Terrie says:

    This is a product I could sure use. I am self-employ graphic designer, sitting at the computer for long stretches of time. I noticed over the last couple of years I am putting on the weight. (I am in my late 50′s) I need to be more active, keep track of calories and would be extremely interested in my sleep patterns in relationship to the food I eat. A nifty little tool. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Brandie says:

    That is So awesome! I haven’t been sleeping well for about 4 months now, but I haven’t got a clue why! I go to bed tired… and wake up tired. :( I’m sure there’s got to be a correlation with my diet – perhaps a FitBit could help me figure it out! Besides – I have been wanting a pedometer too! :)

  35. Johanna Woodbury says:

    I think this is great. I would love to track my sleep, but more my husband’s. Maybe we need 2…gonna check their website now.

  36. Johanna Woodbury says:

    Oh, I didn’t really answer the question. I think this would be great to find out why some nights I’m just awake for periods of time or why I get up to pee more often (or not). I think it would be interesting to see the differences between my work week and my weekend, too.

  37. Lindsay says:

    I’d LOVE to keep track of my body and seeing what really happens with my body :) [lol cute IM noises]

  38. Brigitte says:

    This is a great tool. I am resetting my Weight loss goal and the Fit Bit seem like it would be a great tool.

    My sleep is not consistent at night and love the idea to login Food and Mood (Great for me as an “emotional” eater.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the Fit Bit, this has been very enlightening.


  39. Molly says:

    I would love to have a FitBit to start seeing how good the quality of my sleep really is. I have used pedometers before to track my movement and exercise, but the ability to put all of it together and see what the information tells me about myself would be so cool. And although I sleep next to someone every night, I would love to do a test with the FitBit to see what the difference is between a night of sleep alone vs next to someone. Guessing the alone one would have less wake-up’s due to the other person moving around, but only the results will tell!

  40. Andrea says:

    That looks like a very fun little gadget! I’ll cross my fingers that one will come to me. :)

  41. PGYx says:

    I’m a first year medical resident (a.k.a. intern) with the imbalance of a busy work life and a nearly non-existent life outside of work. I manage to bring healthy food (yay, VitaMix!) to work with me more days than not but definitely fall short in the sleep and physical activity departments — although I do walk at top speed on the hospital floors and take the stairs!

    I’d love to find out exactly how little sleep & activity I get as well as whether my sleep is less interrupted on days I find time to meditate or eat healthier food vs days I drink tons of coffee and scrounge food from the hospital cafeteria.

  42. Almira says:

    As someone who sleeps ‘terribly’, this gadget would be terribly helpful! I know I wake up often throughout the night, and knowing why would allow me to try and fix this issue once and for all. I am also really interested in seeing how many steps I take in a day since my job has me on my feet and walking most of the day. As a poor young person in transition from undergraduate to graduate school, I am not able to afford my own Fit Bit.

  43. Donna Guerrero says:

    I had a friend talk on there Facebook about this I thought whatever but after seeing you talk about it my curiosity is peak .. I have gained quite a bit of weight since I got in my late 40′s…I have gone back to school to get a social work degree .. Financial I’m strapped in that area but I would be grateful if I won :-)

  44. Maniklode says:

    Yes pah-lease! This is the kind of gadget I’ve been dreaming of! Being stuck with a sedentary job (I’m talking REALLY sedentary!), I have a really hard time striking a good balance between my activity level and my food intake.

  45. Kim Jastremski says:

    I would really like to try the FitBit, as I have sleep issues I can’t figure out… I fall asleep fine, but wake up about 2 am and am awake for 2-3 hours.

  46. Tracy says:

    This gadget sounds awesome! This lil’ thing to track my calories burned, my steps taken, distance traveled and sleep?! Amazing. Haven gone 80 some days without soda: goal No. 1 down. Goal No. 2: eating quality breakfasts, lunches, and dinners — in progress. Goal No. 3: slimming down 100 lbs — in progress. This lil’ gadget would be a terrific tool to keep me focused, on track. With the extra 100 on me my quality of sleep is suffering, not to mention my husband’s. Often he wakes to my gasping for air or my snoring. Poor fella :( This would assist me in reaching my next two goals tremendously.

  47. Karla says:

    I struggle with going to bed to get enough sleep and with valuing sleep over what I try to accomplish instead. This would provide more data and a link to weight loss goal.

  48. This is an amazingly motivating little device. My company is suggesting that all the employees get one to increase physical activity and become more healthy!

  49. Loree says:

    I need all the motivation I can get after a long day at the office – this little device would be the perfect reminder I need to keep moving!

  50. Paul says:

    I’ve seen a couple of my colleagues using this device and it has really helped them focus on getting the appropriate exercise and sleep per day. It’s amazing how much more informed they are with the use of the Fit Bit. I’m anxious to try one.

  51. Dawn says:

    A friend of mine has been posting on facebook about her fit bit info. I was wondering what it was. Would love one!

  52. Becky Schneider says:

    This gadget is right up my alley. I own and use different types of biofeedback devices that help with managing stress. Such as devices that show heart rate, breathing patterns, and sweating response. I think this device would add to my wellness goals to help monitor my sleep, since sleep is so important not only to weight loss but overall health.

  53. Liesl van Eeden says:

    What an innovative concept, I would definitely benefit from one of these gadgets during this time of great transition in my life. Moving countries, starting on a new career path, and learning why my body has been misaligned for so long. Thanks Alex x

  54. Jenny says:

    I can see how this would be so helpful for people. My son has a health condition that requires in-home care. It’s difficult for me to keep on track with exercise and sleep has always been an issue. I wish I could get one for all my mommy friends who are in a situation such as mine. Exercise and sleep are equally important. :)

  55. Jennifer says:

    Wow. I just finished nursing school and I’m job hunting. I’d love a fit bit to see how many steps I take on my first 12 hour shift!

  56. Ryan says:

    This giveaway comes at a good time – my wife lost her Fitbit just the other day! She’d been getting a lot of use out of it to help track not only her activity, but her sleep.

  57. Ooo, pick me, pick me! You know, like Donkey says on Shrek! Haha!
    This awesome little piece of technology would be so helpful to a busy person who means to be paying attention to everything but forgets when life gets in the way – aka, me! The sleep features are what makes this most appealing to me. Thanks!

  58. yonni says:

    This sounds great! I have a number of hard-to-diagnose food-related issues and this could really help me to pin point trouble spots.

  59. Monika Star says:

    This seems so amazing I think how it tracks my quality of sleep not sure how the technology works but would love to discover that, and help with keeping track of my daily activities is also a plus i need all the help i can get if that accountable partner is there it seems it can do that job at times. Thanks Delicious Vitality for this contest!

  60. Brad ALdous says:

    How does it know when you wake up? That’s crazy! It sounds cool. Brad want. :)

  61. Christi says:

    I could really use one of these! I would use this for a podometer, and it would also really benefit me in helping me to improve my diet. Additionally, I could use this to help me with getting better, sleep which I really need! I can use all the help I can get with achieving better health.

  62. Fiona says:

    My work hours keep me sedetary for at least 8-9 hrs each work day. It makes me feel sick. I’m ready to make a change in my health and I believe this device can help me reah my goals.

  63. Dante F says:

    A friend of mine a few weeks ago actually asked me if I heard of it before after I told him I wake up in the morning absolutely exhausted and feeling like I’ve only been sleeping for 2-3 hours a night!
    It’s crucial for me to find out my sleep patterns – I find myself during the day exhausted and wanting to take a nap by the middle of the day. I need to find out what’s going on because when I’m at work, I need to be on top of my game – I think the Fit Bit would be amazing!

  64. Mia says:

    I would like to try the Fit Bit! Looks very useful…

  65. Jennifer says:

    Sooo looking forward to seeing how this Fit Bit works. I am a happily married cyber schooling mama of three who is trying to run a house and my own business. I am struggling to maintain my own health while promoting healthy living for my family. I would love to have something working for me to keep me aware of the choices I am making for food, moving my body and sleep. I hope I am considered. Thanks!

  66. Stefanie Palmer says:

    What a cool device! I think that this would be very useful because I am always looking to see how I can improve my sleep and activity. After taking your class, Alex, I now know how important that is! Thanks for introducing this product to us!!

  67. Lyra says:

    As a super busy single mom who has tried so many expensive tricks to try to get healthy again, I think this would actually be so useful for accountability and to be able to be your own guide with the help from fitbit. I would so love to be able to use this to get back and maintain great health and to be a wonderful role model to my daughter!!

  68. Lyra says:

    I also feel so tried when I wake up every morning that its hard to feel like I have gotten any sleep, very interesting tool! cant wait to see how you like it A!

  69. lindsey says:

    This is really cool – I would love that it has the capability to keep track of everything. Currently I have a pedometer to monitor activity, I keep track of calories on a website, and well … sleep is not currently tracked. :) It would be very interesting to have data from a complete 24hr period. Having that data would help me lose the weight. I’ve changed locations, Iowa to California. My job has changed from standing most of the day to sitting. I am having the hardest time getting rid of the pesky pounds … no matter how restrictive my caloric intake or high my activity level.

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