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Win The Healing Power of Creativity With Karen Benke’s Book Rip The Page

2 March 2011


Hi, I’m Alex!

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I’m always looking for different sources of inspiration, especially when it comes to writing and other ways to express my creativity. I haven’t always considered myself an artist, and I know most of my clients think they’re “not very creative, but used to be.”

As far as I can tell, every human being has creativity hardwired into their minds and bodies. It’s creativity that gets you through challenging days, helps you cook meals from scratch, develops your sense of humor, and inspires you to plant a new garden every year. Did you paint your own bathroom? That’s creativity. Have you ever made up a limerick or funny poem for your kid? That’s artistry.

Creativity not only allows the individual to express themselves, it can create energy within the person. Energy to take on a new exercise program, vitality and courage to cook more at home. In these ways, expressing your creativity can actually be life saving.

Karen Benke’s newest book Rip The Page invites the reader to explore their creativity through fun, freeing writing activities that can be done alone or with other people. Each section is full of ideas, and encourages the user to uncover their own story. I found myself expressing myself in new ways and getting a little sassy with my writing because the book got me out of my old habits.

Karen was a client of mine years ago, and I found her creativity to be inspiring and heart warming – so thank you Karen! This book is a real gift for me, and I can’t wait to use it with my son.

Karen and her publisher Shambhala have graciously agreed to give away a signed copy of Rip The Page to one lucky reader!

Leave a comment here on my blog by 3/10, and you could be the big winner!

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