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We’re #1! Thank you – the Crave Cast is iTunes hit!

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Hey sweet friends,

This week my brand new Crave Cast: Women, Food & Desire podcast debuted on iTunes.
I asked if you would tune in to listen, subscribe and share the show –
and it’s message – and you DID!

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Crave Cast

Not only was the Crave Cast #2 in all Health shows, we hit #1 as the top Alternative Health podcast!

This is awesome – and not because it’s an ego boost for me – because it means we are HUNGRY for this:

Real talk about cravings, desires, a 360 perspective on health that’s not just about calories and losing

10 pounds of belly fat…

A show that is dedicated to helping you find what you really crave in life, what your cravings mean,

and a non-judgmental place to discover, declare, and DO your desires.

These steps are the foundation for helping you love your body, love your life, and feel as good as you

want and NEED to go after your big life desires.

So, thank you.

For listening, for asking great questions – and for sharing your passion for discovering your true cravings.

If you haven’t hear the show yet, or want to share it with someone cool –

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