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116 Start Right Where You Are with Samantha Bennett

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The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I have to start today’s episode with my gratitude list!

Here goes:

  • got to see the sunrise from my apartment window
  • grateful for my Ginger kitty
  • my amazing 10 year old son – for so many reasons
  • my husband Bob – he’s amazing in so many ways
  • my clients – strong, curious, brave women who are doing transformative work
  • my listeners – I feel you. I hear you and I am so thankful that you show up here

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I’ll have to admit, in these last few weeks I have been tested. My gratitude has been tested. I started this podcast because I know that the pursuit of women’s health is a worthy pursuit. I shared my feelings in an episode after the election and received some pretty strong critiques from you. It’s so hard for women to have a safe place. We are always being judged and it takes its toll on our bodies and our minds. My comments in the show after the episode was that many women were feeling unsafe. Many women were feeling triggered by the sexism being displayed. I even encouraged women to take a self-defense class. I’m doing that and empowering myself to take control and feel powerful. I recommended getting together with other women and supporting each other.

I received some of the meanest comments that I have ever received. I was surprised by the anger that women were using so much anger in these comments. I was told I was being melodramatic. I was told to stop re-victimizing myself. I was criticized and told that there was nothing to be afraid of and I was just stoking fear.

I responded to every woman and asked them to start listening to and responding to other women in a different way. My goal is not to have anyone leave the group, but we have to keep having conversations and actually hearing each other.

In other news, The Crave Cast will be changing to a different name in the near future. It’s going to be called Her Rules! It will still be me interviewing great people, but we will just be called a different name. The mission is still the same and we have so much in store for you!

Today’s guest is Sam Bennett. She’s the author of a new book “Start Right Where You Are” and she also has another book called “Get It Done”. She is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist. She is the creator of the, dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals.


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Show Notes:

  • Sam’s theater background
  • She had to stop waiting to be happy in the future
  • Why she moved self-care to the top of her to-do list
  • How she changed the conversation in her head, so she wasn’t always yelling at herself
  • Sam gets resentful that men don’t have to fool with self-care
  • You cannot feel guilty about taking time for yourself. That’s backward thinking.
  • Why you can’t always be a perfectionist…if you want to enjoy life
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  • The bad art
  • Feelings just want to be felt
  • Bless the body parts
  • Ways to soften your judgment voice
  • There aren’t 2 versions of you. The perfect version of you doesn’t exist. Only you exist, so you cannot compare yourself to something that doesn’t exist
  • Surrender isn’t giving up, it’s giving in
  • How to relieve overwhelm
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  • Get your cell phone out of the bedroom – why and why it matters
  • Happy, grown up, naked time… have to listen to find out about it!
  • How to turn complaints into requests
  • 4-7-8 breathing
  • Nothing bad is happening
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Connect with Sam – Website – tons of freebies here, so go get them! Get Sam’s Books: Start Right Where You Are Get It Done Books Sam Recommends: Return to Love The Noonday Demon