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122 Five Missing Pieces in Your Weight Loss Plan

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Have you tried all sorts of weight loss plans, with little or no results? Would you love to find a permanent way to keep yourself from gaining unnecessary weight? If so, join Alexandra Jamieson, host of Her Rules Radio, as she explains how you can add the Five Missing Pieces to your diet, so that you can lose weight without stress and keep it off.

Today, Alex shares her own painful journey of transformation, which started six years ago with the shattering of her celebrity marriage. In her raw and vulnerable state, she began craving, then eating meat again, after being a ‘professional vegan’ for more than ten years. This forced her to dig deeply into herself and to discover that she had both grit and grace, even amidst turmoil. She found that she had a tribe and this helped her to believe in herself once more. She has subsequently been playing life by her own rules. She considers herself a Divine Work in Progress and she urges you to see yourself in the same way.







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Show Notes:

  • The Five Missing Pieces in most weight loss plans today.
  • That there is a whole industry out there, waiting to cash in on your insecurities about yourself.
  • Some of the responses she received to her question: “What’s your biggest challenge right now?”
  • That most diets just tell you to eat less, without telling you which foods to avoid completely.
  • The Toxic Six- what they are and the damage they cause.
  • The necessity for doing a cleansing diet.
  • The need for bacteria in your body. (The gut micro-biome)
  • The need for probiotic rich foods.
  • That there is always an emotional component to your diet.
  • The need for support while dieting.
  • How much you need physical pleasure in your life.
  • The quartet of neurotransmitters responsible for your happiness.
  •  Her Cravings Cleanse and how it can work for you.
  • You can get a free copy of her number one selling book, Women, Food and Desire, when you join The Cravings Cleanse.