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125 Religion’s Effects On Women’s Body Image with Melanie Van Orden

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Melanie VanOrden is a community organizer of ex-Mormons in New York City. We are going to be talking about the effects of religion on the relationship with our female bodies. We will be talking about purity, culture, the benevolent patriarchy and what that is!

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Show Notes:

  • When did Melanie decide to make the decision to leave Mormonism?
  • How did Melanie learn about Mormonism?
  • Why are many people leaving the Mormon church?
  • What kind of pressure are women put under in the Mormon church?
  • What effect did Mormonism have on Melanie’s education and career?
  • How did she handle the change when noticing certain things about Mormonism?
  • Was it Melanie’s idea to leave Mormonism first or her husband’s?
  • Did Melanie decide to leave the Mormon church before or after being a mother?
  • What are Melanie’s tips for therapy?
  • What is her personal experience on how Mormonism made her feel about her body?
  • What are the differences between the way Mormon men and women are taught about their body?
  • What is a learned optimism test?
  • How does she help other women that are leaving Mormonism find their desires and figure out what they want?
  • How can more women make their own rules?
  • What is abandonment depression?

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