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129 Why I Finally Sold My Oscars Dress with Hope McGrath

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Welcome Ladies! Today I’ve got my friend Hope McGrath on the show. She’s my stylish friend who helped me clear out my closet. I even got rid of my Oscars dress! We talk all about my transformation today! She’s a stylist, a gallery curator and she’s a really cool Mom too! We’re talking today about the challenges of dressing ourselves, and about how emotional it can be to find our own style.

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Show Notes:

  • Overcoming our baggage about style
  • When the ladies became aware of style and fashion
  • Why Hope started her fashion career with Oscar De Larenta
  • A style intervention in 10th grade started it all!
  • Why Alex didn’t want first impressions to be important
  • Purging the closet by 50%
  • What to do with an Oscar dress?
  • How clothes affect our perception of ourselves and others
  • Colors can empower you – know what’s best for you!
  • The love of gold and glittery….the secret obsession of Alex
  • A divorce party – celebrate!
  • Flip the script on the internal dialogue around aging
  • Step away from the leggings!


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