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131 Creating Boundaries With Your Soul with Lisa Fabrega

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If you feel a pull towards becoming a true expression of unconditional love, or if perhaps you’re seeking justice for humanity, listen in to today’s show and find out from Alex’s guest, Lisa Fabrega, how you can develop your boundaries, find your truth and step into your purpose.

Lisa, who grew up in Panama, is a coach and mentor to female entrepreneurs and she works to inspire all women to live life connected to their soul and purpose. Today, she talks to Alex about her recent experience, protesting with the Native Americans against the proposed pipeline at Standing Rock.  Lisa also talks about her own struggles with her body and food and how she was able to move through those and step into her purpose. Listen in today and discover what it takes for you to show up in the world powerfully, no matter what shape or size you’re in.

Music Credit: My good friend Lindsay Katt – https://lindsaykatt.bandcamp.com/track/stick-by-me

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Show Notes:

  • Life in America as compared with growing up in Panama, under a dictator.
  • What lit the fire within her and drove her to stand up in protest with the Native Americans against the pipeline.
  • Why she wishes that there was a Native American president in the USA.
  • Her explanation of what unconditional love really looks like, as explained by a Native American Elder.
  • The prayerful, powerful, non-violent protest at Standing Rock and how the media got it all wrong.
  • That you can stand against something in a fierce way with a lot of love in your heart.
  • Lisa’s definition of boundaries.
  • How you can find your boundaries, while not being too hard on yourself.
  • Lisa’s struggles with her own body issues.
  • Her wake up call from developing an auto-immune disease.
  • How she experimented to develop her boundaries.
  • The importance of self-care.
  • How self-care relates to making more money.
  • Talking about the soul in the world of business.
  • How Lisa sees the soul and why you need to connect with it.
  • What the ego is and how it will drive your decisions if you’re not connected to your soul.
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Links Mentioned in the Show:

Lisa’s website: www.lisafabrega.com This is where you will find Lisa’s Soul Whispering Challenge.

Lisa on Facebook: Lisa Fabrega or The Soul Aligned Tribe