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132 Women’s Sexual Health + Pleasure with Kit Maloney

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Do you feel that you could really use some education about your sexuality and the unique way that your body can give you pleasure? Or would you like to find out more about the spin-off benefits that you can enjoy from really knowing your body and how it works? Today, Alex encourages you to listen in so that you can feel completely free to explore your body and your desires and discover what really works for you.

On today’s show, Alex talks about a panel discussion that she attended recently in New York City, hosted by her friend, Bryony Cole, host of The Future Of Sex Podcast. There they spoke about the need for women (and men) to be better educated about women’s sexuality and also about the orgasm gap. Alex also talks about how each woman’s geography and topography can make a huge difference and that we, as women, tend not to know that, nor do we get the necessary information or encouragement, to explore our own bodies to discover what really does work for us.

The guest on today’s show is Kit Maloney, founder of O’actually, which celebrates sexually stimulating content, products, and knowledge, that focuses on enhancing and stimulating women’s sexual pleasure. O’actually is dedicated to changing the landscape of adult entertainment, to prioritize women’s arousal and pleasure by distributing new types of film, audio-visual arts, and literature. Listen in today, as Kit shares some of her knowledge about sexuality and explains how you can increase your sexual pleasure.

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Show Notes:

  • What it would be like if young girls were taught that their pleasure mattered…
  • Norway’s approach to sex education for girls.
  • How to go about teaching young girls about self pleasuring.
  • Difficulties and fears surrounding the education of children about sexuality.
  • Kids who have been well educated about sex tend to make better sexual decisions later in life.
  • O’actually and what it’s all about.
  • How stress can be a libido killer.
  • Why it’s so important for women to include solo sex.
  • Why some women get upset to discover their husbands masturbating.
  • The sexual shame that men tend to carry.
  • Rape fantasies and dominance within a safe partnership.
  • One of women’s core desires is to be desired.
  • Transmuting sexual trauma into empowerment.
  • What Somatic Healing Methods are all about.
  • Kit’s Pleasure Pledge.



Kit’s website: and the Pleasure Pledge!

Recommended book: Unlocking The Sexy In Surrender by Dr. Marianne Brandon with Dr. Ogi Ogas and Dr. Sai Gaddam

Recommended Application: OMG – An app to help women and partners explore what she likes.





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