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133 Medical Marijuana for Women: Myths, Science, And Uses

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Would you really like to know the truth about Medical Marijuana? If you’ve been wanting to try using Marijuana for medical reasons, but you’re just not sure, listen in to today’s show with Alex’s expert guests, Dr Rachna Patel, Matt Seashols and Samantha Millar, as they explain the facts about it’s use for anxiety, pain, sleep disorders and even deepening intimacy and pleasuring women.

Dr Rachna Patel is the Medical Marijuana doctor. Rachna, a graduate of the North Western University, works out of Walnut Creek, California and she has helped people to deal with almost everything, including anxiety, pain, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer. She uses Medical Marijuana in her clinic and her research .

Matt Seashols is the president and co-founder of Hmbldt, a Medical Marijuana company, which was voted one of Time Magazine’s top 25 inventions of 2016. Hmbldt makes specific formulations of Medical Marijuana for different issues, as there are different aspects of Marijuana that can really speak to either pain, anxiety, or whatever issue is needing to be addressed.

Samantha, an incredibly accomplished and super-smart lady, is the Chief Science Officer at Hmbldt. In her early academic work, she focused on the development of cancer and AIDS drugs. She then moved into overseeing EPA Laboratories.

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Show Notes:

  • How Rachna was first drawn to the field of medicine.
  • What Rachna focused on, as a doctor, after graduating.
  • How Rachna became compelled to work with Medical Marijuana, about five years ago.
  • How Marijuana helps people to get off opioid-based pain medication.
  • The addictive potential of Medical Marijuana as compared with alcohol, tobacco and prescription medication.
  • The racism, historical inaccuracies and the old, judgments that people have around certain substances.
  • The history of Marijuana as a medical substance.
  • The studies that prove that Marijuana is not a gateway drug.
  • The results that Rachna has seen with her patients.
  • How Marijuana helps with the emotional processing of pain.
  • CBD oils – the hype and the truth behind them.
  • How Hmbldt started and the types of products that they create.
  • Samantha explains how she creates the different formulations.
  • Matt talks about the industry of Marijuana in the USA today.
  • Matt’s perspective on Jeff Session’s attitude to Marijuana.
  • Samantha talks about the formulas which were designed for your enhanced sexual pleasure.
  • The interplay of CBD’s and THC’s in Hmbldt’s sleep formulas.



Hmbldt’s website: www.hmbldt.com

Rachna’s website: www.drrachnapatel.com

Rachna on Youtube and Facebook: Rachna Patel