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134 Healthy is the New Skinny with Katie Willcox

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Welcome to Her Rules Radio – where we shake off the old rules and do what works for us! So, I turned 42 this week! To celebrate, we played hooky and kept my son out of school and went and had brunch and went to the planetarium, and just spent the entire day together! We had the best time together and it really made me realize the importance of play in our lives. We need more fun and play in our lives.

Listen as Alex shares a story about her client Erin, and how they had to work on play. Because of a rough upbringing, she found that she lived a virtually joyless life. Alex shares the advice she gave Erin to help her incorporate play and fun into her life!  Without enough play, everything “health wise” in our lives is out of whack. We need to have fun. The amount that you allow yourself to play will return huge dividends to your health and well-being.

In this episode, Alex explains what play really is and all of the health benefits that we can enjoy. You have to take action to change habits and play helps you take action. You can incorporate play into your personal life! Alex keeps a hula hoop, a mini-trampoline, and pink roller skates around her house so she can easily grab them for a play session. It’s healthy to be playful and it’s the key to health and happiness. Play can help you actually like your body. When you like yourself, you actually treat yourself better! Keep some toys around and use the often. Playful people can transform any environment to make it more enjoyable. We all want to be around playful people, and then we are inspired to be playful too!

The last Saturday of April, we are hosting Her Playdate ( and it’s a global movement to encourage women to get out and have a play date with all your best friends.

Katie Willcox is the founder and CEO of Natural Model Management and Healthy is the New Skinny. Using her 13 years of experience in the modeling industry, Willcox strives to change the game of body image by giving people the tools to challenge the beauty ideal implemented by the media.Using Healthy is the New Skinny as her platform, Willcox speaks out against harmful advertising and encourages people from all world to model healthy body image and self-love by living an authentic healthy lifestyle. As a public speaker, Willcox aims to educate, inform, and empower girls and women to rise up against media manipulation and teaches them how to protect against it. Katie also has her new book out, which is also called Healthy is the New Skinny.

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Show Notes:

  • Katie explains how she became a plus-sized model at a normal healthy weight and a size 10.
  • How Katie had an unhealthy relationship with her body, event though she was healthy and modeling.
  • Negative messaging about body image that girls place on each other – mean girls!
  • Why modeling was not fulfilling to Katie’s soul and what she did about it.
  • Why America’s Top Model is complete BS
  • Why a $2000 a day modeling job got her hooked on modeling
  • How the public perception of a model’s life is different than reality
  • Why the crazy world of fitness models actually puts the model’s health at risk
  • Katie shows people how modeling manipulates women in presentations across the country
  • Why most of the model’s followers on social media are men, which further worsens the problem.
  • Why agents and other industry professionals are not interested in women’s body acceptance
  • Social media portrays models as having a perfect life, and that’s not always the case.
  • What caused Katie to make the decision to start her own modeling agency
  • Find out why you don’t normally see models that are size 6-8.
  • Ways our self-esteem gets manipulated by advertisers
  • Self-loathing is learned, so we can also learn self-love


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