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135 Stop Fighting Food with Isabel Foxen Duke

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If you would love to break the shackles of yo-yo dieting once and for all, or to finally put an end to your diet spiral, you will really gain a lot from today’s show, with Alex’s super smart guest, Isabel Foxen Duke, a Health Coach who graduated with Alex, from the Institute For  Integrative Nutrition. Listen in today and find out about Isabel’s outlook on body positivity and how you too can develop a positive outlook towards your own body image.

Isabel was put on her first diet at around three years of age, by her pediatrician, who clearly had no idea how it would affect her later in her life. That was the beginning of what would become a life long obsession for her. When Alex met Isabel, she was just kicking off with her program, Stop Fighting Food. Now, Isabel helps women to stop feeling crazy around food, which is how she felt for most of her life until she began to learn many things that are not taught conventionally, about emotional and binge eating and the ways that they affect women.

Isabel explains that the sad reality of many dieters lives is that with any rigid attempt to control your body, it will only be a matter of time before you violently lose control and start eating anything that you can get your hands on. She vividly describes the cycle of determination to diet, followed by ‘losing it’ and falling off the wagon.

On today’s show, she talks about how it felt for her when she fell off the wagon and about the physical and emotional pain one experiences as a result of yo-yo dieting. She also discusses how landing up in treatment for Binge Eating Disorder was the beginning of her journey towards learning what it means to have a  health-full and balanced relationship with food and how this learning involved un-learning much of what she had been conditioned with, through being so engaged with the diet industry for so many years.  Listen in and find out more.


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Show Notes:

  • How she had been brainwashed by the diet industry.
  • How people are incredibly “size-ist” and judgmental of each other’s weight.
  • The first thoughts that she had, when realizing what the problem really was.
  • Binges being a rebellious reaction to deprivation.
  • How she first began to let go of the reigns.
  • The basics of intuitive eating.
  • Her ongoing struggle with her issues, throughout her transition towards intuitive eating.
  • Developing the ability to be compassionate and non-judgmental with herself about her choices.
  • Getting rid of judgment was the thing to change her relationship with food.
  • Cultivating self-trust goes hand in hand with cultivating self-respect.
  • Why many women often don’t trust themselves.
  • What you can do when certain foods don’t work for you, yet you love eating them.
  • How she understands the terms self-love and self-respect and how to best cultivate them within yourself.
  • How the media is actually reinforcing that you should hate yourself.
  • How scary it can be when your wants don’t line up with society’s expectations of you.
  • How she learned to undo her years of brainwashing and discover what she truly wanted, through daily practice.
  • How she helps women to not become overwhelmed and fall back into the diet cycle.
  • How a life worth living involves making yourself vulnerable at times.
  • The necessary discomfort of growing and developing yourself.
  • What her Stop Fighting Food Program is all about.


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