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136 Are Screens Getting In The Way Of Your Life

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Are you worried about the effects of screen time on yourself, your kids, or your relationship? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why Alex reached out to film maker Delaney Ruston, the woman behind the incredible and eye-opening documentary, Screenagers and asked her to appear on the show. Listen in today and find out all about Delaney and about how you can make it work for your family in this modern day and age.

Today, Alex starts out talking about how women and men cope very differently with stress. This comes up a lot for her with her coaching and on today’s show, she shares some of the findings of a study done by Shelley Taylor, which explain why, during stressful times, men usually demonstrate the fight or flight response, while women are inclined to tend and befriend. Listen in as  Alex shares a really fun way to cope with this and find out how you can play your way to experiencing less stress.

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Show Notes:

  • What inspired her, as a mom and as a physician, to create a film like Screenagers.
  • How private people really are, about their parenting.
  • The need to get rid of the myths surrounding children and screen time.
  • How the Screenagers film can provide a safe reference point.
  • That the message in the film is about how parents can work with their kids around these issues, in a way that their kids will come to them when a real problem arises.
  • How Delaney has managed to open conversations with her own kids around issues of screen time.
  • Tech Talk Tuesday– about creating a system for parents and kids to have good and healthy conversations, rather than reactive ones.
  • The distressing impact that this obsession with technology has had on family relationships.
  • Screen time and addiction- it’s about getting help, which can be hard to do, yet really worthwhile.
  • Preventing excessive screen time through finding alternative activities.
  • The similarity between the brain changes are that occur to someone spending excessive hours in video game world  and those of a heroin or a cocaine addict, as shown in an MRI scan.
  • A story about school kids in Iceland and how the change of everything about the schools changed everything about the kids!
  • How she noticed that downtime had become screen time.
  • The silent epidemic of kids coming home to their consuls and playing for hours and hours.
  • Cell phones and their effect on the level of awareness in kids.
  • How you can benefit from boredom.
  • Creating consequences- both positive and negative.
  • The HUGE benefit of having boundaries.
  • Parenting apps that you can use to limit your kid’s cell phone use.
  • Drawing on your teenager’s integrity, for cooperation.


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