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138 Play + Power: Self Defense with Jennifer Cassetta

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Are you aware of how much you pick up emotional from the energy of the people around you? Today, Alex reminds you just how empathetic you really can be and that not feeling good tends to show up in the body. Focusing on the things that do feel good is the way to go, so she recommends a play date with your bestie, to restore your vitality and to have some well-deserved fun! Listen in for some great ideas.

The guest today is Jennifer Cassetta, a powerhouse with a huge heart. She’s a trainer, a speaker, she does nutrition and she’s also the creator of the Stilettos and Self Defense Workshops, which is the latest in self-defense for women. Jennifer’s goal is to help women to develop the self-assurance, strength, and resilience to reduce the real and frightening statistics for sexual assault in the United States. She goes all around the country teaching self-defense workshops at companies, colleges, and universities. Listen in today to get some amazing insights from Jennifer and to hear her inspiring story.



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Show Notes:

  • How she got into this line of work.
  • How she was able to scare off an attacker, due to the confidence she developed through her Martial Arts practice.
  • The paralyzing effects of fear.
  • Tapping into your primal instincts for your protection.
  • How she helps women to get through their blocks.
  • Creating boundaries to feel worthy and not be taken advantage of.
  • Communicating powerfully through aligning all three ways of communication- body language, tone, and vocabulary.
  • How much she learned from her tough guy, detective Dad.
  • The empowering effects of learning even basic self-defense.
  • That she teaches self-defense as a way of empowering women- not to reinforce women’s victim-hood.
  • That you have a choice as to how you choose to view yourself in your life.
  • Choosing your words carefully, as language has a huge effect your experience.
  • How internal dialogue plays out in her classrooms.
  • Shifting your focus to change your state.
  • All about Stilettos And Self Defence.
  • The huge importance of staying aware.
  • The importance of getting off your cell phone when you’re out and about.
  • That you don’t need to apologize for your existence.


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