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14 Questions to Unblock Your Creatrix & Get More Artistry Into Your Life & Work.

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We all have habits that get us stuck, and many of them originate from fear. Beginning from an unconscious drive for survival through fight, flight, or freeze reactions, our old habits can block our creative voice from shining.

They’re normal human responses, but to your Creatrix, your unique, productive soul, they are a waste of time, life force, and self-empowerment. When we get stuck by these blocks, we stunt our wisdom, productivity, and creativity.

Here are 14 questions to use as soon as possible to unblock your powerful Creatrix. Write them out, or walk and speak your thoughts into a voice memo on your phone. You can also free-draw your subconscious answers with crayon and paper, or dance them out:

  1. What do you hold back from doing? Saying? Seeing?
  2. In what ways do you hide and protect yourself?
  3. When do you complain or criticize yourself or others?
  4. What parts of yourself do you hold back from sharing?
  5. When do you freeze up in sharing your voice or creativity?
  6. What do you hold out for; are you waiting for something to happen before you’ll be more of your true self?
  7. What excuses do you use to keep yourself from investing in your creative pursuits?
  8. In what situations do you default into feeling helpless or like a victim?
  9. When do you want to be rescued? When do you abdicate your sovereignty?
  10. In what situations do you focus on lack or loss?
  11. When do you become stubborn, rebellious or block out ideas from others?
  12. When do you postpone or procrastinate?
  13. When do you feign ignorance or go into “I don’t know” mode?
  14. In what situations do you become controlling; when do you want to hold on too tightly or hoard?

It might feel overwhelming to think about all the ways we block our own light, our voice, our creative power. It can be transformational to bring these shadowy ideas into the open so we can see if we are backsliding into one of them.

Then you can clear them out, focus, and get into Rich Creatrix mode.

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