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143 Healing the Mother Wound with Bethany Webster

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Do you know what it actually means for women to step into their power? This is really something that needs to be considered when you look at the frightening and dangerous things that are going on for women in Texas at the moment. The Texas lawmakers are trying to make it even harder for women to have control over their bodies and their lives, by attempting to make it illegal to drive a woman to a safe abortion provider!

According to a study done by the University of Texas recently, in the six years since Planned Parenthood and other safe abortion providers and women’s health clinics there have been de-funded, the death rate in maternal health has doubled. This de-funding has also resulted in the closure of more than eighty clinics, most of which were in rural areas where no alternative care facilities have been provided. This means that in the two years since the cuts were implemented, the remaining health clinics in the state of Texas are only able to serve half the women who were being taken care of before.

Alex points out that de-funding Planned Parenthood and making safe abortions harder to obtain does not stop abortion. It only stops safe abortion. This is why Alex refers to woman’s health as a revolution. It’s a battle being waged every day and women’s lives are at risk! This is what prompted her to give a talk at The Women’s Empowerment Expo in Washington DC on the Memorial Day weekend. Listen in today, as Alex gives you a brief overview of the talk that she gave at the Expo, called The Foundations of Women’s Power.

Some of The Pillars of Women’s Power are:

  • To stop minimizing how you feel.
  • Speaking your truth.
  • Having full agency over your own life and body.
  • Creating self-acceptance through self-love.
  • Having Boundaries – with yourself and with others.
  • Feeling entitled to your sexual self-expression.

The guest on today’s show is Bethany Webster and she’s doing some incredible work around what’s known as The Mother Wound. She’s a Writer, Transformational Coach, and a really great Speaker. She calls herself The Midwife of The Heart and she’s been helping women to step into their full power and potential, through the healing of The Mother Wound. Bethany is the author of the forthcoming book, Healing The Mother Wound – Move Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You And Become The Woman You’re Meant To Be. Listen in today and find out how you can heal your Mother Wound and really step into your full power and potential.


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Show Notes:

  • What The Mother Wound really is and her foundational work around this concept.
  • As we work on the personal aspect of healing The Mother Wound, we help to heal the culture and the huge Spiritual wound that we, as humans, carry.
  • As we work on the central wound, transformation shows up in different areas of our lives, automatically.
  • Her own experience that led to this body of work.
  • The concept of Spiritual Bypass.
  • That you cannot become empowered until you have fully faced where you come from.
  • That the Mother Wound is the way that the patriarchy gets passed on.
  • How the pain of the psychic wounds of a mother can show up in the body of her child.
  • Whether or not every woman has a Mother Wound.
  • Finding the balance between blaming your mother and taking personal responsibility.
  • Using your relationship with your mother as a source of information about why you are the way you are.
  • How emotional eating can tie into your relationship with your mother.
  • Learning to become your own primary source of safety.
  • Allowing yourself to feel the full magnitude of how sad and messed up and unsafe you really felt, in order to heal.
  • How your intimacy and sexual expression are affected by The Mother Wound.
  • Men and their Mother Wounds.
  • Why she prefers to work with women only.
  • How she had to make the hard, yet empowering choice to cut ties with her family, in order to really love and become the best version of herself.
  • Anger is your ally – The healing possibilities of harnessing the energy of anger, rather than suppressing it.
  • Her goal with this work- To transform our culture to one that values women (and mothers) in their light and in their darkness and complexity.
  • Healing the Mother Wound is the height of Personal Responsibility and what can become possible from that.
  • Bethany’s life changing Online Course and what you’ll get with it.


For Bethany’s Online Programs, go to: bit.ly/herrulesmotherwound

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The Obsession by Kim Chernin