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144 Minimize Me: How to ACTUALLY Step Into Your Power

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Have you ever heard yourself saying: “I’m kinda clear about what I want, but I keep getting in my own way.” Or “I’m not sure what I want…” Or even “I don’t know how I feel- I’m just confused.”? Well, today, Alex talks about the lack of clarity, the confusion and the self-sabotage that all women seem to experience. She attributes this to the fact that we, as women, have all been trained to minimize our thoughts, emotions and even our strengths and talents. Alex points out that we have shut ourselves down, in so many ways and for such a long time, that we have become completely out of practice with connecting with what is true and good. We’re so disconnected that even our ability to create what we want and feel the way we’d like to feel has become severely damaged! Our ability to stop harming ourselves with negative thinking or bad eating habits has also been affected because it’s all connected! Listen in to find out more.

Today, Alex talks about Minimize Me, which she explains, is such a big show topic, that she’s turned it into a whole blog series. (You can access the blog on either, or on The gist of it is that we’re stuffing down our strengths, covering up our quirks and ignoring our truth! Alex hears this, almost daily, from clients and friends and she’s definitely experienced this for herself, throughout her life. Listen in today, as Alex gives you some ways to overcome your habit of minimizing your dreams, desires and even your truth!


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Show Notes:

  • What minimization really means.
  • A few personal stories of how Alex has minimized herself in the past, to feel connected with people.
  • Questions you can ask yourself, to find out how minimization could show up in your life.
  • How the world tells us that we aren’t acceptable just as we are.
  • How unexpressed, or minimized experiences actually get stuck in your body.
  • How Alex minimized her artistic capabilities, to make her relationship with her mom more comfortable.
  • The physical and energetic impact of minimisation.
  • A Minimize Me Power Move Exercise for you to do, to reconnect you with your personal power.
  • Getting moving and becoming curious, rather than stuck.