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145 How to Write Your F-It List

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I think we all have a list. That’s right, a F-It List. This List is not quite a Bucket List, where you check things off that you want to do before you die. Instead, we can use a F-It list to get rid of the things that are weighing you down. This tool uses all the powers of Positive Psychology at our disposal, allowing you to get rid of anything that drains you.

As women in the modern world, we carry around habits and thoughts attached to shame, kind of like how we carry heavy books in a backpack:

What’s in your shame backpack that you are ready to put down?

What are the thoughts and habits that are keeping you from a fulfilled and happy life? Are you ready to make a F-It list?

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Show Notes:

  • The power of Positive Psychology for letting go of your negative weight.
  • Don’t edit your thoughts.
  • How culture and biology perpetuate how we as women carry around negative thoughts and habits.
  • Learn the process of re-defining what is no longer acceptable
  • Discover the growth mindset, and how it can help you accomplish your F-it list.
  • Turn your F-no’s into F-yes’s!
  • How to transform your thinking into a Growth Mindset.
  • Learn the difference between guilt and shame, and how that can make all the difference!


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