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146 Better Summer Skin + Soul Camp with Michelle Goldblum

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Before we get to today’s interview, join Alex as she talks about her recent skin cancer diagnosis. She shares some interesting educational facts about skin cancer, as well as her own personal research into safe and effective skin care with sun protection. Alex rejected what her Dermatologist recommended because it contained toxic and harmful ingredients. That set her on the path to finding skin care that was safe and a company that she could trust. She found it and shares all the information with you today.

Have you ever heard of Soul Camp? Well, if you haven’t yet, you really need to listen in to today’s episode, where Alex talks to Michelle Goldblum, one of its founders. Alex was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the very first Soul Camp, a couple of years ago and she will be teaching there again, at the East Coast Camp in August of this year. Listen in to find out how it started, back in 2014 and how much you will gain from going there.

Today, Michelle explains how she and her dear friend, Ally, created Soul Camp, what it is and also, what inspired them to put together what is basically a three to four-day play-date for adults! Listen in now, to find out all about Soul Camp and how it came to be what it is today.



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Show Notes:

  • How she and Ally first met and then how they met again fifteen years later and what inspired them to create Soul Camp.
  • That Soul Camp was not intended to be a business. It was intended to be a Kick Ass Event for all their friends, to have them experience the magic that happens at Camp!
  • What she has to offer to those of you who don’t really know summer camps or those who had an experience there that they may need to heal from.
  • The really negative experiences that so many people had at summer camp, feeling different, or left out.
  • The kinds of things that you’ll experience at Soul Camp, as compared with a normal summer camp.
  • How they wanted to take a typical Wellness, or Spiritual Retreat and bring a lightness to it so that people can be doing deep healing work, going inward and really processing a lot of stuff – and then go and do something fun, like riding a horse or going for a go-cart ride!
  • How making friends, as an adult, weaves into Soul Camp.
  • That community and the facilitation of friendship is really important at Soul Camp.
  • Why the majority people come to Soul Camp alone.
  • How they facilitate friendship at Soul Camp.
  • That they encourage people to be curious, open and vulnerable and that everyone is there to make friends!
  • What they’re going to be doing, to help people to ‘take camp home with them’ to keep the vibe going when they leave.
  • The bunk reunions and monthly events that happen for the past campers.
  • Some of the teachers and facilitators who are going to be at the East Coast Soul Camp this year- TERRI COLE, PATRICIA MORENO, JENN RACIOPPI, TIM ROTHSCHILD, NATALIE BERTHOLD and many others.
  • That they will be introducing MOLLY CARMEL of The Beacon, an Eating Disorder Expert.
  • You will be learning how to make your life a musical theater, with EDUARDO PLACER – the MC of all things Soul camp!
  • The next East Coast Soul Camp will be from August 23rd-28th, in Warrensburg, New York, at Lake George. Alex will be teaching there!
  • The next West Coast Soul Camp will be from October 24th – 28th, in California.


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