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149 The Real Truth About Your Vulva with Dr. Anna Cabeca

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Do you have, or have you had some issues with your nether regions? If so, today’s episode is super important for you, as well as for all the other ladies out there, as Alex talks to Dr. Anna Cabeca about all things vulva health and offers you some real deal education on the subject. Listen in to learn some really important information about this often neglected subject.

Although your vulva may not really be a part of your body that you’ve given a lot of attention to, on today’s show Alex goes into a number of pretty personal details about some issues that she’s been having, that a lot of ladies also tend to have, with the dryness, the incontinence and the pain. Today’s episode deals with your sexual and your hormonal health and Alex and Dr. Cabeca, who’s been a woman’s hormonal expert for years, talk about the stuff that tends to happen as you get older- and, quite interestingly, the stuff that seems to be happening to younger and younger women today. Today, they talk about what you can do to heal it and how to avoid it and get healthy and they will also be talking about the spiritual aspects of all of this. Listen in now, to hear this really great interview, where Dr. Cabeca and Alex discuss the foundations of what it means to be a happy, healthy woman, who is satisfied in her body.


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Show Notes:

  • What it is that’s getting in the way of women feeling really good about themselves and their bodies and the problems that women are coming to see Dr. Cabeca about.
  • The hormonal issues that women are experiencing, that seem to make pleasure more elusive, as you age.
  • The effects of the influx of endocrine disrupters that are disrupting a natural decline- what they are and how they’re getting into your body and affecting your sex life.
  • The EMS- the constant barrage of electronics and how they affect the hormone harmony within your body.
  • Understanding the hormones within your GI tract and maintaining a healthy biome within your body.
  • The toxic junk that people are using on their bodies that can really cause hormonal problems.
  • Vaginal health- why women’s fear of smelling natural there is causing problems.
  • Dr. Cabeca’s Do-It-Yourself Lubricant/Handy Dandy Make Up Remover Video.
  • What the vulva is and where it is and why Dr. Cabeca compares it to the Orchid flower.
  • The fear, judgment, and misinformation that women experience around their bodies.
  • Your fingers have memory, so if you do a regular breast examination, you will pick up any changes.
  • You can re-energise and re-awakening the massive amount of nerves that supply the pelvic region that get numbed up, or deadened over time, through pressure or inactivity.
  • How Dr. Cabeca helps women to overcome their misconceptions and regain the ability to really love and accept themselves as full females and experience pleasure.
  • Your body is the Temple of your Spirit and that it is designed for pleasure.
  • Dr. Cabeca’s  Sexual CPR- designed to awaken your body’s ability to experience pleasure. Communication is really key here.
  • Understanding the Physiology of Relationships. Addressing the hormonal shifts that relate to that.
  • Oxytocin- the crowning hormone of hormones and why you really were designed to have sex.
  • Why women experience vaginal dryness with aging and some natural ways to alleviate this.
  • Why sex really can keep you healthy.
  • Why flax seed oil really isn’t good for you- it can be inflammatory. Fish oils (or avocado oil) tend to have a better result.
  • Incontinence– why you have it, why it tends to get worse as you age and what you can do to improve it.
  • How Dr. Cabeca became an expert in Vaginal Hormone Prescribing.
  • Why Androgen Hormones can really be safe and beneficial to women’s vaginal health.
  • Keeping your vaginal tissue healthy as you age, with Dr. Cabeca’s Julva Cream, a non-toxic, anti-aging cream for your vulva. This is to be used in conjunction with your awareness! It’s really helped Alex to experience improved orgasms!




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