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151 You’re Worth It with Amanda Steinberg

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How well do you work with money? Do you struggle to keep within the limits of your budget? Or are you perhaps looking for a new and better way to earn a living? Today’s guest, Amanda Steinberg, is the founder of Daily and she also has a brand new book out, called Worth It, which is all about money- her relationship with money, how to deal with money, her own personal journeys with money, all really fascinating and inspiring stuff. So, if wealth, financial planning, budgeting, or even the thought of making more money is something that’s on your mind, you definitely want to listen to this!

As you know, Alex loves to talk about current events and how politics impacts on our feminine lives.  Well, there really seems to be too much going on right now, to keep on top of it all. The closing of so many Planned Parenthood clinics is like a plague sweeping across America at the moment. Did you know that the only abortion clinic in Kentucky is in danger of closing? That’s something that’s affecting the lives of millions of women and their ability to be healthy and to choose the direction of their own lives. As there is so much going on, Alex is encouraging you to go and listen to one of her favorite podcasts, called Hellbent. Hellbent is a twice a week, feminist politics podcast,  which goes into all the details of the stuff that Alex gives you the broader strokes on. So, go and check it out- it’s really awesome!

With all of this going on, Alex has decided to talk about something good, today. It’s so easy to focus on what’s scary, or annoying, or exhausting, or even infuriating, but right now, we’ll talk about gratitude, which is a really powerful, positive psychology tool. Alex wants our tribe to share some good things, so she starts off by reading some of them to you now, written by some of the members of Her Rules Radio Facebook Group, where there are currently over seventeen hundred women sharing about their lives! Listen in and become inspired by the really heartfelt gratitude messages that they have shared.



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Show Notes:

  • Amanda shares about her own experience of financial chaos, which she went through prior to becoming an expert on women, wealth and financial planning.
  • Amanda explains why financial challenges have become such a common story with women, today.
  • Why women seem to be so out of control around money, today- mainly due to cultural conditioning.
  • The real cost of women looking good.
  • Re-framing your perception of money, as a way of achieving what you want in life.
  • Why women are still earning less than men.
  • The really great approach to money that Amanda learned from playing video games.
  • How Amanda’s mother managed to turn her financial situation around at the age of forty two.
  • You’re really not alone- women all seem to be experiencing similar situations.
  • Our culture’s view of women, as reproductive beings and how this relates to women’s current financial situation.
  • Amanda’s concern about women running small businesses.
  • Are women really more emotional about their money decisions than men?
  • Women’s binge/purge attitude towards money- Amanda’s way of dealing with that.
  • Amanda’s whole life has become all about women’s economic empowerment- and being a really great example, in that area.
  • What Amanda teaches in her course called Money Clarity.
  • Money Types– Which one are you? Go to to find out, or buy Amanda’s book, Worth It.
  • You can subscribe to, Amanda’s incredibly deep and rich website.




Amanda’s book – Worth It!

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